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1369 COVID Roulette (2021-08-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Have more kids! Have more kids!” (1:41:24)
0:00:34“Leaked” CDC chicken pox talking point enthusiastically propagated by M5M; NPR science correspondent Joe Palca tosses out preposterous theories about systemic vs local immunity, teaser for seven nasal mist vaccines in development; JCD’s one-time junket strategy
0:15:53New White House activist spokeshole Karine Jean-Pierre “fight this vaccine” flub, baffled by question about variant identification; JCD on monthly variant assays done by local health departments, producer note on lack of statistically measurable vaccine benefit, “leaky” vs “breakthrough”, Show 1300 clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on ferret testing and Philippine dengue debacles; NBC News tries to reconstruct breakthrough infection numbers no longer tracked by CDC, ACC: “when children start dying, Pfizer’s not gonna say sorry”; Dr. Robert Malone on antibody dependent enhancement with four strains of dengue fever; flustered-sounding Jose Gupta to Jake Tapper on CDC’s ploy to “get control”; CNN douchebag Chris Cillizza interjects “thanks Donald Trump!” in rant about “bonkers!” politicization of science; “four chilling words: the war has changed!” CNN headline propagating chicken pox meme
0:41:54Disinfo Dozen #5 Alex Berenson “they can pass the vaccine on” gaffe; Canadian dingbat gushes about being vaccinated; Biden’s “you don’t have to die” veiled threat for the unvaccinated who “present a problem”; Don Lemon gloats at prospect of “no shirt, no shoes” or separate drinking fountains; CNN’s Leana Wen mourns “the honor code didn’t work”; NPR Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! panelist Maeve Higgins reacts to vaccine testing in children with “that’s terrible! oh no, that’s good!”, JCD on host Peter Sagal the bile-spewing Trump hater
0:53:23“COVID Roulette” in New Orleans and “I’ve done all I know how to do!” from Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey; British Columbia clinic apologizes for handing out yellow stars, JCD: “send it to the post office box!”; Biden administration announces vaccine mandate for federal contractors, more restrictions to come “in all probability”; local report on masking at Walmart and Disneyland; ACC observes leitmotiv of weepy obese woman in a hospital bed and microphone on ten-foot pole; Lollapalooza as potential super spreader event; Pakistani four-strikes policy culminating in phone blackout; Mexican president’s obvious death wish in portrayal of big pharma; CBS reports on “sideshow” of Paris riots from the safety of the Eiffel Tower, celebrates Jair Bolsonaro’s “bungled COVID response” in Brazil, “though currently Argentina’s is even higher” disclaimer, 102-year-old Russian WWII veteran who “left hospital”
1:13:31$100,000 fines for travel into Sydney business district, ACC belatedly realizes Australia is six months ahead of US; FDA “no quantified virus isolates” disclaimer; ivermectin plus nicotine meme, Altria acquires medical device and nicotine gum manufacturers Vectura and Fertin Pharma; minority-targeted Pfizer ads revisited, JCD: “you won’t have to take your shoes off at the train station”, parody by Sirs Chris and Felix
1:25:34RT on conflicts of interest with CDC and Johnson & Johnson; Pfizer poised to rake in $33bn in 2021; Dr. Drew Pinsky gripes about his “unnecessary medical procedure” black eye, Dvorak family’s spongiform “COVID poop”, ACC horrified at “COVID toe”; EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “sincerely-held religious belief” provision; Dr. Malone on science as “true believer groupthink” religion promoted by social media
1:35:37NPR mocks skeptical Arkansas residents with “you get a $200 scratch-off, ain’t it?” kicker
1:39:56Producer Segment: upcoming Dvorak 33rd wedding anniversary; ACC subject line tips
2:09:30Google cofounder and Neeva CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy to Sway podcast on YouTube deplatforming for the sake of advertisers, “privilege” of advertising and content creators asserting free speech entitlement, JCD on “brand specifiers” in special-interest publishing
2:20:07Jill Biden announces “when this pandemic started they already had a pandemic ready to go”
2:24:01Rep. Cori Bush protesting expiration of CDC eviction moratorium, $40bn set aside for landlords mostly unclaimed due to eviction complications and greedy middlemen
2:30:13Simone Biles ditches two more Olympic events due to “the twisties”, praise from JCD for Hmong expat community, ACC unimpressed with kneeling women’s soccer team, NBC losing its butt due to 42% decline in viewership, producer note on general lack of interest in Tokyo
2:37:13JCD’s archival 2015 clip of ISIS passport printing machine, forgotten ISIS beheading videos; South Africa enters lucrative new phase of warmongering in Mozambique against al-Shabaab, ACC Red Book: US military in Horn of Africa; medical device hacking hysteria; 13-ton Tesla battery fire in Victoria Australia; Texas Democrat flight a repeat of 2003 scenario, Beto O’Rourke and professionally-printed signs at rallies opposing election reform
2:46:45Local Fox reporter cites concerns of “peʔ owners” about licensing of grooming facilities
2:48:46Donation Segment: Dutch “doei!” farewell
3:07:35Bonkers!” iso; NPR house ad with portent of “self-driving vehicle corridor” in Michigan