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1329 Boba Liberals (2021-03-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Step aside, I just want to be safe!!” (1:35:07)
0:00:34Microsoft botches yet another Windows 10 update; Austin economy “on fire” while Brooklyn residents can’t get their mail delivered, “third wave” of COVID-19 in Germany
0:04:13Anthony Fauci admits to Jake “Chuck” Tapper that six-foot social distancing is probably bogus; Biden promises “life could get much closer to normal” by July 4 if the shitizenry is obedient; July 1 deadline for FDA vaccine approval and beginning of big profits on the part of big pharma; pension fund bailout buried in latest stimulus bill; CBSN package: “COVID-19 is never going to end”; Dutch veterinarian Geert Vanden Bossche links vaccines with emergence of variants; Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez catches an unsuspecting Fauci lying about FDA approval; VICP National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program vs considerably more onerous CICP Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program with one-year statute of limitations
0:29:48Echoing Amy Goodman “in the crypt” celebrates the latest 1,500 deaths; Pfizer manages to get AstraZeneca vaccine sporadically banned in Europe over blood clots; Team Halo’s “Dr. Noc” drones on about risk of blood clots from COVID-19 itself; producer Chad Christian’s antibodies and dying ferrets; Good Morning America predicts boosters and new formulations; pregnant woman to America This Morning: “I’m perfectly fine with being that guinea pig”; slick WGN Chicago “ticket to freedom” package with Moderna front and center along with idiots sharing their vaccine cards on social media, “there’s a tracking system called I-CARE”
0:44:56Vaccine PSA starring Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama; Dvorak household taken unawares by influenza; producer note on using Hibiclens skin antiseptic to secure negative PCR test for travel; mac & cheese and Oscar the Grouch PSAs; Deborah Birx hired by pandemic profiteer ActivePure Technology and big pharma middleman Innoviva; CDC “shielding approach” document and “SPARS Pandemic Scenario 2025-2028” propaganda plan; fast-talking Scott Gottlieb on missing information from Wuhan Institute of Virology; bombastic NBC reporter on 2019 outbreak among Wuhan researchers and flawed China-WHO report
1:00:28Australian Coronacast podcast on post-ebola “shovel-ready” vaccine technologies
1:05:08Producer Segment: Cuyahoga County maskless shopping swarms
1:47:33Biden shuffles onto the scene to promise “guidance on what you can and cannot do when fully vaccinated”, creepy “I need you!”, ACC: “that walker needs to have the tennis balls on the legs”, “job poverty in half with, with, and, y’know” and “if you took this bill and broke it into pieces” gibberish, ACC Red Book: Joe has two months now that union bailout is done, JCD not fond of repeated “guess what”, cryptic governor “who’s looking from Alaska to Russia” and “Debbie and I often talked about”, “about to be thrown out of their apartments” mortgage WTF, JCD predicts 25th Amendment will not be deployed; ACC irked at “protecting the American people”; foolish promise of another $2bn government web site
2:09:14Chinese-American producer note on the rise of shallow “boba liberalism”; JCD unimpressed with clip of black preacher on the use of “emotional witchcraft” to control emotions
2:19:54Prof. Robert Pape to Mike Morell’s Intelligence Matters podcast: Capitol “insurrectionists” mostly over 30 and employed; Biden avoiding Morell at the behest of Pat Leahy
2:29:25A warning against high fructose corn syrup vs 25-hydroxy vitamin D (CotD)
2:36:00Donation Segment
2:50:30“Never going to end” iso; Nomadland director ChloĆ© Zhao vs CCP revisited
2:56:48NYU professorScott Galloway to Bill Maher on the damage done to children by social media