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1350 Ask China (2021-05-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “That the guy whose head ended up on a turtle?” (1:55:28)
0:00:33JCD 3x3: 1921 Tulsa race massacre, Asian hate, America’s Got Talent
0:02:44Seven-day lockdown in Victoria over twelve cases, Health Minister Martin Foley: “this vaccine just keeps mutating”; Rep. Mark Green calls for investigation into “the origins of the vaccine”; The View rationalizes its attention to Wuhan Institute of Virology disclosures by noting “the messenger matters”, Joy Behar: Trump was right because “that was just a lucky break on his part”; Maggie Haberman blames Trump for not releasing evidence; NPR hosts murmur about intelligence assessment confidence levels; CDC reassigns Rod Rosenstein’s sister and senior COVID-19 alarmist Nancy Messonnier; JCD theory: forthcoming bombshell books
0:24:44Odious MSNBC pundit Karine Jean-Pierre elevated to deputy White House spokeshole, “this is something you have to ask the Chinese government, right?” in matters of 90-day Wuhan investigation; NBC grudgingly takes Trump’s side; JCD: “they’re trying to get out of the lie”
0:31:51Texas A & M Prof. Peter McCullough on reactions to his American Journal of Medicine article “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection”, Daniel Dae Kim’s Tamiflu-HCQ cocktail revisited, “it’s pretty easy to be in line with the CDC, NIH, and FDA because they say to do nothing!”, plug for, “decades” of testing required before use in pregnant women, colchisine study rejected by major journals, “powerful forces that have created such fear among doctors”
0:55:38Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister ignores ivermectin question and drones on about vaccines; Project Veritas exposes Facebook’s vaccine hesitancy algorithm; France 24 on YouTube influencers recruited to smear Pfizer, idiotic “links to Russia” comment, ACC: “preemptive strike”
1:02:58George Stephanopoulos assures viewers myocarditis cases cropping up have “no link proven to the vaccine”; compilation of local news stories about vaccine complications; “no vaccine for climate change” message from Tedros Adhanom; Zerlina Maxwell “please stay safe” compilation, JCD: “this is like heil Hitler at the end of everything”; Jimmy Dore gripes about being labeled an anti-vaxxer merely for complaining about the side effects
1:15:50NPR on latest Milwaukee Brewers ticket incentive; ACC notes skyrocketing used car values; NPR quotes Gallup poll favoring proof of vaccination to travel; Scott Gottlieb to CNBC: vaccine passports near impossible to implement universally; high-volume testing with dogs
1:35:10Bill Gates’ douchebag money manager Michael Larson under attack by New York Times
1:37:23Producer Segment: CurioCaster app; JCD/theremin Happy Birthday
2:04:31NPR: Austin Latinos unvaccinated because they have no internet; Fox News smears Mayor Adler; Adler taking advice from morons like London Breed; Amy Goodman: Moderna vaccine “100% effective” in children; “one horse has died” due to Western South Dakota tornadoes
2:18:03Pfizer to the rescue with porn-induced erectile dysfunction; cleavage Photoshopped out of Florida high school yearbook photos; Kevin Spacey’s ironic return to the silver screen
2:24:01Good Morning America celebrates furor over Marjorie Taylor Green’s “clear outrageous and anti-Semitic remarks” comparing vaccine mandates and Holocaust; Jim Acosta admonishes “to be clear, there is no equivalence here”; CNN hosts cluck at “evil lunacy”; M5M anti-Trump “think about Hitler” compilation revisited; Ron DeSantis signs anti-deplatforming law
2:39:39Donation Segment
2:49:31“Evil lunacy!” iso; 19-year-old Chinese dissident Wang Jingyu grabbed by Dubai police, JCD: “the media looks like it is the enemy of the people!”; Fox lottery report “hookers and cocaine”