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1363 Attribution Science (2021-07-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m a podcaster, dammit, not a TikTocker!” (3:24:52)
0:00:31Richard Branson “dumb Disney ride”, dick-measuring contest with Jeff Bezos over altitudes and window sizes, JCD: “they’re gonna end up with their heads on a stick if they keep this crap up”; bizarre “one-time female astronaut candidate Wally Funk”
0:06:13Douchebag Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra brazenly asserts “it is absolutely the government’s business” to identify the unvaccinated door-to-door, potential “get safe, be safe, feel safe” greeting, “we are America, we try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible”; Rhode Island governor going door-to-door in Woonsocket, JCD’s list of questions for interviewing canvassers: “where’s your blue gloves?”; Jacobson v. Massachusetts revisited
0:22:02Immunity in Our Community podcast on communicating with anti-vaxxers; Dr. Chris Pernell assures MSNBC host that vaccine hesitancy among African-Americans is “another example of the proliferation of white supremacy”; PBS and CNN on CDC’s damage control scramble after Pfizer applies for booster approval, ACC: “they only paid the mainstream media for two shots”; Fauci explains this cock-up to Brolf as “fact of life” after call with “really good guy” CEO, “diminution in efficacy of preventing initial infection”, ACC: “the data showed that it sucked”; “five to ten times more protection” marketing from NBC in light of “exploding” delta variant; ABC propagates “strong and sustained protection” talking point; “top off” meme alive and well in Europe; Osterholm Update podcast on rarity of deaths among the fully vaccinated
0:39:42Dutch angst over music festival cancellations, UK transport minister Grant Shapps: “we know double-vaccinated or fully-vaccinated people are much more likely to get and also carry the coronavirus”; NewsHour “newly-confirmed or probable cases”; The Guardian explains phenomenon away as “effective but imperfect jab”; British publications propagating likely fake vaccine passport screenshots; Australia “first full day of the New World Order” report; TikTok report on shingles as vaccine side effect; musical TikTok warning about the dangers of cardiac arrest; producer note attributes Southwest “glitch” cancellations to pilot blood clots
0:56:09UK fact checker Full Fact assures us Nuremberg Code has nothing to do with COVID-19 “despite bogus Facebook claims”; producer note on nocturnal emission after spending time with recently-vaccinated friend, ACC: “sexosomes”, “antigravitational” brass key effect
1:03:21“Hate clip” of Pivot LIE liberal intellectual elites discussing touting vaccines as “incredible achievement of humanity”, privileged douchebag Kara Swisher: “the internet worked!”; ACC’s daughter-in-law reports Brooklyn “gay cold”, ranked-choice voting and the Oscars
1:18:32Geopolitical analysis of Italy vs UK in UEFA Euro 2020
1:22:37Producer Segment: JCD’s “Mickey Mouse on edibles” female drunk donation note
1:54:32Biden stutters through Taliban prisoner Mark Frerichs’ name; NewsHour on anti-monopoly executive order, ACC irked by Silicon Valley’s push for hearing aid deregulation; raucous press conference grilling Biden over Afghanistan pullout; David Brooks invokes al-Qaeda, “President Trump” gaffe from Judy Woodruff; Biden misattributes his ISIS “we will follow them to the gates of Hell” quote to campaign against Osama bin Laden
2:13:12Self-professed Lego geek Chris Hayes appalled and amused at January 6 rioter Robert Morss’ “fully-constructed US Capitol Lego set!” and pair of scissors
2:21:40PBS NewsHour report from “baking” San Joaquin Valley celebrates “attribution science” linking weather and climate change, “strengthening our electrical grid” meme
2:31:43NewsHour on Biden pushing Putin to address “ransomware attacks emanating from Russia”; 60 Minutes pushes CIA propaganda with “Russian military hackers sabotaged a tiny piece of computer code”, 18,000 US government networks compromised thanks to SolarWinds automatic update, Microsoft President Brad Smith admits source code was stolen by China Russia, no mention of Iran or North Korea, 2017 NotPetya attack on Ukraine “ordered devices to self-destruct”, former NSA Chris Inglis laments lack of domestic surveillance and pushes “get rid of the hardware” bonanza, Inglis promoted to National Cyber Director
2:53:32Coordinated social media attack and 280,000-vehicle recall for Tesla in China green-lit by CCP, ACC impressed with Aptera solar electric car, JCD: “it’s a dorkmobile, c’mon”, Elon Musk unable to climb aboard one of his own spacecraft
2:58:57229% higher cost to move shipping container from Shanghai to Los Angeles, Pepsi shortage; JCD calls bullcrap on story about latex shortage featuring way too much tree footage
3:03:43Donation Segment
3:18:12“There’s nothin’ like it” iso; Boston Pride shutting down after 50 years over “not inclusive enough” accusations; NTD report on CCP control over TikTok’s global data collection, ACC: mass data collection shifting away from iOS, Apple selling ads in its own apps; compilation of MSNBC & CNN raving about “existential threat to the Trump presidency” Michael Avenatti