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1361 Variant Factories (2021-07-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’ll have a shotgun by my side and the hound dog with me!” (0:10:32)
0:00:34Happy 4th of July Independence Day, Canada’s gender-neutral national anthem, JCD: “Trudeau’s gender-neutral himself”, ACC’s dimmer switch purgatory, former owner’s closet laundry party house, uncontrollable Bluetooth mesh network capability championed by Amazon
0:10:36Biden administration preparing for another six months of thumb-twiddling after REvil group ransomware attack; NPR on attack on Kaseya VSA paralyzing cash registers worldwide
0:18:13Dogs Are People Too: Biden amplifies speculation that pets are susceptible to new coronavirus variant, ACC: “they’re trying to dump this vaccine any way they can!”; South Africa rolling out Chinese Sinovac vaccine for “third wave”; vapid NPR report on WHO vs CDC mask policies, “worrying pockets”, “additional mutation” in delta variant; ACC on the lookout for “variant factories” quote from Dr. William Schaffner; Lisbon court finds 0.9% of cases died of COVID-19; TikTok Vaccine Slut; uncomfortable Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains away his unvaccinated status with “I don’t want to have an example that I’m cutting the line” (CotD)
0:32:46PBS NewsHour: White House planning “surge effort” to swoop down upon hard-hit areas; Irish Examiner finds blot clot risk twice that of coronavirus, Norway to compensate victims of AstraZeneca side effects, Australian Public Health Act 2016 §158 “Enforcement of requirement to undergo medical observation, medical examination”; Chuck Todd finger-wags “people are needlessly dying because of your misinformation … I don’t know how some of you sleep at night who are doing this for a living on television”; monster sneeze from Chris Hayes
0:39:35Red Cross declares convalescent plasma from vaccine recipients unsuitable for donation because it “wipes out those antibodies”; CBS Evening News rolls out bumpkins from Arkansas eating “gel on a cracker” and lies ivermectin is “made for horses, not humans”
0:45:15ACC’s upcoming Joe Rogan Experience “Tony Randall/Regis Philbin” appearance; “hate clip” of snuffling Pivot host Kara Swisher defending FTC chair Lina Khan’s campaign against Amazon: “they’d never do it to man, I don’t think”; note from “one true official transgender of No Agenda” on Mastercard True Name program
0:54:14Campus Reform asks entitled Neiman Marxist college students “are you proud to be an American?”: “halvesies on that, like, partly, ‘cause, like, I feel like there’s certain topics where, it’s like, very controversal”, “the American dream is so sought after that it’s not even a thing any more”, JCD: “this is parroting”, Jacque Ellul’s Propaganda and closed systems; National Educational Association teachers union planning blacklist of critical race theory opponents; producer note on “I’m going to die soon” millennial work ethic
1:11:30Producer Segment: JCD on Bill Gates’ peculiar dating habits
1:56:41And Now Back to Real News: Sky News Australia on “unhinged sociopath” Meghan Markle
2:01:10A reminder about Summer 2003 heat wave that killed 70,000 in Europe; CDC rolls out “more frequent and more intense” meme for Pacific Northwest heat wave; 2017 “glaciers will be gone by 2020” display at Glacier National Park; Italian Alps covered with tarps to extend ski season covered by bellowing reporter in helicopter, “gone by the year 2100” hedge; Jennifer Granholm’s “inches and inches of beaches” debunked by Michigan producers; $40bn in pledges for gender equality at UN summit in Paris, JCD on California’s sneaky reservoir draining program; accelerated plans for Gavin Newsom recall election; producer note on Morris Illinois lithium battery fire; up to 20,000 gallons of water needed to extinguish electric car fires; idiot teen describes being in car struck by lightning
2:23:09Facebook running January 6 “extremist content” interventions; bizarre Massachusetts standoff with eleven men who “do not adhere to our laws”; Oath Keepers awaiting “speedy trial” in 2022; lead prosecutor Michael Sherwin’s pre-inauguration “shock and awe” campaign, “we wanted to take out those individuals that essentially were thumbing their noses at the public”; Kevin McCarthy “outraged” at Liz Cheney serving on Pelosi’s January 6 committee, JCD on potentially maddening lack of heartbeat in Dick Cheney’s mechanical heart
2:33:00Trump social media platform GETTR likely to be jettisoned promptly from all app stores, JCD on College World Series early betting and COVID-19; apparent “21 years is enough” flub on Afghanistan withdrawal; Democracy Now predicts imminent civil war after early withdrawal
2:39:33JCD irked at gratuitous Biden “not a joke”; NTD report on GOP failure to preserve anti-abortion and anti-CCP provisions in latest foreign spending bill, ACC: “the whole thing is political, it’s bullshit!”; Jen Psaki tries to shift stain of police defunding onto Republicans by highlighting Clinton-era COPS hiring program under Trump, JCD: “what a douchebag!”
2:49:13Donation Segment
3:04:44Hayes sneeze and “dangerous!” isos; mysterious “let it sit” directive causing shipping container pileup; NPR sinks to a new low with Manscaped “ultra smooth package” ad