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1327 China Chopper (2021-03-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Abbott!!” (0:12:28)
0:00:33Denver Zephyr report; COVID-19 vaccine death toll at 966, JCD reads eight-page Pfizer handout with “unapproved” disclaimer and exotic ingredient list, “will not change your standard of medical care”; vaccine being tested on San Diego Zoo gorillas; “COVID psychosis” suicides
0:11:43M5M pulling out all the stops to attack Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for relaxing mask requirements, Biden cites “Neanderthal thinking” and Gavin Newsom chuckles, CDC mulling which activities are “safe” for vaccine recipients; Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey caves to pressure and renews mask mandate for five weeks; grocery stores protecting unvaccinated “frontline workers”; NewsHour drama queen Jonathan Capehart rants about diminishing likelihood that “we could be back to what we used to think of as normal” by Fall 2021; Scott Gottlieb predicts return to Zoom calls come December; Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber gripes about “superspreader” out-of-state tourism; CDC announces “they now have evidence masks work”; producer note on Japanese women opting for mask-wearing to avoid makeup routine; agoraphobic Twitter blue checkmarks having panic attacks over return to normality; Anthony Fauci threatens case spike as downward curve begins to flatten, Ontario raises PCR cycle count from 30 to 35; BBC celebrates “significant new variant” from Brazil, ACC: “BoJo the Jabber is on a manhunt!”
0:34:24Fewer than 8,000 South Africans okay with receiving partially-tested Johnson & Johnson vaccine; ACC’s brother-in-law deplatformed for posting vaccine recommendation, JCD: “this is a brand decision!”, Italy blocks AstraZeneca shipment bound for Australia; big pharma sponsoring anti-ivermectin research; Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to The Gary Null Show on Fauci leading campaign to censor AIDS cure; Fauci’s “no reason to be walking around with a mask” revisited; Fauci in 2018 on “culture of responsibility” in pathogen research
0:57:1133 percent of people in France disagree that vaccines are safe!”; routine COVID-19 nasal swab results in cerebrospinal fluid leak; April 6-13 No Agenda vacation planning
1:02:00Producer Segment: yellow software packaging; “anyways” blessed by Merriam Webster
1:31:07Techmeme podcast enthuses about vaccine passports powered by IBM Jew-tracking expertise
1:35:50Joe Biden resurrects “empty chairs” meme, “more than 400 small business closed”, lurking ISIS fighter Kamala Harris, “from Wall Street to the private, private, uh, ah-ah, ah-ah, economic, uh, p-polling initiatives” (CotD); Jen Psaki gets huffy at Trump’s take on US-Mexico border, “access to COVID… access to vaccines”, “China Chopper” Microsoft Exchange Hafnium breach
1:52:22ACC calls “complete bullshit” on Minnesota Post history of the Gopher protocol
1:57:36Texas windmill operator RWE on the hook for millions in electricity contracts; BBC takes aim at Bitcoin energy use; “PEED Certified” green podcast, TtK’s axe-throwing proposal
2:05:51The saga of Andrew Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett, JCD’s sexual harassment training takeaways from Mevio; nursing home death cover-up as opportunity for Hillary swoop
2:17:35Donation Segment
2:35:35Noodle Gun: David Brooks resigns from Aspen Institute over conflicts of interest; Austin apologizes for 1928 “negro district”; NASA urged to rename James Webb Space Telescope; ACC positions Miss Piggy for next cancellation round; “no one effin’ cares!” iso
2:46:01ABC promotes Asian-American “Stop the Hate” and white supremacy “Homegrown Hate” documentaries; odd “President Bi-en” on CBSN; California gender-neutral department store bill; Elizabeth Warren continues to promote wealth tax and IRS “audit firepower”
2:52:02JCD wine tip: Kirkland Signature 2018 Bordeaux Supérieur