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1341 Bunny Hugging (2021-04-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Just get what you can, get what you can, get what you can …” (0:06:38)
0:00:40Rainsticks for California; producer notes on COVID-19 crisis in India, JCD traces vaccine hesitancy to Johnson & Johnson suspension; “providers are beginning to run out of people who want to be euthani… uh, immunized” flub; Scott Gottlieb: CDC “some of the smartest people on the planet!”; NPR celebrates “world record!” cases in India, “they stopped social distancing” lie; Scientific American using cases without death statistics; peculiar mention of US export ban on test tubes, convenient way to give the heave-ho to Narendra Modi
0:21:45Justin Trudeau announces deals with Pfizer for 2022 through 2024; TikTok influencer screeches about renting a car for “needle in my arm!”; Jen Psaki’s $3bn propaganda fund well-spent on washed-up NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett; vaccine apartheid at Dodger Stadium and Oracle Park; NBC News tackles “parent hesitancy”, “80% threshold” vs herd immunity, “overwhelmingly red states”; Sanjay “Jose” Gupta admits SARS antibodies can hang around for 17 years conflict of interest with Johnson & Johnson and CDC; America This Morning on “harder stages of vaccination”; Jimmy Dore’s Moderna side effects, JCD on the horrors of Bell’s palsy, producer notes on breast cancer false positives and “psychotic episodes”; Gov. Gretchen Whitmer no longer sobbing about shortages; New York State health form additions; Chicago funeral homes handing out vaccines; CDC finally admits outdoor transmission does not happen; Red Cross “arbitrary detention” at Canadian quarantine hotels, Oregon hospital update; Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski again confronts “Nazi Gestapo communist fascists”; producer note on $300,000 Las Vegas ad shoot “COVID bonanza”; London lockdown protest
1:02:58NPR on lifting of J&J moratorium, JCD looking for “abundance of caution” meme, JCD envisions “China is asshoe” comment from Nomadland director Chloé Zhao at Oscars
1:10:52Producer Segment: Tab cola sterilization; JCD story: Davis Bynum’s star mead-maker
1:43:43Tracking French Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier; “Theodorable” Dvorak “show’s over, dummy!” and “douchebag”; Chris Hayes “whoa whoa whoa!” in response to efforts to tie Antifa to January 6; Rachel Maddow on Maricopa County audit: “they got the actual ballots and they handed them to conspiracy theorists!”; new indictments for Ghislaine Maxwell after release of Epstein-Clinton photos; Lin Wood “Q is the truth!” speech at Health & Freedom Conference
1:56:41Biden switches “beginning” of Afghanistan withdrawal from September 11 to May 1; 33 seized Afghan relics to be returned; Biden pisses off Turkey by acknowledging Armenian genocide; Biden in 1990 on FDR’s “bonehead idea” of packing Supreme Court
2:06:20Biden compares LaGuardia Airport to third-world country; Boris Johnson to climate summit: “this is not all about some expensive politically correct green act of bunny hugging”, return of Cash for Clunkers; Al Gore’s 2017 fish in Miami lie; CBS predicts FDR Memorial “submerged in nine feet of water”; 2019 report with Canada “warming twice as fast as the rest of the world”; John Kerry: “we have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere” (CotD); Biden’s absurd Earth Day promise to cut CO2 emissions in half; Nickelodeon “environmental racism”
2:21:07Idiotic tweets about Columbus knife fight police shooting from BLM’s Bree Newsome and Valerie Jarrett; IOC bans kneeling at Tokyo Olympics; net neutrality shill Patrisse Cullors; producer note on Detroit first grade inclusion survey; NPR “COVID-19 rollout” revisited
2:31:50Donation Segment
2:51:45Bill Maher mocks Caitlyn Jenner’s bid to replace Gavin Newsom; Norah O’Donnell notes changes in Pentagon “sexual hassault” policy; “anti-Asian hate” in New York and California