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1342 Disinfo Dozen (2021-04-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “You want the city to clean up the poop.” (2:56:31)
0:00:34140-car foamer report, chip shortage “unexpected demand” lie, golf ball size hail in Texas
0:06:52Democracy Now interviews pro-vaccine “fanatic” Dr. Peter Hotez author of Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism, “what are being called Republicans” responsible for COVID-19 deaths; inappropriately laughing Bill Gates lies and contradicts himself discussing India’s inability to produce safe vaccines; panic over Joe Rogan’s suggestion that healthy 21-year-olds need not get vaccine, Rogan’s “handler” Michael Osterholm, Fauci called in for damage control
0:27:10Hotez echoes Gate’s concerns about vaccine capacity; producer notes on India outbreak, 84th place with 146 deaths per million, Poonawala family’s SII Serum Institute of India vs Gates Foundation and Pfizer, Biden vs Modi, January anti-ivermectin propaganda
0:48:01Robin Roberts’ podcast COVID-19 Immunity in Our Community funded by Department of Health and Human Services, Fauci drops a whopper of a lie: “the immunity that’s induced by prior infection is not as powerful or durable as the immunity that you get from a good powerful vaccine”; money well spent on TikTok influencer Pfizer Girl in a COVID World music video; Fauci avoids mention of herd immunity with George Stephanopoulos; Face the Nation remembers to mention Scott Gottlieb’s conflict of interest; Francis Collins suggests to Meet the Press that herd immunity is “up there around 70, 85 percent”, prediction for employer mandates once FDA issues approval; loss of placebo control group written off as “the right thing to do”, JCD: “this is science to them?”; Miami private school bans vaccinated teachers
1:09:00“Nutball podcaster” reflects on “very unusual menstrual cycles” Facebook posts, TtK’s post-menopausal patient and “clumping” receptionists; Dr. Christiane Northrup’s fall from anointed by Oprah to “disinformation dozen”, polysorbate 80 and ovarian function, “my feeling on this is that there’s some kind of a bioweapon”, inability to switch off synthetic protein “factory”
1:31:36Producer Segment: Planned Parenthood deplatforms Margaret Sanger; “Joe jobs” jingle
2:09:2624fps Oscars only missing hair in the corner of the screen, Hollywood douchebag irked at playing second fiddle to TikTok influencers and Joe Rogan, “best directing” for Chloé Zhao, Fox Business News host notes sudden disappearance of Brett Baier as “Chinese messaging”
2:17:55State of the Union address from “slow motion Obama” Joe Biden sped up 1.5x by JCD, tax “evasion” vs “avoidance”; NPR “fact-checks” Biden by heaping praise; “up to $3,000 per child if you’re under six years of age, uh, excuse me, under, over six years of age, and $3,600 for children over six years of age”, response to “we the people are the government!” from Ted Cruz; “now we’re on Mars, discovering vaccines, gave us the internet, and so much more!”
2:34:23William Engdahl article “The Politics of Heroin and the Afghan US Pullout” and Biden’s 2014 “gates of Hell” reference, “after 20 years of value… valor and sacrifice”, capstone to list of Middle Eastern terrorist threats “white supremacy as terrorism”; CNBC piece on critical heroin ingredient acetic anhydride; father of newly-confirmed Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta head of acetic anhydride producer Avantor; clean clothing at US-Mexico border
2:47:53Alex Jones rants about local homeless; liberal Austinite on Prop B camping ban: “I think I’m gonna vote against it just so I have… but I hope there’s a lot of people that vote for it” (CotD)
2:56:42Donation Segment
3:10:47Dogs Are People Too: dogs found to have same carbon footprint as SUVs; Epicurious website bans beef recipes, JCD: “it’s a disdainful thing to do”; Sofia with an F “wow, okay!” iso
3:18:15Johnny Rotten reflects on being banned by BBC for outing Jimmy Savile in 1978 (CotD)