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1346 Maxinated (2021-05-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I can’t get on, I can’t post, oh, bruh ruh, bruh ruh!” (0:00:00)
0:00:34JCD 3x3: CBS celebrates fake high school students, NBC promotes Sesame Street documentary, ABC promotes possible spook podcaster Glennon Doyle
0:07:02Comedian Tyler Fischer’s Anthony Fauci impression; Jose Gupta criticizes CDC for propagating outdoor mask recommendation; parents freaked out by relaxing of Austin school precautions; Fauci all-in on seasonal mask wearing “a year or two or more from now”; ACC irked at being sent “new information” discussed a year ago; get your flu shot now or else face “possible surge”; Scott Gottlieb claims coronavirus vaccines are more effective than flu vaccines; Biden butchers “emen… enema… mRNA”; Ontario Premier Doug Ford: “there’s no politician in this country who’s gonna disagree with their chief medical officer”
0:23:40JCD on likely existence of pushy PR people at Pfizer hounding media, Dr. Peter McCullough and Tucker Carlson discuss perplexing “groupthink” reflected in COVID-19 coverage but carefully avoid any mention of pharmaceutical industry; Cancer: the Forbidden Cures documentary on the rise of allopathic medicine under Rockefeller and Carnegie; Gates Foundation CFO Alex Friedman on incestuous relations between investment and philanthropy; McCullough on virtual extinction of original Wuhan strain, ACC’s H1N1 T cell “superimmunity”
0:42:34Merriam Webster “laws that mandate vaccination” anti-vaxxer definition; producer note linking erectile dysfunction and proximity to vaccine recipient; viral “magnetic COVID arm”; taekwondo champion Dave Mears’ “exploding leg” linked to AstraZeneca; MIT researchers find COVID “believe that science is a process, and not an institution”; Nuremberg Code vs WHO and CDC; McCullough on FDA’s indifference to causation, “at about 50 deaths for a new product, it’s off the market”; at 4,000 deaths and counting; McCullough on “very troublesome” Trusted News Initiative suppressing vaccine injury stories (CotD)
0:59:40Nicolle Wallace uses Colonial Pipeline attack to promote push Biden’s $2.3T infrastructure plan; Pete Buttegieg: “major wake-up call” like Texas power outage; CBS “happy news” propagates lie about record high gas prices, hoarders unleashing “panic at the pump”; leaky Colonial Pipeline built in the 1950s owned by Koch Industries; Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm promotes Biden’s transmission grid plan because “you don’t have the cyber-issues associated with it”, peculiar laughter at “the pipe is the best way to go”; Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vs Enbridge Line 5; NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council “Rewrite the Future” campaign supplanting Norman Lear operation as go-to climate propaganda source
1:28:50JCD’s morning zoo radio show cast of characters, Accidental Tech podcaster “maxinated”; Boris Johnson “jabs, jabs, jabs”; New York teacher busted for sucking a man’s nipple during Zoom class, ACC: “we definitely need to do a zoo version of the show at some point”
1:38:12Producer Segment: JCD trades PBR for grapefruit La Croix; “No Agenda meetups, biotch!
2:05:57Producer notes on Apple Mail vs Newsletter
2:11:24Beto O’Rourke turns tail at Ashli Babbitt question after proclaiming “the Vice President was nearly hung” on January 6; CNN host protests “not true!” at Republican take on January 6 witch hunt, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi characterizes former acting Defense Secretary Miller as “AWOL”; Joy Reid’s dismal ratings reduced to asterisk, JCD: “which means you’re a loser!”
2:23:41ACC’s media boomerang theory exemplified in M5M takedown of Bill Gates over his ties with Jeffrey Epstein, Xeni Jardin’s angry tweets about MIT and John Brockman
2:37:39NBC cancels Golden Globes over lack of diversity; “conspiracy theorist” Van Morrison canceled over “anti-Semitic” They Own the Media and No More Lockdown songs
2:46:16Lester Holt addresses internet addiction attributed to pandemic and “lies about COVID”
2:50:15YouTuber Dennis Hamamoto plays Spot the Spook with Michael Caine, JCD on Caine’s peculiar lack of interest in directing; Xeni Jardin’s theory of Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi as Russian agents; ACC investigating CIA “Coven in Action”
2:59:13Donation Segment
3:15:54“Reclaiming my time again!” iso; JCD’s issues with image uploads
3:19:58Sky News Australia host Alan Jones mocks clips of Joe Biden’s incoherent babbling; CBS This Morning celebrates new wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence with footage chock full of cool sound effects; producer note on Benjamin Netanyahu’s last-ditch effort to remain in power
3:31:35Chinese space junk finally hits Indian Ocean or Gulf of Aden Stargate