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1344 Jabs for Jesus (2021-05-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “Tell you what, I’m gonna go do that, by gum!” (0:12:24)
0:00:35Rainstick hail in Austin, JCD’s crumbling Ikea lamp; JCD 3x3 celebrating nurses, “joyous and just education” with Jill Biden, and Opendoor “online flippers” native ad
0:08:31Pfizer projects $26bn in 2021 vaccine sales thanks to Joe Biden: “visit vaccines.gum”; Andrew Cuomo tries “wind up killing your grandmother” scenario, JCD: “well he would know!”; Missy Modell Docta Docta Fauci parody; New Jersey “shot and a beer” incentive; “microtargeting” clinics, H.R.6666 COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act; noxious CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen lies about herd immunity, JCD: “there is no such thing as herd immunity before the 1800s”, addressing hesitancy “ideally by people in their communitymmm”, JCD: “jabs for Jesus”; Obama lies “it’s the only we’re gonna get back to all the things we love”; The Real “What’s Up Doc?” special with answers “straight from Pfizer’s Chief Patient Officer”; John Legend whines about systemic racism in Walgreens ad
0:33:30Probable vasectomy recipient John Oliver bitches about Republicans in general and “scrunch-faced fear baboon” Tucker Carlson in particular; NPR on “mix and match” approach to vaccines in the UK; ACC on 1-in-15 incidence of autism in black boys, CDC “we have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated” from Robert De Niro documentary Un-Vaxxed, The Doctors producer: CDC whistleblowers banned from “all of television” by big pharma (CotD)
0:46:40Open letter sent by Dr. Charles Hoffe after being threatened with medical gag order; EU’s plan for fully-vaccinated or recently tested Americans; rebranded Sunny Hostin: “we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated” so “you can’t spread it to other people that are vaccinated…”; ACC ponders his options when confronted by plans for his father’s funeral
1:13:26Local Miami-Dade reporter finds piles of new in box ventilators at top of landfill; producer note on black market oxygen and COVID bed shortage in India; “science, science, science!” CNN running ads for SuperBeets; Finnish company granted patent for COVID-19 treatment with HCQ and ivermectin; JCD following CNN “hard-ass” Brianna Keilar; ACC’s theory that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was a deliberate counter to Klaus Schwab’s dastardly plans
1:28:26Producer Segment: “homes not handcuffs!” in Austin; Theodorable’s birthday selfie camera
2:36:17Noodle Gun: WeWork documentary about millennials enticed by “Instagram dream”; Basecamp loses a third of employees to wokeness ban, “DMs are open” meme, JCD: “tattoo WOKE on your foreheads and hope to get a job”; jeweler Pandora ditches natural diamonds; Southlake Texas parents evict woke school board; South Dallas Democrat candidate Jessica Mason; former cop Brandon Tatum reacts to Derek Chauvin conviction: “President Biden is an idiot”
2:53:56Second Half of Show: on the lookout for “rods from God” from out-of-control Chinese booster rocket; ACC’s Pentagon insider helping dispel hype surrounding forthcoming UFO report, US Navy NEMESIS Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature sensor spoofing technology; gutted and desiccated cows showing up in Washington
3:01:59Breaking News: Bill & Melinda Gates divorcing, Bill’s intention to deny inheritance to children, “petite blonde” ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad
3:12:19Brian Stelter indicts “First Amendment absolutists” on Facebook Trump oversight panel
3:16:08NBC spook Richard Engel predicts “disaster” of US leaves Afghanistan
3:21:11Maritime standoff near Jersey between UK and France over post-Brexit fishing rights
3:23:59Donation Segment
3:40:05“Stop pulling out your wee-wee!” iso; idiotic NBC report on coffee delivery by drone