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1365 Vaccine Poverty (2021-07-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “They got low ah-Q and that’s why they’re not takin’ the vaccine!” (1:25:57)
0:00:34ACC declares “feet first out” on the final move of his life to Texas Hill Country
0:01:19Rochelle Walensky’s poorly-constructed “pandemic of the unvaccinated” meme front and center; Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak to celebrate UK “Freedom Day” in quarantine after announcing “less restrictive form of isolation”; Los Angeles County using delta variant to roll masks back out; Jose Gupta blames “white evangelical Christians” for herd immunity failure, “vaccinated or infected” meme; Anthony Fauci weighs in on “split-screen America”; JCD “I think, I think, I think, I think” clip from the medical “expert”; CNBC “America’s worst places to live in 2021” list of unwoke red states
0:17:45Jen Psaki to leave White House in 2022; shitstorm over Psaki’s “flagging stuff for Facebook” amplified by an addled Biden hollering “they’re killing people!”; reading of the “Disinformation Dozen” list; Psaki spars with Peter Doocy over White House “spying on people’s Facebook profiles”, freaked-out Psaki volunteers “vaccines cause infertility” non-sequitur; Facebook “Vice President of Integrity” with needling over Biden’s failed July 4 70% goal
0:39:42“If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not takin’ it” compilation of anti-vaxxer Democrat candidates like Kamala Harris; Psaki refuses to say the word “ivermectin” in dismissing it; The Guardian celebrates retraction of preprint pro-ivermectin Elgazzar study over “ethical concerns” identified by medical student; Johns Hopkins expert avoids any mention of effective treatments to NPR; CDC no longer tracking breakthrough cases in the vaccinated
0:51:28FDA gives Pfizer a pass on carcinogenic Chantix; rollout in Queensland prefaced with four cases of anaphylaxis rendering AstraZeneca “tarnished beyond repair”; FDA to delay Pfizer vaccine in children until 2022; Scott Gottlieb “once it’s no longer experi… perceived as under emergency use authorization” slip-up; Don Lemon pronounces FDA approval immaterial
1:01:23Western Australia considering “big cash proizes” to boost 15% vaccination rate; China still touting unspecified “frozen food theory”; NPR laments the unvaccinated listening to “naysayers, fearmongers”; WGN doctor blames the unvaccinated for not being rule followers; Stephanie Ruhle scolds business owners for not not being proper rule enforcers; NPR admits cases are rising in California and New York, “compelling preprint study” showing thousandfold increase in delta viral loads; CDC unconcerned over monkeypox in Texas; barrage of statistics from NewsHour including 33,000 new cases, Rochelle Walensky “unvaccinated people are at risk” illogic; Boris Johnson’s true 360° on “dangerous experiment” of lifting restrictions
1:21:11Foo Fighters cancels concert over single case; M5M ignores 100,000-strong protest over Macron’s draconian restrictions; Pivot “hate clip” of Scott Galloway blaming “Fox viewers, conspiracy theory, low IQ” as champions of “vaccine poverty”, ACC: “it’s like Vegemite”
1:27:57The New Abnormal vocal fryers Molly Jong-Fast and Emily Atkin discuss how to “pundit” about climate change, “you never had ninety-degree, hundred-degree days in New York in June, ever!” lie, “a lot of this clean energy is much cheaper, right?” lie, ACC’s $290,000 wind turbine; PBS on conveniently-timed floods for EU Green Deal, Amazon rain forest “spitting out” CO2; The Mirror laments the popularity of “ethically sourced” cocaine or “woke coke”
1:44:09Producer Segment: Jeff Bezos’ lame escape pod; QSO Today podcast; JCD’s MIA taxi whistle
2:37:14WION on Jackie Chan the Chinese Communist Party Communist Party of China wannabe; NPR on “dominant firms” vs monopolies under antitrust law, “you have to use Bing!”
2:48:15Producer note on the ridiculous delays in January 6 prosecutions; Biden administration using Department of Justice to appeal Texas DACA ruling; potential Six Week Cycle arrests in plot to burn down Sacramento Democratic Headquarters, warrant for unregistered destructive device, incriminating “three percenters” vehicle sticker and Hodgetwins White Privilege Card
3:04:41WION and CBS on dramatic South Africa baby-throwing incident amidst chaos following Jacob Zuma’s arrest; Revolver News “First Country Built on Critical Race Theory” article; Lara Logan on Obama-era pro-reparations Ambassador Patrick Gaspard now a Soros minion; NPR injects Marxist “must be nationalized without delay” demands from ANC Zuma supporters, Indian Gupta family’s cozy relationship with Zuma; YouTuber SerpentZA on “strategically planned” food production takeover; producer notes on Bilderberg-linked World Wildlife Fund paramilitary groups and food shortages
3:26:03Donation Segment:
3:45:41“I think it is terrific!” iso; NewsHour on warning from Russia about destabilization arising from impending US withdrawal from Afghanistan; Jeff Pegues on State Department offering rewards for evidence in ransomware cases already attributed to Russia