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1354 FAQs 4 Hacks (2021-06-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Eat a cicada … Okay, you getting that, Bill, you gettin’, filmin’ it?” (2:14:06)
0:00:34JCD 3x3: NBC “all ads”, Good Morning America “awesome deals”, CBS Space Jam promo; Academy of Country Music Awards virtually unwatched due to lack of TikTok kids
0:05:16“Delta variant” terror campaign compilation; ABC uses delta variant to promote vaccines for teens; NPR avoids numbers in “bleak” South America report; one Pfizer dose 33% effective; Washington state “joints for jabs”; Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci visit Harlem; asymptomatic golfer John Rahm in isolation; VAERS database back up after “adjustment” to Pfizer deaths; Vivek Murthy delivers some whoppers to weird NPR Q&A: “the immunity that you get from natural infection is not nearly as robust … as immunity you get from the vaccine”, 33% vaccination in Mississippi, “Red State problem”, argues against loosening school mask restrictions; Houston nurses on strike over vaccine mandate dismissed as “disgruntled employees”
0:32:53Anti-ivermectin messages from FDA and GAVI; “anti-CRISPR proteins” fringe meme; Gordon Brown all-in on shipping expiring vaccines to Africa, “on Friday at the G7 we will decide, effectively, who lives and who dies”; Tony Blair Institute for Global Change white paper cites need to “adjust some of the freedoms”; EU tightening negative test provisions
0:46:49FBI announces seizure of $2.3 in Bitcoin from DarkSide “ransomware variant”, Schwab “cyber-pandemic” revisited; FBI’s Mike Christman repeats meme to 60 Minutes, JCD: “the idea of a ransomeware variant is like a word processing variant”, idiotic “Bitcoin is so difficult to trace”, “frequently asked questions for criminals”, JCD: “FAQs for hacks”; Operation Trojan Shield organized crime sting; breathless ABC report: Bitcoin “designed to be untraceable”
0:04:48Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm convinced “malign actors” are poised to shut down US power grid, JCD reminisces about ZoneAlarm; Elizabeth Warren makes idiotic claim that Bitcoin transactions consume vast amounts of power, all-in on climate-friendly “central bank digital currency”; ACC irked by police scam robocalls, JCD: “say I hate the police
1:18:09FBI Office of Private Sector warning about probably bogus Stablecoin extortion; Brian Stelter mischaracterizes Fastly outage as “only a small number of these cloud computing firms that are keeping essentially the entire internet online”, new journalistic term “hiccup”
1:24:50Producer Segment: JCD on Walnut Creek meetup female-repelling hams and vaccine cards
2:09:40Zerlina Maxwell “stay safe” revisited; CBS “crunchy cicada tacos”; Costco onion grinder as economic signal, JCD all-in on pineapple pizza; ACC monitoring “cruel summer” meme
2:18:32Biden in Europe with rambling global warming speech, “I give you my word, thank you”, “speed and scale of the 21st challenges”; bleib sicher vs “stay safe”; Kamala Harris protests “I haven’t been to Europe” when asked about absence from border; troll site
2:31:40ACC convinced Blackrock is madly buying real estate; producer note on resin shortage in automotive electronics; screenwriter Kamran Pasha on the breakup of Hollywood and China
2:40:48New York Times article “CIA Scrambles for New Approach in Afghanistan” to load planes with opium; Pentagon spokeshole John Kirby uses head-scratcher of a term “number one pacing challenge” to describe China, Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies
2:49:10Obama mocks conservatives’ concerns about critical race theory; ACC and TtK’s lawyer predicts Marxist trajectory for estate tax laws; ACC’s WWDC reflection: “they will own you”
2:55:54Donation Segment
3:10:08“Watch where we’re stepping!” iso; Sen. John Kennedy: “Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap!”
3:13:25Addled C-SPAN callers weigh in on “Hell in a handbag” Biden immigration policy