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1331 Brood X (2021-03-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “They’re amazing at tracking data!” (0:29:07)
0:00:37Cicada “Brood X” coming to New York and Indiana and JCD’s cicada map, “very few of them know physics”, ACC predicts M5M “good source of protein” story for the reptilians
0:04:19ACC’s Show 1329 Joe Biden “stumble or be incapacitated” prediction, producer notes issues with Biden’s left leg before the incident; PBS propagates idiotic “high winds” excuse
0:08:15No M5M coverage of global lockdown protests on the 20th, 1918 pandemic vs SARS; French government lockdowns in response to beleaguered hospitals, Yellow Vest protests no longer able to threaten Emmanuel Macron’s political career; Yamiche Alcindor demonizes Republicans as science deniers, Frank Luntz pins vaccine skepticism on Texas and “well-known falsehood” from Trump; two clips of Kamala Harris declaring intent to refuse Trump vaccine; JCD on messaging aimed solely at “the blacks” through “anti-association methodology”; Loyola Marymount professor Cheryl Grills asserts “it’s not about hesitancy, it’s about access”
0:26:20BBC Click host giddy at his vaccination appointment: “and then I had a big cry”; Good Morning America introduces “wild type” meme for story about reinfection resistance; CNN on “variants of concern” vs “wild type”; media suppresses footage of Rand Paul grilling Anthony Fauci about long-term immunity; Fauci follow-up with appeal to pesky variants in California and New York City; AstraZeneca blood clots as payback from EU and Bill Gates for Oxford’s failure to partner with Merck; MEP Katarina Barley deflects questions about ineffective vaccination program; University of Liverpool study finds 83% mortality reduction from ivermectin, JCD accuses media of murdering 400,000 Americans
0:46:00Australian media now hysterical over RSV and common cold in children; Australian vaccine teaser PSA; producer’s recording of company CEO demanding “we all get it”; illegal for US employers to require experimental vaccine; vaccination cards posted on social media being used by identity thieves, ACC considers the possibilities of
0:56:46Progesterone injection reduces COVID-19 severity in men; producer notes on Japanese flu season gargling, 1971 FTC action against Listerine for “kills germs” claims; Netherlands cracking down on doctors prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
1:02:17Dogs Are People Too: COVID-sniffing dogs in Thailand vs B117 variant in pets
1:03:58Elon Musk in 2020: “you can turn someone into a frigging butterfly” with synthetic RNA
1:08:46JCD on his friend Felix Dennis as example of “Asian flu” phenomenon suppressed by media in covering Atlanta spa shootings; PBS on suspect Robert Aaron Long’s claim of sex addiction, SJW Stephanie Cho: denial of racial motivation “absolutely untrue”; CBS Evening News pins blame for “surge” in violence against Asian-Americans squarely on Trump; AMP “Asian Millennial Producer” points to video by Kangmin Lee debunking hate crime statistics, annoying new AAPI Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders term, spike in hate crimes most noticeable in Democrat-controlled cities; Linda Sarsour tries to steal back the spotlight; idiotic Texas Rep. Chip Roy calls for lynchings; idiotic social media “yellow box trend”
1:27:44JCD’s upcoming The Edwin Black Show appearance, end-of-show song copyright pitfalls
1:30:16Producer Segment: JCD on giant sequoia varieties; “shut up, enslaved!”
2:03:39PBS creatively edits tedious confrontation between arrogant Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Chinese delegation in Anchorage Alaska with Chinese translator reading scripted rebuttal; nervous Jen Psaki addresses Vladimir Putin’s “chilling warning” for Joe Biden
2:22:54Biden explains his tax plan for “families of over two million children in Georgia”; cough-induced microphone blowout; coronavirus/AAPI non sequitur; “we will do, we have to beat this virus”, “don’t live with happen you see happening in Europe in you see on television”; uncorrected “President Harris”; “here’s the deal: they’re not!”; “protecting the American people” trigger warning; Kayleigh McEnany on Border Patrol “gag order”
2:35:10World Economic Forum groupthink video admits Great Reset sounds like “nefarious plan for world domination”, crosshairs squarely placed on billionaires, “capitalism as we know it is dead”, new “stakeholder capitalism” buzzword; China begins testing “e-Yuan” digital currency
2:54:03Andrew Cuomo now facing eight sexual harassment accusers, ACC: “he’s got the goods”
3:00:14Noodle Gun: Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation president arrested for child pornography, Disney’s Aladdin “wrong then and wrong now”, Substack under attack from New York Times, “transphobic” Patreon, Media Roundtable podcast advertising blacklist
3:06:28Donation Segment
3:22:10Biden “keep the faith” iso; PBS on Taliban threats over Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal schedule, JCD: “hey, this is our drugs, you stay out!”, true story American Gangster; San Antonio wax museum places frequently-vandalized Donald Trump statue in storage, “the ears were torn off Obama six times”; John Cleese selling Brooklyn Bridge NFT
3:28:01Church bells across Netherlands play Radar Love in celebration of guitarist George Kooymans