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1356 Chest Feeding (2021-06-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooooh, no!” (1:54:11)
0:00:32JCD 3x3: ABC preoccupied with Erika Jayne’s legal woes and Oregon tourism, CBS promoting author Ursula Burns’ book Where You Are Is Not Who You Are, NBC weeping over the memory of NWO globalist George H.W. Bush, JCD: “the whole thing was just disgusting!”
0:06:55Threat of rolling blackouts in Texas; producer note on diminished power supply due to lack of wind, Enron diaspora to Texas; Houston reporter Ivory Hecker adroitly accuses Fox of “muzzling” her and moves on to her weather report; Project Veritas releases “Bitcoin for poor African-American audience at five, it’s probably not going to play” recordings, JCD story: naïve former New York Times editor aghast at the idea self-censoring journalists
0:18:53Malcolm X reflects “the first thing they take over is the radio”; Eric Clapton on being ostracized by his family due to his severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine; Jimmy Dore repeats “lots of bad reactions” response from cardiologist; producer note on “instant-onset Alzheimer’s” kicked off by Moderna and doctors facing VAERS stigma; Jon Stewart moves Wuhan lab leak theory into the mainstream in scripted segment with straight man Stephen Colbert, “there doesn’t seem to be an Austin coronavirus!”; Bill Maher pushing back against woke culture to tepid applause; Dr. Peter Hotez attempts to counter Stewart’s assertions with TMZ
0:46:24Paraguay publishing list of vaccine recipients; creepy I believe in the science“ radio PSA; Wisconsin lawmakers irked at ”Gestapo“ demanding vaccination papers; Western Australia allows police to use contact tracing data after promising never to do so; celebrating ”a Europe without barriers“ with unveiling of EU Digital COVID Certificate; concern over ethylene oxide in testing swabs; North Korea facing coronavirus-related food shortages
0:56:11CNN’s pet MH-370 mystery “solved” with theory of US military intercepting electronics bound for China; Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald getting wise to Six-Week Cycle activities; ABC’s Dr. Ashish Jha walks back the notion of boosters in 2021
1:04:28The Distraction of the Week: Tucker Carlson scoffs at new woke White House term “birthing people”; in-car rant by student midwife against “chest feeding”
1:10:16Producer Segment: JCD on the engineering principles behind Wonder Bread
2:00:18Media unwilling to play footage from Biden’s “off the rails” meeting with Putin, PBS’s “racist” choice of Yamiche Alcindor over a “Swiss miss”, Biden’s “okay, what next?” characterization of truncated meeting, Putin lobs January 6 grenade, Biden propagates “killing a police officer” lie unchallenged, admits press conference is scripted; CNN’s Jeff Zeleny gripes about Biden’s handlers “screaming at him” to shut up; triggered Biden tangles with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins; “President Tr… Putin” flub, “a bat interfacing with animals in the environment” or “an experiment gone awry”, “another vacc… another pandemic”; inability to distinguish Libya from Syria; “we hold these truths self-evident … we haven’t lived up to the completely” ramble
2:22:44CNN “part of a pattern” meme for Kamala Harris’ dismal performance on immigration, JCD: “they have to kill her”; $40T “B3W” Build Back Better World economic hit man bonanza
2:39:46ACC’s “cruel summer” prediction vs M5M “violent summer” compilation
2:41:20Donation Segment
2:54:56“I’ll fight you naked” iso; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee celebrates racial divides “crummeling” with adoption of Juneteenth as federal holiday, JCD compares Texan slaves to Japanese soldiers
3:00:38Biden administration forgives loans for 18,000 former ITT Technical Institute students; federal judge nullifies Biden’s ban on new offshore drilling leases; “permitless” carry in Texas