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1353 Lousy Hummus (2021-06-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “I, gagagagagagaga.” (2:21:16)
0:00:35ACC’s jaunt to Bitcoin 2021 in Miami featuring “Satoshi sluts”, cheap meth neighborhood Airbnb with Aric the Shill and Dave Jones, “imagine Comic Con meets Fyre Festival”, Max Keiser’s “fuck Elon!”, Laura Loomer vs Jack Dorsey, El Salvador poised to adopt Bitcoin, TSA’s new 3D scanner oblivious to eight-inch scissors; JBS and Colonial Pipeline affected by the same dormant ransomware; NBC on FBI investigation, potential US-Russia escalation or treaty, unnamed “experts” urging digital currency crackdown, JCD: “Keystone Kops”
0:20:35VAERS “routine maintenance in progress” vs 5,165 deaths on as of May 28, “serious adverse event every 333”, CDC caught adding 250,000 deaths in December; Canada rolls out Vaccine Injury Support Program; Victoria health officer Brett Sutton: “people will die” from variants, vs Dr. Michael Yeadon’s 0.3% difference; UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock: vaccine equally effective on 40% more transmissible variant; overly-animated Good Morning America hosts enthuse about natural immunity, “the protection that you get from the vaccine thought to be better”, “with a vaccine there are no risks” lie; ABC teases “concerning new CDC report” about unvaccinated teens, “more than 70% had at least one underlying medical condition”; Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine: “we have one weapon at this point to fight this vaccine”; Tony Blair’s “no!” for vaccine refusal; Biden promises “fun rewards!” including free beer and racist “Shots at the Shop” initiative, “COVID deaths are up” gaffe; John Rahm disqualified from USPGA Memorial Tournament with six-shot lead
0:45:18Rand Paul to Frau Ingraham on Anthony Fauci’s conflicts of interest with Wuhan Institute of Virology, ACC’s “hate listen” Pivot, 2015 Nature Medicine article on chimeric bat coronavirus; former MI6 head Richard Deerlove on reasons for lab leak turnaround; Canadian government suppressing news of ebola samples smuggled to Wuhan; Fauci mocks Chinese bioweapon theories; Fauci in 2020 urging trust in “respected medical authorities” like himself
0:59:42Victoria vaccine passport QR codes; Naomi Wolf booted from Twitter over sewage vaccine residue comments; “ASH” Rachel Levine promises to continue focus on “behavioral health”; Good Morning America admits vitamin D is antiviral but “not being recommended right now”
1:09:43CNN “Matters of the Heart” segment twice rolls out shameless “I eat kale” promotion
1:11:17Producer Segment
1:30:39Fox & Friends “ITM”; Brian Williams and blue-toothed Juanita Tolliver mock Trump’s “Big Lie Tour” and North Carolina GOP convention “which promises to be a wingding”; Jake Tapper and dingbat Katie Hobbs discuss “bogus ballot audit”; Trump takes shots at “radical masker” Fauci, China reparations, critical race theory, “we’d love to have MS-13 back” story
2:01:50ABC on defunded police departments vs rise in violent crime; ACC predicts Amazon weed deliveries; NTD report on Chinese millennials adopting nihilistic “lie flatism” lifestyle
2:09:34Ursula von der Leyen and Bill Gates announce Breakthrough Energy Catalyst partnership “leading the way to decarbonization” (CotD); global elite Build Back Better compilation
2:17:50Biden muddles job growth and vaccination rate, impossible computer chip promise; Warren Buffett unnerved by inflation question, Charlie Munger: Bitcoin “worthless artificial gold”
2:23:55ACC OTG: TikTok changes terms of service to allow biometric data collection
2:25:24Donation Segment
2:43:32“I eat kale”/“it is dangerous!” isos; Netanyahu unseated by unlikely alliance, JCD on “lousy hummus”; Kristi Noem boasts about low taxes; drunk C-SPAN caller bitches about Biden