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132 Thank You Satan? (2009-09-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Because old dudes don’t eat that shit.”
0:00:37ACC back in San Francisco; JCD annoyed over being “assaulted” by Warren Sapp “you don’t do that” for Kanye West, same agent for West & Swift, regular Kanye West publicity stunts, ACC on MKULTRA, Obama suckered into involvement in stunt; Swift bought-and-paid-for NBC appearances; high-pitched Obama “he’s a jackass” revisited
0:12:22Obama “yes we can” backwards “thank you Satan”
0:15:48CVC in San Francisco learning about eminent domain, registered letter awaiting ACC, nearby bar owner “ridin’ the wrecking ball”, JCD suggests planting Indian skull
0:18:23ACC’s gold teeth from anonymous producer; IMF approves sale of 403 metric tons of gold reserves to raise $13bn, ACC predicts $1500-2000 gold
0:21:23JCD on disinformation on Glenn Beck’s political zoo radio show, farmer disallowed to grow wheat story from 1942, Hannity bitching about Michelle Obama’s swarm of Secret Service for “shopping at farmer’s market”
0:27:38JCD: no one at office knows about ACORN prostitution scandal; ACC battery change
0:29:14University of Chicago geneticist studying plague dies, website taken down; new mosquito-borne chikungunya virus threat, “there’s no vaccine”, National Research Council from 1916
0:33:53Overly-long KPIX dramatized story on two children hospitalized with swine flu, “all-American ten-year-old”, miked drum-like breathing machine, Oklahoma City network package, JCD: “this isn’t even a local story!”, white kid pulling through and black kid with “weight issues and asthma” doomed, Oklahoma “hardest hit” vs no deaths, FluMist nasal spray plug; seasonal vaccine introduced early, JCD skipping shot this year
0:47:12ACC on Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s CIA handler, LA Times on seven ex-CIA chiefs calling on Obama to call off Eric Holder on interrogation probe, CIA expanding operations in Afghanistan, Denver shuttle driver Najibullah Zazi plot, Operation Northwoods false flag for Cuba, ACC on potential racist false flag, JCD on “one country and two cultures” meme
0:56:55GE urging employees to donate to political campaigns to benefit from cap and trade
0:58:33Producer “yes we can” and “thank you Satan” reversals, ACC: “it’s gonna be my ringtone”
1:00:57San Francisco airport’s $190k Climate Passport kiosk; Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant accuses DuPont CEO of activities “misleading to the public and a serious breach of business ethics far beyond honest competitor behavior”; EPA approves BASF Kixor as glyphosate alternative; The Informant now in theaters
1:06:52NPR “call it whatever you want” revisited; Bill Maher panelist: NPR “our national treasure”; Vivian Schiller dodges question about 60 layoffs and “grand new digs”; ACC recommends Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, JCD on blogger lawsuit against Dan Brown with home bugged, plant to marginalize conspiracy theorists; Damien Hirst The Shop exhibit arrest over theft of £250k box of pencils
1:19:08Donation Segment: JCD on Cassius Clay’s mansion; Jennifer’s Body 30-second lesbian kiss
1:25:58Outro: Megan Fox “toe-thumbs”, ACC: “I was looking at other pieces of the anatomy, sorry”