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1368 Heat Map (2021-07-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “They test after you’re dead!” (1:31:44)
0:00:32JCD compares Simone Biles’ case of “the yips” and Bones McCoy doing brain surgery
0:04:31Viral COVID-19 “heat map” image based partially on “whether counties are able to do enough testing”; “breaking news” of CDC & White House pivot toward masks for the vaccinated, death threats against Anthony Fauci; Rochelle Walensky cites unpublished “new science” that “the vaccine is working … outside of the trial… outside of our trials”; Nancy Pelosi “science, science, science, and science”, JCD: “I think that’s the emotional outlet, where you’re, you’ve lost it”; producer notes on hospitals’ inability to test for variants or account for multiple positive tests for one person, inability of PCR to distinguish variants, flu reinterpretation
0:19:01Startlingly young-looking Fauci wins bet that he can say “nasopharynx” four times in a minute with slack-jawed Chris Hayes; mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone on “nightmare” of antibody dependent enhancement induced by Pfizer; NPR disclaims Pfizer’s preliminary lab-based booster results, JCD: “this is mostly stenography”, ACC calls into question continued use of “fully vaccinated”; Alisyn Camerota marvels at “silver lining” of having a terrified populace
0:40:07Charlamagne tha God on vaccine exemptions and industry indemnification; Louis Farrakhan warns Fauci and the Gates’ “God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others”; Geraldo Rivera threatens the unvaccinated with violence; Biden does a 180° on vaccine mandate for federal employees; Department of Justice green-lights vaccine mandates for private businesses; Los Angeles County case increase “attributed to” delta variant, NPR interviewer makes unexplained segue to gun violence in interview with Austin Mayor Adler, ACC: “what kind of country do they live in, where they have warring factions?”, “easy access to guns” dog whistle with no mention of homelessness plague or police defunding
1:02:55IPCC chair Joyce Msuya: COVID-19 “warning from the planet that much worse lies in store unless we change our ways”; Biden declares the unvaccinated “not nearly as smart as I thought you were”; Bill de Blasio teases “more mandates to come”; “vaccinated people are able to pass along the vaccine” flub; France requiring vaccination of health workers; producer note on Pass Sanitaire enforcement in France, boots on the ground report from Sir Chris Wilson
1:17:53Department of Defense institutes CDC mask rules for the unvaccinated, less than 30 deaths out of 2M; NPR on prediction of an October delta peak, JCD looking for 1918 Fauci fractal, vintage “spitting is death” cable car sign; Rand Paul grandstands about delta death rate and internet censorship; Dr. Jane Ruby on graphene oxide found in AstraZeneca vaccine
1:38:46Producer note on North Carolina nursing home mass vaccinations, ACC recalls “death panels”; Pfizer ad for anti-coronavirus protease inhibitor research, ACC: “hydroxychloroquine”
1:46:54Producer Segment: ACC’s Dawn dish soap vs insects; Chinese seed packets revisited
2:34:03JCD 3x3: ABC “deals & steals”, all-black NBC, Elizabeth Banks plugs My Body, My Podcast to CBS audience, Audible “paywall of poverty”, ACC: “she’s using a Rode shotgun mic!”
2:40:48Zoom-rotate-enhance forensic analysis of Biden’s “my butt’s been wiped!” pronouncement
2:44:54ABC News on January 6 hearing and “alternative reality” from the Trump camp; “Pelosi Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger to CBS News on “worst attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812”, ACC reads list of shootings and bombings at Capitol, JCD: “Impeachment 3”
2:50:04“Hardware failure” at Houston Bay Port, alcohol shortages in three states, regional chlorine shortages, CBS News blames wildfires for jet fuel shortage, “tanker flights” stopping for fuel dropoffs, Canadian border patrol votes to go on strike
2:54:42Gavin Newson weighs in on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s opinion of masks: “it’s unconstitut… it’s unconscionable”; miners picket BlackRock to settle dispute with Warrior Met Coal, ACC recalls media blackout of Occupy Wall Street; high-performance Dell computers no longer available in California, JCD: “to protect Apple”
3:00:33Afghan heroin no longer cost effective for CIA given availability of cheap fentanyl; Phillip Morris CEO Jacek Olczak announces ten-year “healthcare and wellness” IQOS transition; Pentagon to test anti-aging pill, ACC: “this has got to be the adrenochrome”
3:10:01California Six Week Cycle arrests revisited; West Coast smoke in New York City; Biden administration quietly drops charges against alleged Chinese spies; ACC’s, JCD irked at media’s refusal to acknowledge Second Life
3:17:22Donation Segment: Waxin’ the Ceiling jingle
3:28:15Dusty Hill dead at 72; correction to anomalous New South Wales vaccinated/unvaccinated statistic; Scott McKenzie’s new novel The Archivist; “we are exhausted!” iso
3:31:36Sen. John Kennedy grills DoJ candidate Hampton Dellinger about anti-GOP tweets