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1347 Big Caffeine (2021-05-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “I hate this, I hate dogs, I hate people, I didn’t like it.” (1:41:30)
0:00:37Texas residents “free at last”, JCD’s San Francisco meetup forehead mask, “I’m vaccinated” dodge; CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to PBS: data show vaccine effectiveness in “real-world setting outside of the trial”, Judy Woodruff dismayed at “people are responsible for their own health”; Rachel Maddow forced to “rewire herself”; Lawrence O’Donnell envisions spot-testing of every Hamilton attendee; Michael Osterholm horrified at the thought of the unvaccinated “fibbin’ a little bit”; Walensky reads the PBS script to George Stephanopoulos; Peter Hotez notes asymptomatic infection study from Pfizer-run Israel, ACC: “FDA approval comin’ up!”; Biden pronounces “it’s vax Ed, or masked”; Fauci makes another 180° on NBC; children between 2 and 11 up next; noisily eating Bill de Blasio and Shake Shack CEO roll out a new incentive; Ohio spending federal tax money on million-dollar vaccination lottery
0:29:08CDC and FDA admit staff vaccination rates of 40% and 50% in Senate hearing; JCD’s positive telemedicine experience; 8,430 deaths reported to EU EudraVigilance database; crimes against humanity lawsuit against CDC, WHO, and WEF; AP fact checks claims that animal trials were skipped, ACC: “no ferret trial, sorry!”; “follow all the rules, all the time, no exceptions!” PSA from Quebec; Ontario doctors forbidden to contradict public health dogma; Dr. Zubin Damania and Dr. Drew Pinsky discuss their “inertia-driven, fear-based profession”; JCD still skeptical about magnetic vaccination site videos, ACC: “magnetogenetics”; producer note on $10,000 gag order contract; fully-vaccinated Bill Maher cancels show after testing positive
0:56:00Echoing Democracy Now India update; JCD reminisces about swine flu vaccine antics; Cuba rolls out homebrew vaccines still in clinical trials
1:02:59Klaus Schwab’s “potential cyber-pandemic” revisited; NBC News hyperventilates over cryptocurrency scams; dramatic NPR report on Biden cyber-defense executive order; No Agenda Morning Zoo casting call for gay entertainment reporter, JCD: “half-hour pilot”; Van Morrison mid-deplatforming over They Own the Media, Pfizer marketing Viagra to gamers aged 24-35; podcaster Michael Malice discusses his imminent move from New York to Austin
1:32:49CDC dodges question about vaccine menstrual effects on COCA conference call
1:35:37Producer Segment: Podcast Academy’s upcoming first annual Ambies Award
2:14:38YouTuber ShoeOnHead reacts to CIA recruitment “woke videos”, “I am a cisgender millennial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder”, Krystal Ball: “the CIA is weaponizing this language”; Chinese government seizes $60M in assets from critic Jimmy Lai
2:24:47M5M delighted with “hundred Republicans” in rebellion against the party fronted by useful tool Liz Cheney, Christine Todd Whitman: “that’s not a party, that’s a cult”; Glenn Greenwald in 2020 on Cheney’s cooperation with pro-war Democrats; GOP-backed Texas BLM bills
2:37:29Producer notes attribute latest Israel-Palestine conflict to Hamas election ploy and Biden’s weakness; AP and Al Jazeera building bombed by Israeli military; Amy Goodman decries violence by “ultra-nationalist Israelis”, JCD: opposition to Israel “code for I’m a communist
2:47:57Donation Segment
2:59:10Amy Goodman “Mashachusetts” and “follow all the rules” isos; media outrage over Arizona “bamboo in the paper” recount; M5M eager to blame Russia for 130 “Havana Syndrome” cases
3:04:06Atomo Coffee saving the planet with sunflower and watermelon seeds, JCD: “this is big coffee at work”; MSNBC’s Ari Melber ridicules Trump’s new “straight back to ‘95, baby” blog
3:09:12Democracy Now tries “climate catastrophe”; cicada brood X MIA on NPR