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1345 Peak Woke (2021-05-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “Let the shaming begin, Manitoba!” (1:00:31)
0:00:32JCD 3x3: Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo reports all CEOs welcome tax increases, Meet the Press featuring the press, ABC featuring racism
0:02:42NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids Edition pushes Pfizer vaccine for ages 12-15, scripted question from six-year-old, “it’s important that … if he got Pfizer the first time, gets it the second time”; Ursula von der Leyen announces 2022-2023 deals with Pfizer; JCD on potential liability for employers, CBS celebrates potential government mandates after FDA approval, Wesleyan University administrator: “no different” from other required vaccines; producer note on widespread deployment among conservative evangelicals; Jose Gupta and Anthony Fauci discuss the role of priests in propagating vaccine propaganda; patronizing PSAs with Gupta, Rosie Perez, and Daveed Diggs; Moderna stuck with monotonous droning from “Dr. Noc”
0:24:08CDC positions good news about aerosols as reinforcing need for booster shots; California bar owner arrested for producing fake vaccine cards, “20 dollars is the value of a human’s life by this individual”, JCD: “murder!”; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Dr. Paul Offit ties himself in knots with measles parallel; local “Fact Check Friday” takes on abnormal menstruation claims with WHO “cannot cause infertility” non-sequitur, “overwhelming consensus” meme; producer note on “horrible testicular pain” linked to proximity
0:41:17M5M spinning VAERS database as “commonly misused”; Del Bigtree on 2010 CDC study finding less than 1% of injuries captured by VAERS, CDC uninterested in system developed by Harvard Medical School, “this vaccine is tracking to kill far more people than the virus ever dreamed of killing” (CotD); United Center “mandatory face requirement”
0:48:16NPR on 400,000 “new infections” in India, The Lancet taking shots at Narendra Modi; Bigtree predicts majority of deaths in vaccinated population; Koch Industries subsidiary Molex rolling out digital drug delivery; three-week lockdown in Manitoba after a single death; producer note on vaccination questions for concealed carry applicants; human composting back on the radar
1:04:54NPR scratches its head over motivation behind ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline; perfect timing with all eyes on Biden administration’s energy infrastructure push; Kara Swisher’s cringeworthy interview with CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology Dawn Meyerriecks, revolving-door strategy for Silicon Valley, In-Q-Tel venture capital and IARPA, JCD’s Frank Sinatra “come by the table” joke, “symbiotic relationship” with Amazon cloud services clone, obvious edits in Lockheed Martin discussion, possible DHS-like “lesbian cabal”
1:34:24Producer Segment: Leo Laporte announces “Adam Curry’s a nut job!”
2:13:27JCD compares uncertainty in NPR Chinese space junk report with climate change predictions; Sky News Australia on 2015 Chinese military SARS weaponization report
2:20:41TikTok millennial “what??” headline summary, JCD: “I think that’s a good show!”; Jake Tapper to The Bill Simmons Podcast on propaganda war between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams vs Trump and Biden families; liberal media “fascist rhetoric!” compilation; Turner Classic Movies Reframed takes on Psycho as “harmful film to the trans community” (CotD)
2:35:06Democracy Now hyperventilates over legislation that “could ban trans kids from sports”; M5M not eager to mention Caitlyn Jenner’s views on the issue; TtK’s Munchausen by proxy theory
2:44:26Donation Segment
3:05:05New Belgium Brewing Company’s new climate apocalypse Torched Earth Ale, ACC: “that’s peak woke”; “Tony Fauci is a moron!” iso; NPR on 20 US states with net population loss