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1362 Shot to Win (2021-07-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “What happens to the poop??” (0:04:21)
0:00:31ACC and “Paul the Septic Guy” vs rainstick-induced torrents, septic tanks and “RV poop tanks”; Spotify staff “outraged” by The Joe Rogan Experience a day after ACC’s appearance
0:17:47JCD 3x3: unknown NBC golf tournament, ABC promoting Power Book III with “Fifty Cent”, CBS promoting Hinge dating site, “circle back” to NBC for reviews of carcinogenic sunscreen to protect mobile device users; protestors up in arms over coal trains in Oakland; lambda variant an unsurprising development in viruses that “mutate for a living”
0:29:15MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff on spike proteins as prions in sperm cells, Indian study showing neurodegenerative potential, jury still out on magnetofection, toxic exosomes in breast milk, ACC’s “exit strategy product”, food glyphosate levels in US and Canada vs Mexico
0:47:41Sky News host Sharri Markson on elusive Chinese documents discussing “biological weapons based on genetic differences between races”; DNA tests processed by Chinese lab; Dr. Brett Giroir to House subcommittee on export of American’s genetic information to China; China-based BGI Group amassing fetal DNA from pregnant women
0:58:00Jen Psaki promises vaccine “door-to-door outreach”, ACC: “we don’t like lists in America”; “COVID surge team” in Missouri; Biden enlightens us with “get help to the remaining people protected from the virus”; Fauci touts “highly, highly effective!” vaccines; New Zealand promises to “go out and find” unvaccinated remainder; New South Wales health official: “we’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order”; fast-talking “hey California, did you hear about the big vaccine incentives program?!” PSAs; Michigan “My Shot to Win” lottery program; ABC pet doctor addresses infertility “myth”; Australian radio hosts freak out at mention of ivermectin; Pfizer and Moderna rebranding “Comirnaty” and “Spikevax”
1:13:29WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan labels UK strategy change “moral emptiness and epidemiological stupidity”; disgraced UK Secretary of State Matt Hancock “proud shareholder of Genomics England”; Vivek Murthy on private-sector “vaccine persuasion campaign”; Lisbon court, Pfizer CEO, and lightning-struck car errata, vehicular “vaccident” epidemic, hantavirus on the rise
1:25:34Atlanta golf course triple homicide; the medical profession’s ivermectin conundrum
1:28:08Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Mo├»se the day after appointment of pro-China prime minister; Gen. Austin Miller predicts chaos in Afghanistan “when we pull out our intelligence, and that’s the system of intelligence”; high-profile crime reporter Peter R de Vries shot in the face outside TV studio in “crime country” Netherlands
1:36:10Producer Segment
2:26:02Vague report from The National muses “we’re starting to hear about a third dose, a booster shot” in Canada, unexplained vaccine refusal by Venezuelan government, JCD: “it’s worse than Democracy Now”, ACC predicts winter lockdowns everywhere but “pockets of concern”
2:36:04Zero-day pushed by Kaseya VSA automatic update cycle, Black Lives Matter Windows registry entries, $70M master key ransom; promo video for upcoming World Economic Forum Cyber Polygon “supply chain attack” training exercise; Warren Buffett’s cryptic “we’ve just started” comment, JCD’s “asymptomatic spread” scenario for “reboot Tuesday”
2:51:28Netherlands elevates COVID-19 to “Schedule A” with ebola; EU mandates AI snooping for child pornography; Ursula von der Leyen announces Breakthrough Energy Catalyst for 2050 carbon neutrality with Bill Gates, “Melinda French Gates” meme; social distancing for birds; ACC unable to secure shallots; Sony Playstation 5 shortage; Dubai container ship explosion
3:06:46Beijing alarmed at “lying flat doctrine” on the rise among apathetic millennials
3:09:40Donation Segment: Friesland meetup highlights
3:25:50“Yeeha” from Joy Reid bashing Texas Republicans; “super light, frothy fun show” iso
3:28:35Biden: “anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes”