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1348 Belching Freon (2021-03-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Lock it down! Lockdown, stay at home order!” (2:20:04)
0:00:33JCD 3x3: NBC “vaccination vacation”, ABC exhumes Princess Diana, Michael Strahan “gay stories”, CBS Spotify playlist for houseplants; NBC Universal pushing celebrity “host reads”
0:09:59Bill de Blasio comments “if you’re vaccinated, you have more freedom” in lifting of mask mandate; California “following the science” by waiting until June 15, JCD: “is it like the Magic 8-Ball?”; Georgetown Prof. Larry Gostin: people “don’t have the right to be unmasked and unvaccinated in a crowded place”; cryptic reference to “vaccine credit” for California businesses; Yamiche Alcindor asks Jen Psaki about racist CDC guidelines; CDC’s Rochelle Walensky concedes “there is no need for everybody to start ripping off their masks”, White House “we have administered over 250 million doses without any concerns for safety” video
0:21:59Reminder from OSHA that businesses are open to liability in requiring vaccinations; Fox The Five hosts giddy over Ohio lottery; HCQ distraction Remdesivir removed from WHO list; Ad Council COVID Collaborative “do’s and don’ts” PDF for propagandizing black communities; new article in The Lancet with RRR relative risk reduction data; Good Morning America pet doctor Jennifer Ashton asserts “zero serious side effects” in teens after listing unpleasant side effects; pediatrician Dr. Angelina Farella testifies to Texas senators against using COVID-19 vaccines in children before publication of safety data
0:45:36AIDS researcher Dr. Robert Willner in 1994 accusing Anthony Fauci of genocide; JCD speculates about the year in which pharmaceutical advertising was legalized; Dr. Jay Bhattacharya proposes sending vaccines to the Third World instead of using them on children, “nine new billionaires” meme; producer magnetism tests; Denmark digging up dead mink; Walensky urges masks for the immunocompromised; Dr. Drew Pinsky throws Fauci under the bus
1:01:56Rep. Jim Jordan irked at Amazon quizzing employees about vaccination status, UC Berkeley using green stickers instead of yellow stars; Australian PM Scott Morrison all-in on state border restrictions; plague of mice in New South Wales; dog coronavirus detected in Malaysia
1:15:42Producer Segment:
1:44:38Austin city parks under consideration to be “designated camping spots” far from affluent zip codes; Walgreens pulling out of San Francisco thanks to socialist DA; Noodle Kid strikes at Austin JuiceLand locations; Penn State abolishing “freshmen”; Oxford “decolonizing” curriculum starting with imperial units; Noodle Gun casualties Boston radio host Matt Siegel, On the Media host Bob Garfield, and National Audubon Society CEO David Yarnold
2:00:38UC Berkeley School of Public Health commencement opens with “land acknowledgement” for several Native American tribes, JCD: “goofy-looking wannabe Hitlers”, “you did good” from Dean Michael Lu, congratulations for “commitment to environmental and social justice” and “change maker level impact”, JCD: “they’re not doctors, they’re bureaucrats”
2:20:31JMD’s art car, John Fletcher’s gay No Agenda Morning Zoo audition, JCD on fake interviewer Phil Hendrie; AT&T’s doomed acquisition of Time Warner
2:30:02M5M gloats at criminal investigation into Trump Organization property valuations; Rachel Maddow guffaws at chickens eating Arizona ballots; continuing push for January 6 commission
2:40:19Donation Segment: pornography addiction and erectile dysfunction
2:58:12“I call this penis politics” iso; Ben Shapiro explains Israel-Palestine situation
3:01:41New Amsterdam character gripes about air conditioner “belching freon”
3:03:54PBS tries “colorism” meme on for size and ends up pillorying toxic cosmetics