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133 The Algae Car Saves Ohio (2009-09-23)

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0:00:00ACC: (static) “Federal reserve says no rise in interest rates, everything is stable, all is well! Go back to your homes, watch television and enjoy life! Don’t forget to shop!” (0:42:07)
0:00:43ACC in New York City at “pain in the ass” W Times Square hotel with “goons”, “salad bowl sink”, JCD on salad bowl tidal wave, dark hallways; danger of Adweek “sucking advertiser dick” comments; Times Square pedestrian modifications, TKTS bleachers, Father Duffy Square; Clinton Global Initiative & United Nations chaos, Gaddafi’s tent pitched on Trump property, fifty-babe guard detail
0:14:16Belated 5A5 Steak Lounge review, waiter with head cocked, “flavor shooter” with caviar, JCD’s runny BĂ©arnaise, Jason’s Vineyard 2005 Cabernet, no cappuccino machine, “soft launch”
0:22:19Swine flu sales pitch: links between flu and heart attacks; UK Mental Health Act allows vaccine refusers to be sectioned; H3N9 canine flu now spreading; Massachusetts bill to allow police vaccination without warrant; Verichip stock up 186% on news of implantable virus detection patents, JCD: “boom, three dollars!”, CEO’s $1.45M, company founded on bodies of 9/11 firefighters, semi-anonymous staff
0:33:48Glenn Beck interview by Katie Couric teased mercilessly, useless Time article, wrap-up: new book “published by Simon & Schuster, which is owned by CBS”; half of Mevio out with swine flu; networks “circling the bowl”, federal newspaper bailout; dizzying potential scheme for FDIC borrowing money from banks, Federal Reserve buying more than half of treasury bills, JCD quotes Emerson “hobgoblin of small minds”
0:43:03Drunk Representatives Tim Ryan and Jim Boccieri 10pm tag-team, JCD: “the greatest clip I’ve ever caught, ever”, Boccieri: “so here you have an opportunity to learn, make cars that run on algae, grow the algae in places like Ohio that, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, at some point, give off all this CO2, grow the algae, put it in cars, and we have a clean economy!”; Cyclone Power Technologies penny stock, ACC’s orgone accumulator shower
0:49:24“Strange lights” from NASA/Navy launch of CARE experiment to study “artificial noctilucent cloud”, Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, JCD: “it’s sketchy”
0:53:19Letterman & Obama for Sunday, first sitting president to go on talk show, low guest chairs
0:55:33Lisbon Treaty do-over for Ireland in October, “obscene amounts of money” spent on yes campaign by the likes of Intel & Ryanair for promised tax breaks; ACC dodges talking about healthcare with advertisers; Cash for Clunkers dealerships potentially stiffed; Dutch Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst proposes breathalyzer testing of pedestrians, ACC: “you are drunk, pay us money”, JCD on police protection racket
1:03:01Swine flu body bags sent to Canadian First Nations reserves, alcohol hand sanitizer omitted
1:05:10Beta FCC for net neutrality, video with left-channel-only audio, “manage their network” ISP meme, “lawful traffic”, JCD: “we should declare that the last 20 years was the golden age of porn”, “safe, secure, and spam-free internet experience”
1:11:29ACC recommends Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol for understanding Masonic history
1:13:22Donation Segment: JCD recommends Washington Post ACORN backgrounder
1:24:12ABC predicts AIG’s $182bn bailout will not be repaid, ACC on AIG history: founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr and & James Cummings as American Asiatic Underwriters Insurance Company in Shanghai funded by opium trade, kicked out by Mao and renamed, nephew Kenneth Starr