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1366 Pingdemic (2021-07-22)

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0:00:00ACC: “Baaaaaaaaa!” (3:20:34)
0:00:32Non-defunct Union Pacific routing around West Coast wildfires; Jeff Bezos’ “penis rocket” and cowboy hat, Fox News marvels at inability to see invisible political boundaries on “one big blue marble”, Wally Funk obviously not read in on ACC’s “firmament theory”, Bezos’ tone-deaf “you guys paid for all this” for the Amazon minions, Anderson Pooper salivates over $100M for communist Van Jones and José Andrés, ACC: “like Van Jones isn’t a natural born bag man, hello!”; SpaceX heading 330 miles up for St. Jude Childrens Hospital in September
0:20:50JCD 3x3: CBS promotes Arcadia Veteran Farmer Program, ABC “deals and steals”, NBC goes full woke on Woodstock 1999; ACC’s handler Sir Gene’s suspicious Russian phone call; new age Awake: Not Woke podcast recognizes the “two old dudes” hosting No Agenda, JCD: “you could, you know, have a cane and lift the dress and hey, what, what, what?
0:32:49Boris Johnson announces “proof of a negative test will no longer be enough” to enter large venues; NewsHour notes Johnson’s second round of quarantine in spite of natural immunity and full vaccination; British citizens alarmed at “pingdemic” of NHS proximity warnings, Gates and Soros investing in British medical testing company Mologic Ltd, America’s Frontline Doctors vs Department of Health and Human Services over PCR fraud
0:45:41Tokyo Olympics in danger of last-minute cancellation due to cases “linked to the games”; Fauci “cringing at home” due to 65,000 NBA Finals fans in parking lot; New South Wales health officer Dr. Kerry Chant: do not talk to you neighbor even with a mask, Sir Chris reports Sydney rat plague; Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot warns against “skipping out” on vaccination; TikTok douchebag argues in favor of forced vaccinations; Orange County parent speaks out against parental consent waiver: “we are the study”; 1942 order barring Jews from public venues in Nazi-controlled France; dying patients “begging for the vaccine” meme; producer note on suppression of 80+% antibody levels in California; “auto-antibodies” in long-haul victims; Dr. David Bauer interprets declining neutralizing antibody levels from Pfizer vaccine as rationale for boosters; preliminary NYU research finds Johnson & Johnson 33% effective against delta variant; Scott Gottlieb prognosticates “annual vaccine”
1:07:25JCD on Pfizer’s flat stock price noted by Andrew Horowitz, Campbell Conroy & O’Neil ransomware incident and clients J&J & Pfizer; Dr. Vin Gupta assures “Shep Smithard” that Johnson & Johnson recipients should immediately run out and get a Pfizer shot; Good Morning America downplays the value of natural immune response; Australian biotechnology company working on treatment to “prevent people dying from COVID vaccine”; VAERS deaths cut in half and then explained away as three J&J victims; former Surgeon General Jerome Adams all-in on “vaxx it and mask it”; poorly-named lambda variant found in Houston
1:19:49Don Lemon and America This Morning refuse to mention “gain of function” introducing Rand Paul’s “bogus claims” about Fauci-Wuhan connection; Paul grills a nervous Fauci about NIH gain of function research funding, “Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially”; Paul on Fauci’s control over NIH funding for scientists who refuse to disagree with him publicly; Dr. David Martin on $191bn spent on NIH “bioweapons program designed to kill us”; massive internet outage centered on Akamai
1:45:25Producer Segment: JCD’s take on wine aeration gimmicks
2:30:53Biden’s half-assed apology to Facebook over “they’re killing people”; “glad you asked me that question” to script-reading CNN reporter before griping about “Disinfo Dozen” identified by UK-based Center for Countering Digital Hate; proposed changes to Official Secrets Act could lead to lengthy prison sentences for British journalists; British funeral director notes death rate spike immediately after vaccine rollout; eyes on John McAfee Telegram countdown clock
2:43:17Confused Biden at town hall with Don Lemon: “I sometimes get myself in trouble with what I’m about to say” before commenting on QAnon “sucking the blood of children” theories; NewsHour jumps on “naming and shaming” campaign against Chinese cyber-espionage efforts; FBI rolls out Chinese pipeline attacks dating back to 2011-2013; Australia also following “naming and shaming” playbook in blaming China for Microsoft Exchange Server attacks; Biden’s recent Build Back Better World vs OBOR announcement featuring “climate, health, digital technology, and gender equity”
3:02:17Tech News: shitstorm over governmental use of Israeli NSO Group’s spyware; new Credit Karma “these little piggies went to the nail salon!” ad; NBC Havana syndrome update, JCD on Faraday cloth baseball caps, ACC on microwave holographic imaging
3:15:29TtK’s phone ringing off the hook with offers for three-year-old Mazda, food “outages” Taco Bell, “shortage of foam” causing furniture shortages
3:20:53NPR fails to edit out comments about role of infrastructure in German floods; Sir Gene’s theory of wind and solar as engines of climate change; Civilian Climate Corps proposals
3:27:55Donation Segment
3:40:23“I miss my friends!” iso; Dana Perino theorizes that Spotify’s outraged staffers are a publicity stunt; NPR “great question” house ad for Fresh Air