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1328 White Adjacent (2021-03-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey look at me, I got a Ferrari, rurrr-rurrr-rurrr!” (1:52:33)
0:00:38Data center fire narrowly misses No Agenda infrastructure, JCD on 1860s-era telegraph pole sabotage, giant metal poles on Telegraph Ave. in San Francisco, “Amazon, I’m lookin’ at you!”
0:05:04John Fletcher “Texaaas!” and “Abbooott!” screams; ABC’s Dr. Rashid Zia admonishes against reopening “given how close we are to the finish line”; party horn for one-year anniversary of pandemic; Austin Mayor Steve Adler refuses to abolish local mask mandate, former New York banker: Austin elite afraid to speak out; NBC Meet the Press: coronavirus variants contributing to threat of “fourth wave”; Michael Osterholm muses “we are in the eye of the hurricane right now” with B117 variant looming; Scott Gottlieb propagates asymptomatic spread lie to Face the Nation in mask mea culpa; Austin now requiring masks outside at all times, JCD: “just like a Nazi armband”; Twitter sues Texas AG Ken Paxton over deplatforming investigation; closed at 10,000 accounts, JCD proposes “trials”
0:19:19Registered nurse contracting COVID-19 six weeks after being vaccinated taken as “proof that the vaccine works” (CotD); Bill Gates “super painful” vs producer “blistering lesions” horror stories; CDC now poised to allow hugging if it is done properly; CDC spokeshole admonishes “in your own home” on Good Morning America, “waiting for the science” as code for “data that we did not gather during the trials”; Jen Psaki lies “they’ve all been approved by the FDA”; Fauci reveals all guidelines are unscientific “judgment call”; Gen. Gustave Perna: “we are ready to really take a good hard right approach to executing and taking care of these great Americans that are in the elderly category”; New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy assures Face the Nation that COVID19-positive nursing home patients were “segregated”
0:33:46Residents of Philippines and Pakistan stuck with “shoddy” Chinese vaccine; Argentine offers up bank reserves and military bases as collateral for future negligence actions against Pfizer (CotD); 60 Minutes “sponsored by Pfizer” revisited; National Geographic Mission Possible: the Race for a Vaccine “paid content created for and in collaboration with Pfizer”; Australian health minister hospitalized “in an unrelated incident” after being vaccinated; post-vaccine substituted teacher shortage in Ohio; Face the Nation host derailed by “I don’t wanna be a guinea pig” panelist; ESPN tries to spin LeBron James’ vaccination as “private matter”; Team Halo’s “Dr. Noc” drones on about experimental new antiviral molnupiravir; Shep Smith and Fauci position molnupiravir as similar to Tamiflu or PrEP for HIV; British viewers of Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked at number of pharmaceutical ads
0:56:06ACC notes “MKULTRA activation event” of scripted interview with Oprah vs Royal Family
1:03:28NPR on Chinese vaccine skepticism in the Philippines and distribution challenges in Syria; Chinese companies competing to develop masked facial recognition software for NIST
1:11:07Ontario PM Randy Hillier kicked off Twitter; anti-CCP NTD network censored by YouTube; Substack poised to jettison Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi; forbidden Canadian Doctors Speak Out video on “practically worthless” PCR tests; Dr. Jen Ashton to George Stephanopoulos on next flu season and likely endemic COVID-19; PM Jacinda Ardern lets New Zealanders know about her upcoming UN “Build Back Better” plans; 2.5% of Dutch mail-in ballots rejected; JCD irked at mask-wearing cartoon Twitter icons; CNN mocks Republicans with Dr. Seuss-style doggerel; Burbank high school baseball team suspended over maskless photo; Washington Post headline: “Anti-vaccine Extremism is Akin to Domestic Terrorism”
1:29:26Producer Segment: Glenn Greenwald vs Taylor Lorenz
2:06:17Nigel Farage to quit Reform UK party in favor of working against CCP; Greta Thunberg declines to require particular “climate crisis” actions on the part of Joe Biden; John Kerry pushing “net zero” by 2050 or the world end, “I’m not saying this, the scientists have said it”
2:13:33Jim Bohannon caller asserts Biden has been doped up on Aricept Alzheimer’s medication to temporarily halt his decline; Biden forgets the name of his Secretary of Defense “the guy who runs that outfit over there”; “mom, it’s Sunday!” Aricept ad
2:19:58Golden Globe-winning Nomadland director Chloé Zhao cancelled by CCP over 2013 comment; Mumford & Sons banjo player Winston Marshall grovels for endorsing Andy Ngo’s book; Teen Vogue editor Alexi McCammond cancelled over anti-Asian tweets; Kenny Xu on being a member of an “inconvenient minority” viewed as “white adjacent”; Nepali Über driver berated by three female passengers in San Francisco; “victimhood bullcrap” iso
2:34:41Donation Segment
2:49:06ACC curious about Clubhouse JSON config file with mystery skin tone = 3 entry, “this is a great product for business!”; MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announces yet another social media platform, ACC: “can I guess? PillowTalk”; mass exodus from Nevada State Democratic Party following takeover by Democrat Socialists of America leadership