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1359 Sheep Dipping (2021-06-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “My, uh, um, I have a, an actual knob.” (1:29:42)
0:00:39Rainsticks for Western US, Alaska NOTAM signaling HAARP activity, JCD: “maybe they can’t turn it off”, theory of Surfside condominium collapse as failed assassination attempt on Jared & Ivanka, June 8 “31TB of files” mocked-up tweet from John McAfee, underground garage with unextinguishable Teslas, media likely to go with climate change narrative
0:18:32Nike CEO’s unfortunate “of China and for China”; FAA advised to switch “cockpit” to “flight deck”; vaccination status e-mail signatures for hospital employees, JCD: “why don’t you put heil Hitler in there”; promo for Mastercard “True Name” program to protect transgender people; Nasdaq promotes ESG services to help companies “be seen as the company you aspire to be”; Mark Rutte announces intention to “bring Hungary to its knees” over anti-LGBT education law, ACC on idiomatic use of Dutch kanker and cholera, Ursula von der Leyen lies “this bill clearly discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation”; Stonewall Foundation leveraging Top 100 Employers list to advance transgender agenda
0:36:37Ohio Trump rally with Dr. Douglas Frank’s “jaw-dropper” election fraud analysis; Marjorie Taylor Green sets her sights on impeachment; Trump’s hair spray technology, “murders are soaring” litany; QAnon X22 Report predicts August reinstatement; Trump satirizes “woke” military, possible “bigly” sighting, M5M’s Biden-FDR comparison, “sent a brave young man from Ohio to a plant” teleprompter flub, “I should have said hydroxychloroquine is a disaster!”
0:54:54Bret Weinstein’s ego-destroying “I don’t know who Adam Curry is”
0:58:50Biden loses battle with the name “Buttegieg”; resurrection of Obama-era bathroom laws; “Tuskegee Airmen” syphilis experiment, “Police Chief Murray of the Baltimore, ‘scuse me, Police Chief Merritt, Police Chief Murphy, Paul, of Baton Rouge Louisiana”, creepy whispering medley; former Democrat Dick Morris proposes “taxonomy” with stuffed Biden head
1:14:45Media obsessed with three “women of color” Austin police chief candidates; ACL American Cornhole League highlights; ACC poised to depart for “the heart of Hill Country Texas”
1:20:59Producer Segment
1:44:13Nancy Pelosi declares George Floyd police reform bill “worthy of George Kirby’s name”
1:47:02VAERS death toll at 6,136, FDA mandates myocarditis warning label, Sydney locked down for 14 days; UK Chief Executive Janet Davies: “we haven’t infected enough of the population with this virus”; Nova Scotia health official: lockdowns prevent spread of misinformation; Toronto radio host frantically shuts down caller at mention of “spike protein shedding”; BBC’s Andrew Marr just unlucky after receiving “remarkably effective” vaccine; mRNA vaccine pioneer Robert Malone’s “saved or created” mathematics, UEFA Euro 2020 betting opportunities; Make a Wish Foundation to accept vaccination “letter of understanding”
2:09:41Mayoral candidate India Walton dodges Al Sharpton’s question about “democratic socialisms”; George Floyd’s “mother” introduced as “Felonious”; “retoo… retoo… reteenly lose scholarships”
2:21:04Johnson & Johnson to pay New York $230M for its role in opioid crisis
2:22:12Producer notes shipping container prices, Chinese military meddling in supply chain; Starbucks shortages
2:29:19Donation Segment: 5,000 days of No Agenda on July 4; Michael Cohen “scrotal distancing”
2:44:15Second Half of Show: uninteresting Pentagon UFO report released; “stay safe!” iso
2:48:52Author Mark Lane on CIA practice of “sheep dipping” using planted stories in the media
2:55:25Millennial practice of spitting on adversaries, The Kominsky Method jealousy