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1335 Easter Special (2021-04-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “You are being tokenized as we speak.” (0:39:37)
0:00:35JCD celebrates Gonzaga Bulldogs; MLB pulls All-Star Game out of Georgia over “racist” new voter ID law; media rolls out Georgia “six white men” meme for Derek Chauvin trial, ACC: “I’m not so sure Rachel’s a woman!”; LeBron James declines to publicize vaccine decision
0:17:12PBS on Florida law banning vaccine passports; David Brooks opines “we need to make life a lot better for people who have had the vaccine”; CNN stooge Dr. Leana Wen revisited; Dr. Kavita Patel justifies CDC recommendation that vaccine recipients not travel, vaccine passports as “ticket to freedom”; Ohio nursing home requires vaccinations for all employees; NYU medical ethicist Arthur Caplan assures Fareed Zakaria that passports are on the horizon; producer note on Indonesian “green zone” and Sinovac fun; Caplan all-in on publicizing personal medical information, ACC Red Book: a role to play for NFTs, “vaccine” vs “jab”
0:42:29Brussels police turn water cannons on gathering in public park; Michael Osterholm again predicts the end of the world “in the next six to eight weeks”, “we are walking into the mouth of this virus monster” (CotD); British police break up Good Friday service with threat of fines; “Gestapo is not allowed here!” from Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski; Caplan all-in on private-sector vaccine mandates; COVID-19 mayhem in Brazil for Jair Bolsonaro having “denied science”; Jonathan Capehart gripes about states having the audacity to independently reopen; Bill Gates enthuses about application of CRISPR to “genetic variants”
1:01:36Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on “antibody-dependent enhancement” and mRNA vaccine dangers; Jimmy Kimmel anti-HCQ skit; slick CDC “I wear a mask, because” PSA; WELL Health-Safety seal ad interpreted as “Green New Dill”
1:27:38Godzilla vs. Kong “I just want you to stay safe!” and “sub-level 33”; ACC: “pull a tab!”
1:31:02Producer Segment: clock ticking on Apple podcast DB; “time, talent, and treasure” origins
2:09:12Tucker Carlson attempting to emulate Joe Rogan on Fox Nation; work begins on “No Agenda Freedom List” at; teaser clips from upcoming Climate Crisis Special
2:18:28Bigoted NewsHour series explores “right-wing ideologies” finding a Zoom video niche, idiotic “anti-government John Birch society” also propagated by Dutch media of host Robert Jensen
2:25:41Brolf hyperventilates over “breaking news!” of attack on Capitol Police by Louis Farrakhan adherent, SITE Intelligence Group crawls out of the woodwork after a long hiatus, Jews in Colorado worried about King Sooper shooting in Boulder, ACC: “did either of these gentlemen, or both of them … take the vaccine?”, remembering the horrors of Chantix
2:30:52Dana Bash: “I actually can’t repeat” what Matt Gaetz’ GOP colleagues are saying about him; father Don Gaetz working with Israeli government to free Iranian hostage Robert Levinson, details shared with Scott Adams by Jake Novak of Israeli consulate, Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg indicted on 33 federal felony counts; Claire McCaskill gloats over the Epstein-esque “sex trafficking” angle; 100 μg/10,000 IU Vitamin K-2 to D-3 recommendation
2:44:20New York Times takes on sleazy fundraising practices of WinRed
2:45:36UK government study concludes it is not racist, ACC irked by “as a white man” disclaimer
2:47:49Austin “camping ban” back on the ballot, 4:20 fire at Gov. Abbott’s DoT facility and another at historic Buford Tower, ACC: “we’re leaving!”; Sofia with an F “exqueeze me” iso
2:55:10Donation Segment
3:11:45Fun Fact Friday enters the rotation; Hunter Biden to CBS: “there could be a laptop…”
3:13:24JCD’s compilation of Mark Shields making incoherent gobbling noises