Call Clooney!

1330 Cattle-lyst Converter (2021-03-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, there’s a flat rock!” (1:58:32)
0:00:34ACC’s unapproved “date” with Hollywood expat friend
0:02:21More than a year of uninterrupted No Agenda coronavirus coverage; screaming not allowed on California theme park roller coasters; NASCAR using COVID-sniffing dogs at Atlanta Motor Speedway, ACC’s border checkpoint “lying dog”, JCD on SARS-era thermal cameras, producer note on Japanese habit of gargling with Halodine; UN schedules March 20 #WorldAgainstRacism event as distraction from worldwide freedom rallies; Dutch “Romeo” plainclothes police beating up old people, London police stamp out vigil for murdered woman
0:14:10BBC propaganda seems to imply vaccine doesn’t work; Biden to George Stephanopoulos: “be a patriot” by taking vaccine; CBS Evening News has Biden appealing to local leaders to sway the “MAGA folks”; Anthony Fauci to Meet the Press: “what is the problem here?” with unapproved vaccine; JCD’s conversation with Edwin Black about the dark side of vaccine history; research paper on absolute risk reduction vs relative risk reduction; Donald Trump weighs in with recommendation for “great vaccine”; CBS gripes about politicization and then singles out younger Republicans, ACC Red Book: “vaccine denial is racist”; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan recommends vaccines “authorized by the FDA”; reminder that emergency use authorization depends on lack of “approved treatment” thanks to Trump; haggard-looking sellout Deborah Birx reminisces to ABC about Trump’s “drink bleach” episode: “I was just no trained in my years of training to react that way”; CNN stooge Dr. Leana Wen clutches her pearls at the thought of unvaccinated Americans being allowed freedom
0:36:35Pfizer CFO Frank D’Amelio gloats at “significant opportunity” for profits with endemic virus; CDC vaccine record PDF in the show notes “just for fun”; Fauci flubs “AIDS de-es… age de-escalation study” in children; PBS Fauci: Virus Hunter trailer; former Surgeon General Carmona proposes “National Vaccine Day”; JCD not enamored with idea of “amateurs” giving injections; ACC’s yoga-practicing friends convinced freedom is on the horizon; ACC-JCD 4-inch videotape controversy and Biden green screen theory, ACC’s “in, out, X” silence editing
0:59:04Bill Burr’s lackluster performance at Illuminati BLM Grammy Awards
1:06:05Tanzanian President John Magufuli dead at 61 after heaping scorn on COVID-19 tests; Irish MP Rónán Mullen exposes scare tactics being used to push pro-lockdown “zero-COVID” program: “four weeks ago the head of the group wrote to its members asking them to look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty”; JCD on Saul Alinsky’s Rule 4 “make the enemy live up to its own book of rules”; millennials and Don Lemon reveling in “great drama” of The Bachelor cancel culture breakup; deep-sixes “dehumanizing” slave in favor of enslaved
1:20:13Producer Segment: JCD working on his FBI FOIA skills, “fake woman” LinkedIn profile
2:05:22Biden repeats “take them from their mothers” nonsense about unaccompanied children to George Stephanopoulos, DHS setting Central American asylum offices, Afghanistan deliberations “like Sanskrit to people listening here”, soulless Putin “will pay a price”, potential criminal prosecution for Andrew Cuomo; Bill de Blasio ties nursing home money to Cuomo cover-up; Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo mash-up; Steve Bannon identifies Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the new Clintons under the tutelage of Frank Giustra
2:32:25Teaser for JCD’s two-hour climate change vacation special; QST “Welcome to Solar Cycle 25”; Bill Gates’ 2018 100% synthetic beef plan, ACC: “bovine catalytic converters”
2:47:07ACC OTG: Google Nest “sleep sensing”, Nextcloud open-source file hosting
2:51:48Portland rehiring police after post-defunding 2000% murder spike; Fort Worth Police Department graduates its first “civilian response unit”; US Navy conducting covert training exercises in Washington state parks, Mimi theorizes war with Canada
2:58:49Donation Segment: The Hague Malieveld protest boots on the ground report
3:19:41“Is global warming causing goats to shrink?” and “Gawd I hated that” isos; breathless red-haired Judy Woodruff announces Gavin Newsom recall deadline; Jen Psaki discusses “final solution” for border crisis with Peter Doocy; Kamala Harris clone Roberta Jacobson contradicts herself with “la frontera no esta cerrada
3:25:26Janet Yellen not losing sleep over US debt and offers comparison with 2007