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1352 Race Norming (2021-06-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “The pretty girls are inside!” (0:09:38)
0:00:34JCD 3x3: ABC promotes Thor: Love and Thunder, NBC exhumes Princess Diana’s gown, CBS features ad racism reading with Clint Smith; Fauci e-mail leak vs Steele Dossier,; Maggie Haberman generating Trump hysteria on Twitter with thirdhand information
0:06:12Jonathan Karl admits media “have egg on their face” with Wuhan lab leak theory, “some things may be true even if Trump said them”, unnamed “serious people” signaling need for inquiry; Scott Gottlieb on Chinese still holding staff blood samples; “carnival barker” Peter Hotez predicts “COVID-26 and COVID-32” and calls for boots on the ground for six to twelve months; Nicholas Wade article “Origin of Covid — Following the Clues”; Dr. Peter McCollough on spike protein modified to resist furin cleavage, danger of testing on pregnant women; self-aggrandizing former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon: “everything your government has told you … is a lie”, “I think that we are standing at the very gates of Hell”, ACC: “the very Bill Gates of Hell”, JCD irked by incessant “probably an undercount” messaging; Yeadon on 0.3% difference between variants and original strain; another Whole Foods mask test for ACC
0:36:40Dr. Pierre Kory to Bret Weinstein’s tedious DarkHorse Podcast on takeover of medical profession by “desk jockeys”; WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan sued by Indian Bar Association over ivermectin disinformation; America’s Frontline Doctors sue Department of Health and Human Services to prevent use of vaccines in children; “thank you Dr. Rochelle Walensky for all that you and everyone at the CDC does to protect our safety, health, and security at home and abroad” for Red Sox first pitch (CotD); JCD still floored by Quebec “follow all the rules, all the time, no exceptions” message
0:48:51Victoria Premier: “the vaccine is our enemy”; Southern Australia health officer: “do not touch that ball”; Jeanine Pirro: “what about this vaccine, was it created intentionally to infect humans?”; UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock: social distancing “denying the vaccine the social contact that it needs to spread”; “it looks like this vaccine could have been tampered with in the lab”; a giddy Justin Trudeau gushes about receiving shot; 1995 prediction by Dr. Pierre Gilbert about Rwanda-style by magnetic “zombie” vaccines, 2011 CDC zombie apocalypse program; CDC quietly removing VAERS entries; Florida punk rock concert to charge unvaccinated attendees $999
1:01:39Klaus Schwab “cyber-pandemic” revisited; NPR on JBS Foods ransomware attack showcasing need for Bitcoin surveillance; “surging” meat prices blamed on labor shortage; Über and Lyft driver shortages; World Economic Forum Cyber Polygon exercise; Schwab propagates new buzzword “ESG metrics”, ACC: “that’s your carbon tax right there”; ABC News infiltrates Positive Technologies “recruiting ground for Russia cyber-spies” conference
1:18:45Whitney Webb and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discuss Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, JCD: “I think Whitney Webb is full of shit”, sketchy “a mountain of evidence in my opinion”, Silicon Valley Edge Foundation guilt by association, Gates-style inappropriate laughter; Leon Black to step down as CEO of Apollo Global Management over apparently nonexistent Epstein connections, father Eli Black CEO of United Fruit, 12-part TrueHoop investigation into Apollo and NBA, ACC predicts disclosures from no less than Melinda Gates herself
1:41:16Producer Segment
2:07:44Billy Porter promotes Johnson & Johnson HIV vaccine “after successful trials in Africa”
2:09:59Bank of America busted for rejecting fraud claims and seizing EDD benefits, ACC: “that won’t happen with your central bank digital coin!”; Royal Dutch Shell ordered by Dutch court to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% on human rights grounds; The Science Says jingle, Obama-era mystery “gas explosions” MIA, container ship full of auto parts sinks off the coast of Japan
2:21:53Sackler family empire to gain immunity from existing and future lawsuits via Purdue Pharma bankruptcy (CotD), Johnson & Johnson and Walmart still on the hook for “opioid trade” role
2:29:26NFL to drop use of “race norming” in brain damage settlement calculations; tennis player Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open on mental health grounds; Oklahoma State grad student vows to never again teach Spanish because of her “internalized white supremacy”
2:39:12Donation Segment
2:49:40Science!” and “my pleasure” isos; No Agenda Morning Zoo auditions including “cross-dresser Karen from Haitch R”, ACC: “we’ll call it WKRP, it’s gonna be fantastic”
2:57:14NPR on two upcoming NASA missions to “inferno-like world” Venus, ACC: “and then Republicans ruined it”