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1333 Vaxxhole (2021-03-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Cancel culture is communist.” (1:25:39)
0:00:34ABC News predicts new toilet paper shortage due to container ship Ever Given stuck in Suez Canal, Dutch engineers to the rescue; CNBC on potential for impact on oil prices
0:08:34M5M liars position their inability to ask Biden questions about COVID-19 as signs of success; Good Morning America blames North Korean ballistic missile launch on Trump
0:15:02Robert Redfield tells an incredulous Sanjay Gupta he believes COVID-19 was released from Wuhan lab, JCD: Great Reset is pre-Trump “back on track” reset, Chinese countering with “multiple origin” coronavirus theory; JCD likens Suez Canal to Rubicon, “you know what they need … a fire”, ACC reminisces about ship full of cars in English Channel
0:31:51Trailer for animated propaganda series Pandemica with Bono and Penélope Cruz; The Lion King parody video; power-hogging UK soap opera EastEnders mocks vaccine skeptics, “how’s that PhD working out for you, Karen?”; Stephen Colbert rolls out “immortal” meme for Dana Carvey; Good Morning America spins mRNA vaccine side effects as evidence they are “that much more effective”; producer notes on survivors dutifully getting vaccinated, NPR attempting to discredit Chinese CoronaVac in Brazil, Norway jumps on lockdown bandwagon
0:50:02Rutgers faculty exempted from fall vaccination requirement; Prof. Emily Largent labels employer vaccination mandates “legally murky”, all-in on “fair and proportionate penalties”, “imprisonment would be much too punitive”; New York rolls out Excelsior Pass leveraging the Jew-tracking expertise of IBM; contradictory EU notion of “free movement”; CBC News infiltrates and “debunks” vaccine skeptic “boot camp” (CotD), new meme “vaxxhole”
1:06:44Pfizer & Moderna opening new facilities in Europe, NPR misreports lower temperature as reducing shelf life; ACC’s proposed “Not Vaccinated, Fuck Off” T-shirt, COVID time capsule
1:20:22“Ikea of clothes” H&M cancelled by China over comments about Xinjiang cotton
1:25:46Spire Global’s Sandy MacDonald spreads EMP FUD ahead of SPAC merger, “the problem is … the areas of high wind resources are those red areas in the center of the country”, JCD story: wind engineer Bill Heronemus’ claim that North Dakota could power the entire US
1:39:43Producer Segment: JCD rallies to the defense of Joe Rogan
2:39:38Humiliating “moral, decent man” performance by Yamiche Alcindor at White House press conference, Trump credited with “just let them starve to death” policy, ACC perplexed by Central American refugee photos, reporters standing for Biden’s entrance, “do a root causes”, misleading immigration percentages, ACC’s organ harvesting theory, “hired to solve problems”, “uh... anyway” train of thought derailment, building highways three feet higher, “is to uh, is to uh, just uh, um, decide th… divide the country”, “I’m being a bit facetious but not really”, “whether how” WTF; ACC’s stylist still dealing with terrified “über-liberal” shut-ins
3:06:13NPR Planet Money explores the evils of capitalism with socialist economist Richard Wolff, JCD: “this is like a children’s show that promotes pedophilia”; UC Irvine researcher Claire Jean Kim discusses Asian-American “not-blackness” with Slate Political Gabfest podcast
3:18:31JCD’s cicada cuisine predictions vigorously confirmed
3:21:52Noodle Gun: “dangerous force” Richard Stallman, USA Today race and inclusion editor fired for “angry white men”, NBC + WWE, actors with hair playing bald characters
3:26:23Donation Segment
3:40:40“Desperate act” and “a little late to get this kind of feedback!” isos; New York Times article “On Google Podcasts, a Buffet of Hate” singling out “beyond the pale!” Alex Jones