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1358 Media Liescape (2021-06-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, I’m so excited!” (0:53:36)
0:00:34John McAfee permanently escapes his dinner-buying obligation to JCD, NPR on McAfee’s death after approval of extradition order, JCD on McAfee’s early virus promotion
0:06:17NPR on “delta-plus” variant in post-surge India, “the fear in everyone’s mind”, ACC: “mission accomplished!”, no mention of death toll; COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub predicting “yet another wave” in July; ABC warns of “a tough winter all over again”; Boris Johnson reflects on possibility of “new horror that we simply haven’t budgeted for”, inadvertent “kappa” reveal, “rough winter” ahead; IOC bans cheering, JCD: “the socialists have won”
0:16:46Scott Gottlieb on brain tissue shrinkage attributed to COVID-19, JCD on zinc and sense of smell, visit to “bento box lady” with blue-gloved CNN viewer; 15,472 vaccine deaths in EU database; Dr. Peter McCollough on probability of tenfold greater casualties; Good Morning America on antiviral drugs under development; Oxford University finally begins investigating ivermectin; “we know they are just so vulnerable to getting ill and dying from this vaccine” and “the consequences of the vaccines are worse than any of the potential side effects” for greatest hits collection; Joe Rogan’s “emergency podcast” with Dr. Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein
0:31:43Scott Gottlieb talks boosters for the “vulnerable population” in the Fall, JCD: “they’re useless eaters, is the way we see it”; Good Morning America warns “it’s not permanent immunity”
0:36:54Port of Yantian back in business with 80-day backlog; idiotic NPR report on “ruckus” from container ships parked off Whidbey Island; COSCO vs Costco, producer notes on lumber used in shipping, low-quality food packaging from China, Amazon hoarding shipping containers
0:50:05ACC’s “hate listen” Pivot hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway revel in the power of investors like BlackRock and Vanguard to advance ESG agenda; former New York banker identifies Blackstone as minor player, BlackRock and Obama insiders Brian Deese, Wally Adeyemo, and Michael Pyle on the loose within Biden administration; Klaus Schwab on ESG revisited
0:59:58BlackRock CEO Larry Fink: $50T in investment required for net-zero economy, TCFD Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures from SASBE Sustainability Accounting Standards Board as prerequisite for investment, “stakeholder capitalism is only gonna become
more and more important”, letter to CEO threatening divestment, butts heads with Joe Kernen; Edelman report showing corporate brands have more credibility than governments
1:22:47Producer Segment: “media liescape”
1:56:26Amy Goodman on NYC’s ranked choice voting system, bigoted Eric Adams “described himself as a conservative Republican” non sequitur, hairball coughed up during defense of 1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones, abortion “global gag rule” likely to be reinstated under GOP, unexplained “popular protest slogan” in Hong Kong, US government hijacks Iranian media sites in “act of war”, Israel bombs journalist Hassan Shelan’s home, Jamal Khashoggi’s killers linked to Cerberus Capital Management, Ethiopian vs Tigray People’s Liberation Front
2:16:28CBS weather reporter April Moss catches on-air Project Veritas bug, “I’m gonna recommend that you get terminated” call with douchebag coworker; Dragon’s Den investor Rachel Elnaugh on “highly manipulated” final product; Jennifer Merciaca explains “amygdala hijacking”
2:29:27Donation Segment
2:45:50Goodman cough and Fauci wheeze isos; NPR on Biden’s new gun control proposals; Jen Psaki proposes the wealthy “pay what they owe in taxes” to fun infrastructure plan; Kamala Harris lies “the American Rescue Plan will lift half of America’s children out of poverty” (CotD)