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1367 Immunity Debt (2021-07-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh my God!!” (3:18:03)
0:00:32Eight-car Zephyr, M5M barely mentioning French vaccine passport protests, producer note on Scott Gottlieb’s “length of protection is only about six months to a year from infection” gaffe; NBC on protests by the French and police horse-kicking Australians, Strike Force Seasoned CCTV investigation, Dictator Dan Andrews: “I don’t know what half of them were protesting against”, “the lockdown comes to an end by the lockdown effectively working” regardless of vaccines, “there is no vaccine solution”; of 43 in New South Wales ICUs “all but one are vaccinated”; 1000x more delta virus in the nostrils meme, CDC beginning to promote “multiplex method” for testing and reporting 5,500 breakthrough hospitalizations
0:18:20Anthony Fauci redefines purpose of vaccines to prevention of “clinically recognizable disease”, “no indication at all” that Johnson & Johnson recipients need boosters; anti-Pfizer smear campaign pinned on Russian troll factory; UK study finds COVID-19 spread via flatulence, GPs coughing up lists of the unvaccinated; CNBC asks “hey Scott” about CDC’s inability to model spread of virus, “decline in efficacy” detected in Israel, JCD: good way to get rid of the “useless eaters” in nursing homes, DoJ drops investigations into nursing home deaths
0:28:47Biden asserts “this is not a pandemic!”; Gottlieb addresses the outrageous notion that Pfizer is motivated by profit; JCD’s COVID-19 + flu Red Book entry; Dr. Christian Drosten’s previous work on zika, SARS, and MERS testing; Good Morning America on unusually severe summer colds caused by “immunity debt”; Fauci predicts no new lockdowns despite cases being “overwhelmingly” among the unvaccinated; NBC fact-checks Biden’s claim “you’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations”; JCD on American Revolution being kicked off by enforcement, ACC’s persistent Austin city government voicemails
0:43:08Mika Brzezinski giddy at “furious” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey declaring “it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks”; Gottlieb all-in on businesses taking up the vaccine mandate torch; NFL trots out specter of game forfeiture as distraction from Black National Anthem; producer’s Texas Urgent Care “tactical aversion of other humanoids” memo, “A Prayer for Receiving the COVID Vaccine”; UK to hand vaccination certificates to Novavax placebo recipients; Newsmax “one shot of the virus” gaffe; Fauci changes his story about Wuhan bat research with “very high score in the peer review system”, JCD on Chinese propaganda featuring still images of Fort Detrick
1:11:05Prof. Muhammad Yunus awarded Olympic Laurel: “credit is a fundamental human right”
1:15:52Producer Segment: JCD’s Keflavik Airport wool shop; Awake: Not Woke donation
1:53:11Biden mistakenly asserts more Americans have been lost to COVID-19 “than in every major war we’ve ever fought”, “two decades!” to produce experimental mRNA vaccines, incoherent “temporarily approved or permanently approved” ramble headed off at the pass by Don Lemon, “man on the moon” and aliens, inappropriate “no, I mean it!” responses to applause, nonexistent “criticism I got initially” for wanting teachers vaccinated, new “suckin’ the blood outta kids” exchange, JCD’s 90-second Biden nonsense medley featuring “my word as a Biden”
2:11:33KQED caller fawns over “lighthouse of hope” Yamiche Alcindor (CotD), “great question” about defending “family members on generators” against the evils of Donald Trump
2:17:39Sen. James Risch on Bureau of Land Management nominee Tracy Stone-Manning’s involvement in 1989 eco-terrorist tree-spiking operation: “you put this in a tree to kill somebody”; NPR dismisses tree-spiking as tactic that could “injure loggers”, Sen. Joe Manchin and Risch wrangle over particulars of Stone-Manning’s perjury before Congress
2:33:43California’s electric buses melting and catching fire, Chevy Bolt recall, producer notes on predictability of German flooding, Akamai outage and global warming “moon wobble”
2:40:06Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Don Lemon on fighting inflation with infrastructure spending and more Chinese imports; ERCOT set to futz with Texas power supply again
2:50:42Donation Segment
3:07:05ACC’s recent P.O. Box discoveries; “wow, that is incredible!” iso
3:11:37Pentagon spokeshole John Kirby admits it trained seven of assassins who killed Haitian President Jovenel Moïse funded by the State Department; glass bottles the latest supply chain casualty; NPR makes martyr of Hervis Rogers arrested for voting in Texas while on parole
3:19:42John McAfee’s Telegram feed squirting out Epstein NFTs