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1360 Magnetofection (2021-07-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “You gotta train the nub.” (1:40:21)
0:00:34California “heat dome” and eight-car Zephyr, Trudeau “happy Canada Day!”
0:01:42JCD 3x3: CBS Robinhood suicide, ABC promotes Seattle tourism, NBC on daybreaker dance parties; native ads for Pabst Blue Ribbon 1,776-pack and Pfizer vaccines at McDonald’s
0:08:56ACC’s new studio in “the house” with hot-wired headphone amplifier, JCD: “tell us about the dimmers”, previous owner’s “smart home” infrastructure, TtK the color-coded “move coordinator”; JCD’s cold and windy heat wave, ACC on the lookout for “mega-drought”
0:14:11Erin Burnett and Jennifer Granholm blame Surfside condominium collapse on global warming, “we know that we’re losing inches and inches of beaches”, “infrastructure needs to be built”; Jen Psaki discusses plans for 500,000 taxpayer-funded charging stations “to help the next generation survive and prosper”; Morris Illinois lithium battery fire evacuation; laterally lisping reporter on potential “eviction tsunami” in California, JCD: “they want more tenements”
0:26:02Jill Biden: “they already had a pandemic ready to go”; Democracy Now: delta variant at 25% of all infections; Good Morning America host chuckles at WHO indoor mask recommendation; Dr. Peter Hotez: delta “twice as infectious as anything we’ve seen before”; Democracy Now makes a final push for Pfizer and Moderna; UK study recommends “mixing and matching”; Newsy host eager to “top off” Johnson & Johnson; bizarre mixed messages from the UK on adverse effects from AstraZeneca (CotD), JCD on beauty pageant and dessert psychology
0:37:53Transgender woman crowned Miss Nevada USA, JCD on demise of six-on-six basketball
0:40:20Democracy Now on 1.3-year decline in Brazilian life expectancy, “dead on arrival because of a lack of beds” in Indonesia; White House to welcome TikTok propagandists; delta vs natural immunity and Los Angeles taking up WHO mask guidance, J&J recipients out of luck, “years” of protection from mRNA bad news for Pfizer; Anthony Fauci predicts surge “pockets”, bizarre “very little doubt … that the delta variant is not going to become the dominant”
0:50:53Louisiana Governor recommends COVID-19 vaccine to prepare for hurricanes; West Virginia Gov. Jim “Babydog” Justice’s “death drawing” sound effects; Robert Malone on unknown effects of mRNA “payload”; Dr. Jane Ruby discusses “magnetofection” with SPIONs supramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, JCD: “this is bullshit!”, Scott Adams’ “liberated” tweet
1:03:34Bill Maher discusses YouTube’s ivermectin ban with Dan Carlin; Dr. Pierre Kory to Maria Bartiromo on the million lives that could have been saved by “nonprofit medicine” ivermectin; Indonesia and US building Malacca Strait training center to counter Chinese influence
1:13:30Bill Cosby’s release from prison as possible distraction from Trump’s border visit
1:16:57Producer Segment: Trump on decentralization; “don’t sniff me, Joe Biden!
1:55:18Dr. Douglas Frank on “political question doctrine” preventing courts from hearing election fraud cases; Democracy Now on 135,000-ballot “discrepancy” in New York City primary
2:08:32Producer notes on millennial spit-spewing and success jealousy, JCD’s defective Chinese cable connector, SonicNet’s disappearing Noodle Boy; Texas Hill Country labor shortage
2:26:30Shortages of Starbucks cups and Chinese flour; Italy turning away from OBOR initiative
2:32:32Google cofounder Sridhar Ramaswamy introduces “best weed whacker” Neeva search engine
2:38:04Donation Segment
2:50:37“Almost makes your head spin” iso; Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis advocates for Bitcoin
2:54:54Democracy Now on fabricated US allegations against Julian Assange; Afghanistan headed straight into civil war; in memoriam for douchebag Donald “2.3 trillion” Rumsfeld