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1332 Spookberg (2021-03-25)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)Hellooooo!” (1:57:11)
0:00:33Boulder Colorado mass shooting by inconvenient Muslim; NPR coverage of Atlanta white-on-Asian shootings vs Boulder “not all the facts are in”; Fox News “new normal” and the return of Obama-era mass shootings, Ruger AR-556 pistol; police dispatcher a dead ringer for Jen Psaki; somber “hint of normal” from Anderson “Ando” Pooper, ACC: “when you have Biden in the White House!”, Biden moans about the “Charleston loophole” and “bwills” to address it; Good Morning America sound effects for “methodical” narrative; CBS News “asking to talk to his mother” variant, ACC on the lookout for COVID-19 line jumping story
0:19:19NPR admits Colorado has relatively strong “gun safety” measures in place including “broadly popular” red flag laws, breathless “50,000 rounds of ammunition”, Aurora parent and anti-gun legislator Tom Sullivan rants “for every eleven petitions filed we save or create one life”, “we’ve been doing the work” ding-fest, “assault-style weapon” meme back in the mix; ACC: Boulder the “spook burbs”; douchebag Fareed Zakaria explains origin of the word “filibuster”
0:41:11“Continuous conspiracy tone” producer note; Krispy Kreme handing out free doughnuts to vaccine recipients; Pfizer working on HIV-style PrEP pre-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19; Face the Nation contrasts Israel and UK with “infections are surging” in EU; NPR bitches about “classic supply and demand” and vaccine stockpiling by rich countries, Biden sending deadly AstraZeneca vaccine to kill Mexicans, ACC: “for all you know there’s a trading desk in this”; Disney parodies celebrate vaccines and anti-Republican bigotry; Andrew Horowitz endangering himself with post-COVID vaccine; Dr. Ryan Cole on immune reactions in previous animal vaccine trials; Dr. Hooman Noorchashm warns Tucker Carlson about “one size fits all” approach to mRNA vaccines; ACC’s “voodoo doctor” identifies mercury as the allergy and Tourette’s culprit; “goddamn liberal fucks” hot mic on Mineta San Jose Airport ATC
1:28:59“Strange dreams and visions” experienced by COVID-19 “long-haulers”; forthcoming children’s book Dr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor; The American Journal of Medicine editor Joseph Alpert: Americans “dying from fear” of coronavirus
1:33:41Producer Segment: Breez Podcasting 2.0 player
2:01:17Clueless Chuck Schumer touts Biden’s “climate-oriented” Build Back Better infrastructure plan; Axios’ socialist “degrowth” meme, ACC’s millennial’s Walmart parking plan, “librarian people” vs “boat people”; MTV Ghosted celebrates cancel culture; new toddler “Boe Jiden”
2:16:49M5M ratings down in the wake of Trump’s departure; RMVEs Racially Motivated Violent Extremists in the DoJ crosshairs; Business Insider list of “insensitive” terms; producer note on CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Report controversy; Super Bowl streaker revisited
2:29:22“Nipples are okay!” iso; Mike Lindell Fox News rant; CNN distorts “no reasonable person” language in Sidney Powell’s Dominion lawsuit filing as admission of falsehood
2:38:04Fareed Zakaria reflects on China’s paltry military spending; NPR tries and fails to contrast Blinken with Pompeo on China policy; Zakaria offers dubious contrast of F-35 vs OBOR
2:43:18Idiotic coverage of massive container ship stuck in Suez Canal, Chinese sabotage theory
2:47:12Donation Segment
2:56:52Norse “pew pew” malware map now defunct; producer note on well-established CSO Community Service Officer “report takers”; Blue Ridge Mountain pipeline protestors plucked from the trees; Marketplace Molly Wood unperturbed by “privacy is dead”
3:03:05NPR celebrates Equal Pay Day with “problematic” story of US Women’s Soccer Team