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1336 Climate Crisis Special (2021-04-08)

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0:00:33Intro: first “live to tape” edition in about 15 months, Everything search engine
0:05:43Democracy Now celebrates 2015 as hottest year on record; NASA theory of aliens attacking over global warming; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hyperventilates over 415ppm atmospheric CO2
0:07:42Polar vortex “further evidence” of global warming; George Soros contemplates a “better world order”; 14 recent weather events “made worse by climate change”; Neil DeGrasse Tyson: “science is not there for you to cherry-pick”; EPA’s Scott Pruitt: “we don’t know that yet”
0:13:58CNN moron Deb Feyerick asks Bill Nye if asteroid near-miss is linked to global warming; John Coleman explains 97% meme and financial incentives to Brian Stelter; Michael Crichton to Charlie Rose on ugly reactions to State of Fear; global warming “something to bitch about”; environmental impact on parasites; Dr. Tim Ball on Michael Mann’s ±33% hockey stick graph; Dutch court requires greenhouse gas cuts; Trump pulls out of Paris Agreement; Chipotle warns about impact of global warming on avocados; Amy Goodman celebrates 8% drop in fossil fuel use during pandemic and melting of Lake Michigan size chunk of Greenland and Antarctice; Mars working on GMO cacao to save chocolate from disappearing by 2050
0:25:10Sky News on the rise of Greta Thunberg; Amy Goodman: “thirteen miwwion” at risk of displacement due to rising sea levels; James Hansen’s 1988 sea level prediction revised to exponential model; Union of Concerned Scientists vs “hottest June on record”; Dan “fart in the wind” Peña on the absence of global warming from Florida condo prospectus footnotes, “is Barclay’s Bank gonna give you a motherfuckin’ loan??”
0:34:01San Jose State professor Alison Bridger blames Hurricane Harvey on climate change; NOAA notes two-million-year peak in CO2 concentrations; Amy Goodman giddy over oceans warming 40% faster than previous “dire predictions” from UN; NewsHour notes unusually February 2021 “deep freeze” in Europe; record snowfall for Boston in 2015; Five inches of snow near Tahoe in June 2017; IPCC calls for “unprecedented transitions in all aspects of society” in 2019 to avoid 1.5° temperature rise; the rise of the “eco-horror” genre; “is global warming causing goats to shrink?”; Asheville jeweler pays out $500k betting against snowfall; the unintended consequences of ethanol mandates; Al Gore vs Tangier Island mayor on sea level rise
0:46:09British skeptic: “Al Gore did not deserve his Nobel Prize”; Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever: Obama “dead wrong” on climate; Obama visits Alaska with Bear Grylls; climatologist Patrick J. Michaels on “fudged” UN vs Russian models; pollen counts; CBS attributes pollen “pollmageddon” to climate change; Robert Redford to Larry King on Obama’s policies; Russell Simmons blames climate change for earthquakes while endorsing Hillary Clinton
0:57:37Ted Cruz makes a fool of Sierra Club president Aaron Mair; Michael Mann on 114° heat in France; Amy Goodman on fossil fuel protests and divestment moves; IPCC “pure propaganda”
1:03:43Donation Segment
1:06:23Tearful abused child spouts talking points; Justin Trudeau: “we are not gonna be able to create … catastrophic global warming”; the mechanisms behind release of heat; Sheldon Whitehouse predicts “houses smashed to flinders”; Let the Kids Vote music video; “tipping point” uncertainty; global warming “frosty weather” threatens French wine; British commentator proposes “new president for the planet”; British schoolchildren who refuse to fly on vacation; climate scientist Kate Marvel to Alec Baldwin: “what percentage of the warming right now are humans responsible for? over 100%”; climate change as WMD; AOC on “two-foot sea level rise” at LaGuardia Airport; Jerry Brown to launch climate change satellite; Oakland and San Francisco sue for compensation fund from big oil; oceans as heatsinks; climate change blamed for mass migration; Bill Nye & Arnold Schwarzenegger “climate change grief” sketch
1:19:12NPR pushes “weather is climate”; abused children speak out; governments should “spend without limit”; children’s pictures of future “in which everything’s on fire”; Greta Thunberg: we’re all doomed; Obama decries “hate, anger, racism, mommy issues”; activists invade Nancy Pelosi’s office; looming beer shortage; “meat” from chicken feathers; Neil deGrasse Tyson predicts water levels at “the Statue of Liberty’s elbow”; Prof. Ian Plimer: “climate always changes”; Al Gore points to 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico; Medieval Warm Period cover-up
1:37:10Fish & chips on the way out in UK; climate change set to exacerbate economic inequality; “illusory” benefits of Paris Agreement; 12-step support groups for climate hysterics; Al Gore pushes An Inconvenient Sequel; “carbon dioxide is plant food”; Johns Hopkins’ Travis Rieder hypes population control; Christiane Amanpour: global warming “99.9% of the science”; geological & cosmological processes contributing to climate fluctuations;’s May Boeve to Democracy Now: “unequivocal reason to know” Hurricane Matthew was made worse by global warming; Bill Nye on 2016 Louisiana floods; Obama mocks Sen. James Inhofe’s snowball
1:54:22Alec Baldwin: “I believe that climate change denial is a form of mental illness”; Martin O’Malley’s “greatest business opportunity”; “necessity defense” for “Delta Five” oil train protesters; Good Morning America “bring you own mug” and abused child “little Leila”; Leonardo DiCaprio meme-fest for Charlie Rose; “scientists say, not so fast”; “majority of Republicans” vs 2016 candidates; “plant-burgers” for Paris Agreement negotiations; Harrison Ford: “the planet’ll be OK, there just won’t be any damn people on it”; Canada “sending an extraordinarily strong signal”; Ted Cruz: “climate change is not science, it’s religion”; French meteorologist fired over book critical of IPCC; climate change killing people’s sex drive; “climate justice tribunal” proposal for COP21; Obama harps on glacier melting an sea level rise; Rick Santorum debunks 97% meme for Bill Maher; Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore on “name calling” linking climate change skepticism and Holocaust denial; Graham Nash to Joe Scarborough: “I often wonder, don’t the Koch brothers have children?”
2:13:24Martin Kaplan on Norman Lear Center’s “free resources to writers who want to include climate change as one of the storylines that they’re working on”; CNN predicts more “clear air turbulence” for airline passengers; Dr. Daniel Botkin quotes Salk and Feynman in Senate hearing; Gina McCarthy: climate change is racist; judge rules James Cook University unlawfully fired Prof. Peter Ridd for questioning dodgy Great Barrier Reef research, “the reef is in fantastic shape”; Leonard Nimoy predicts new ice age on 1978 episode of In Search of…
2:22:39Outro: “wow, John, you’ve outdone yourself”