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136 Is iTunes a Government Honeypot? (2009-10-04)

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0:00:00JCD (?): “Noooo!
0:00:39LovEvolution parade in San Francisco, City Hall modeled after Capitol, failed city square with “hobos and panhandlers”, “nudity is not a crime” signs
0:07:05Coked-out shaking Janeane Garofalo to Bill Maher: Tea Party a “white power movement”, slavery-era “white power”, “racism” from 1933; JCD on liberal hate for Clarance Thomas and black Republicans; Garofalo on Dubai “sexualized culture”
0:16:44History Channel on illegal aliens in southern Arkansas, “we have a long history that Mexican and Chinese immigrants built the railroad” lie; Caesar Chavez Student Center at SFSU
0:21:24Ambryl ad parody: “don’t start No Agenda if you have a .gov website, or if your name is Taylor Swift”; “ignorance hurts, No Agenda can help” parody; plans for full-time No Agenda stream; problem with iTunes cached 404
0:28:46JCD on Gina Smith’s CIA job offer, Thomas Friedman to Bill Maher on writing about domestic politics: “I happen to have been in Israel when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated”, Facebook “should someone kill the president” poll, “you never know who’s listening”; John L. Perry “domestic military intervention” Newsmax article; ageist Maher “shut up, grandpa” for “coot” Andy Williams; No Agenda Wikipedia meme list
0:38:02Ireland votes “yes” in Lisbon Treaty do-over, Poland and Czech Republic the last holdouts
0:42:25Roman Polanski and Rahm Emanuel’s Hollywood agent brother Ari, presidential pardon
0:43:11World Bank President Robert Zoellick: need $11.1bn, SDR special drawing rights currency; former Japanese Finance Minister Shōichi Nakagawa’s dead at 56; Obama’s diversionary trip to Copenhagen, reports of a Russia detour, $1.5M for one-hour meeting; meeting with top military brass over Afghanistan; “came in fourth” for Olympics
0:53:35No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: first nasal spray vaccine shipments in one week; live White House video with Sebelius failure, CDC VIS vaccination information statement fact sheet, live attenuated vs inactive, “made just like seasonal flu vaccines” lie, “as safe and effective as seasonal flu vaccines” lie, “state law or employers may require vaccination for certain persons”, vaccine injury compensation, “your ability to sue is limited by law”, Guillain-Barré syndrome contraindication; JCD’s doctor: Americans overvaccinated, vitamin D3 megadosing; ACC recommends Zombieland with Bill Murray
1:03:58Law & Order Gardasil propaganda; producer’s marketing packet on dorm room door
1:06:20Hardin Montana APF run by convicted con man Michael Hilton, coat of arms stolen from Serbia, alias Midrag Ilia Dokovitch, former Yugoslav warlord; military exercises in Kentucky, JCD on University of California football game military swearing-in ceremony; Chinese 60th anniversary of revolution; materials for ACC’s cloudbuster on the way
1:12:42FDIC about $4.8T in the hole, potential off-books Treasury loan of $600bn
1:15:24Donation Segment: impact of iTunes 404 issue; JCD: “nuisance show”
1:21:29And Now Back to Real News: Michael David Barrett arrested by feds for Erin Andrews videos
1:23:26Outro: Lockerbie witness bought by Department of Justice to the tune of $2M