Call Clooney!

1337 Adam’s Storytime (2021-04-11)

Show 1337 album art
0:00:32“Happy Leet” for companion piece to Show 1201 John’s Story Time from December 2019
0:03:06ACC envisions reverse-chronological snippet stream (10@0:31:14)
0:05:2352 US states asserted by Dutch school teacher (1094@0:43:50)
0:07:06Sire Records’ Seymour Stein’s ex-wife Linda bludgeoned to death in New York City (2@0:27:28)
0:10:23Doc McGhee’s anti-drug concerts with incontinent Ozzy Osbourne (218@0:39:39)
0:12:49Tom Brokaw’s multitasking prowess with Bill Clinton at MSNBC launch (104@0:52:31)
0:15:38Car race against Donny Osmond at Denver celebrity event (4@0:28:55)
0:17:17French kissing on the wane among UK boys (30@0:52:32)
0:18:52John de Mol’s Golden Cage “mood tape” precursor to Big Brother (30@0:59:47)
0:20:56Lost mate!” hearing aid takes nose dive into recycling chute, (1048@1:09:10)
0:27:15Running out of gas in Lincoln Tunnel in 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (386@0:47:27)
0:29:35Invited to smoke opium by hot lawsuit shark Kleiner Perkins receptionist (699@1:53:40)
0:32:02Dramatic reactions to early career joke about Jews in the media
0:34:51Comic Strip Blogger’s war with Nokia, PowerPoint “P.S. fuck you Adam Curry” (6@0:25:27)
0:38:38Former chief of Dutch Central Bank likens Bitcoin to tulip-mania (571@1:41:57)
0:45:01Hard landing with Ray Lane due to jammed brake at Tesla Motors event (351@1:11:36)
0:48:05Invention of podcasting in 2000 with slow but always-connected cable modems (1045@1:51:38)
0:51:23Donation Segment
0:53:12ACC OTG: producer snared by “hey Google, look up some butt porn” (1183:@1:34:58)
0:54:57Driving “one of the stupidest things ever invented” Tesla to College Station (1019@0:00:54)
1:05:10Tesla autopilot “blew my mind!” (911@0:05:322)
1:06:09Adam’s Family 2002 reality show and the magic of editing (4@0:37:04)
1:07:13Nothing made in Holland any more, “I want my bicycle back” jokes about Germany (20@0:16:10)
1:10:411953 Latour plan torpedoed at Cliveden House (10@0:00:59)
1:13:53Turning fellow WITB DJ L.T. into a lesbian (89@0:02:58)
1:15:29Armed IRS goons at Mevio, IRS looking for John Dvorak in Kansas (398@1:05:56)
1:19:50How MTV’s Kennedy “broke my ass” with a Jet Ski (910@2:08:47)
1:20:52CVC’s 2013 Jungle VIPs fake Namibian tribe debacle, “Seal Team 33” (853@1:04:43)
1:22:54Shitstorm over Madonna “not that nice” comment in TV Guide interview (992@1:38:13)
1:25:03Opera singer Tony Henry’s Croation anthem “my penis is a mountain” botch (5@0:19:50)
1:26:02Narrow escape from Adam the Giraffe at Amsterdam Zoo, “you are about to die” (495@2:32:13)
1:28:10TED mashers and Gene Simmons “who do I have to blow” at MTV (983@0:31:33)
1:30:26Drinking massive amounts of PG Tips tea British-style (4@0:01:22)
1:31:27CVC’s rationed dislocated knee MRI under NHS (1159@1:37:21)
1:32:56Meeting Prince at party in Minneapolis shooting Sam Goody ad (819@0:09:45)
1:34:49Hugging models at Dutch fashion show, divorce faux pas (20@0:49:58)
1:37:02Boris Johnson’s London public transport open container ban (30@1:05:00)
1:38:11MGM Grand Air flight to Los Angeles with Sean Penn and family, “Hell hath no fury
1:40:13Molson Ice promotion at North Pole with Metallica & Hole (52@0:55:03)
1:43:202005 Pebble Beach “most strokes ever” golf humiliation (915@0:45:58)
1:45:19Idiotic “I was blotto” line from Swamp Thing appearance (91@1:03:20)
1:46:51“It looks like I’m a grandma who’s lost control” racing a Chevy Geo (1108@0:27:53)
1:48:19Outro: “now I know why Tina married me”