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1340 The Poke (2021-04-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey Bill what happened to Jim? He’s dead. … vaccine musta been workin’.” (1:43:28)
0:00:35Eight-car Zephyr and “Leo Moon”, JCD 3x3 award for CBS offshore wind power report; South Park celebrates Earth Day by condemning Republicans; Al Roker tries out his NPR voice with EPA head Michael Regan; unintended consequences of Obama-era Cash for Clunkers program
0:13:34Apple botches podcast hosting and monetization rollout, Tim Cook’s prayerful hand gestures
0:21:04ACC and TtK house hunting in mask-free “hill country”, producer notes on mask attitudes in eastern and southern US, SFR single-family rental REITs, JCD: “I think it’s time to maybe start burnin’ some places”; CNN describes fire set by Minneapolis rioters as “campfire”
0:28:29O.J. Simpson weighs in on Derek Chauvin verdict and Maxine Waters’ idiocy; Waters in 1991 singing pretty much the same tune about Rodney King; LeBron James deletes #accountability tweet echoed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for his martyrdom; Sunny Hostin asserts her son is safer in South Africa than in the US
0:37:14C-SPAN caller channels Caitlin Upton, cancel-proof Mario Lopez, another reveals “I was supposed to get on today”, bloodthirsty Austin caller, another cut off after defending police; Austin triple homicide by black cop unreported; Chauvin’s 19 prior complaints, final caller condemns Waters, “would you dare give them any verdict other than the one they wanted?”; Judge Peter Cahill admits Waters may accomplish “this whole trial being overturned”
1:01:44ACC unable to photo homeless encampment “vote no” sign; Apple AirTag surveillance tool
1:05:16Producer Segment: Judge Jeanine Pirro “Pabst Blue Ribbon!” iso; “love is lit”
1:36:43Upside-down Canadian flag and SOS at Niagara Falls; Ontario walks back police state measures; Giant Voice System in Montreal; Rick Steves reflects on “happy giddy flip-flops” vaccination; “patriotic duty” meme from Joe Biden; mass vaccination sites shutting down due to low demand; NPR labels as “misinformation” social media posts about health issues that “obviously” are not linked to “the poke”, “something like 0.0018%” death rate avoiding raw number, Orwellian “lying through truth” championed by Russian trolls and outlets like NPR
1:56:40NHS “the vaccine does not include pork” PSA targeting ethnic minorities, “only way to boost your immunity” and “same strict processes and regulations as other vaccines” lies, “herd immunity is not an option” head-shaker (CotD); Donald Trump to Sean Hannity: “Pfizer is in with the FDA”; planted story of Johnson & Johnson plant shutdown; Walgreens “accidentally” swaps in saline solution; Pfizer and Moderna to inject control groups; Anthony Fauci shakes his head reprovingly at Republicans; Lester Holt “vaxability eligibility” flub
2:13:39JCD’s mass hysteria theory and SSRI fluvoxamine for COVID-19; NYC Transit Workers Union negotiates $500,000 payoff for fraudulent death certificates; Biden threatens to cancel July 4
2:20:56Jacinda Ardern celebrates positive case in “fully vaccinated” airline worker; Fauci changes his story again about danger of B.1.1.7 variant; Edinburgh University professor predicts “the year of the variant”; Dr. Kelly Victory to Dr. Drew Pinsky on weakening through mutation and probable laboratory origin; Stephen Colbert finally ditches his Clorox wipes
2:34:25Donation Segment
2:44:29Biden “we all need to mask up!” iso; Australia kills Victoria-China OBOR agreement
2:49:36Fiery Tesla Model S crash in Texas and 99% OCR accuracy; producer note on disappearance of cash in China; Jerome Powell on continuing work toward digital dollar
3:01:06CBS News “California beach battle” for Earth Day; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pronounces “the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change”, AOC: “make her Senator”