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1343 McClintock Effect (2021-05-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re like a spandex granny!” (2:42:51)
0:00:34Racehorse Known Agenda, Princess Latifa of Dubai, ACC’s microphone vs dimmer switch
0:05:20Latest TikTok marketing songs including This Girl is on Pfizer overlooked by FTC; Queen Latifah openly shilling for Pfizer; John Legend “this is our shot” Walgreens ad; Detroit paying drivers $50 to ferry unsuspecting victims to vaccination sites; Michael Osterholm’s “last inch”
0:14:26Producer note on unexpected pregnancy side effects; Amy Goodman links police tear gas in Portland protests and “increased crapping”; “McClintock effect” menstrual synchronization relegated to pseudoscience or “anti-vaxxer propaganda!” status; Dr. Christiane Northrup in 2020 on vaccine nano-robots collecting biometric data “to, at the very best, sell you stuff” and 5G, JCD: “she’s nuts!”; China now admitting mRNA recipients; Bill Gates at Munich Security Conference in 2017 predicting genetically engineered smallpox or influenza; Surgeon General’s “we all gotta chip in” message, JCD: “I thought he said we all get a chicken
0:27:49JCD on incessant injection footage to desensitize viewers for heroin use; 60 Minutes in 1979 on 1976 swine flu propaganda using celebrity names without permission; local Nashville
news on crippling side effects with “unrelated to the vaccine” disclaimer from Pfizer; The Atlantic pushing “Pfizer is cool” and “white Republicans” memes, FOGO “fear of going out”
0:37:25Australia threatening to jail citizens returning from India amid “COVID catastrophe”; echoing Democracy Now celebration of “catastrophic collapse”, “crime against humanity” charge leveled at Modi by communists like Amy Goodman; Biden administration bans travel from India due to 386,000 “infections”, ACC: “you’re a liar, Norah!”; teary-eyed trigger warning for CNN “fear porn” filmed at “mass crematorium” site, “the dead actually have to join a queue”, ACC: “hey you zombie, get in line!”; producer notes on early April spikes, “COVID beds”, Modi campaign rallies blamed, no supplies for vaccination centers, discontinuation of ivermectin; Biden’s 100 days of masking now finished
0:54:50USAID IG critical of Trump’s handling of Venezuela; producer notes on Trump vs China impacting chip manufacturers, rollback of sales incentives looming in US automotive industry
1:01:33Producer Segment: Stitcher “premium exclusive content” pitch
1:37:56Rogue Ways podcast invitation, Sir Gene Speaks TtK interview; JCD’s “dented can company” interaction with timid millennial, JMD’s painted Volkswagen vs no parking sign, ACC’s downtown Austin parking ripoff, JCD predicts media reaction to Proposition B camping ban
1:53:34M5M Biden “bold plan” and “ambitious agenda” compilation; pervasive “bold new jobs plan” ad from Climate Power with Stacey Abrams and the usual suspects on advisory board; slurring Biden speech at Delaware Amtrak station, “Greg, you are family, uh, I mean, excuse me, Blake”, ACC: “he’s a confused foamer!”, “a bunch of Ramtrak” under Obama, “if you think about it” tell; AMT “minimum book tax” pitch in Georgia, wheezing cough medley, “if we are too truly hole hear the soul America”, cybersecurity “jobs of the future”
2:15:41Vape Wars: CBS and Democracy Now spn FDA’s proposed menthol cigarette ban as “black community” intervention while CNBC highlights key word “combustible”
2:22:59Donation Segment: communists marching in Austin
2:35:15Boris Johnson hounded in Parliement over “bodies piled high” and “cash for curtains”
2:48:13Jeff Pegues on CIA investigation into “sonic attacks”: “the Russians remain a primary suspect”, ACC Red Book: “this is how they take out the President … and blame it on Russia”
2:53:48Biden “seriously wrong here” iso; Jesse Watters introduces “Lara Logan, host of No Agenda