Call Clooney!

1325 Leapicide (2021-02-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “Everyone’s doing a podcast, hello!” (0:40:53)
0:00:37“Slow and foreboding” Zephyr report; Biden: “diplomacy is back” with air strikes on Syria; Jimmy Dore mocks Kamala Harris’ 2018 recommendation that Trump act “in consultation with Congress”; ABC News on strikes against “Iranian-backed militias”; Jamal Khashoggi’s death pinned on Mohammad bin Salman; al-Qaeda and ISIS set to crawl out of the woodwork
0:08:59ACC lusting after Moog Claravox Centennial Theremin, Rode Procaster denial letter
0:13:59New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces lockdown in response to a single asymptomatic COVID-19 case; British shopper takes issue with Nazi-style yellow mask exemption sticker
0:18:27Trump’s upcoming speech at CPAC Conservative Political Action Committee meeting; psychologist Shannon Kroner on religious vaccine exemption, JCD smells California lawsuit opportunity; Wendy Williams assures a perplexed Dr. Oz she’s not taking vaccine; “equity initiative” mass vaccinations at Reggie Lewis Center, Patriots wife Dr. Shahrzad¬†Slater translating vaccine propaganda “into layman’s terms”, ACC: “because they’re also stupid!”; Team Halo Dr. Kat blocking irksome No Agenda producers; ACC’s abandoned “you’ve gotta see this chick!” Instagram account; TikTok distilledscience channel on why vitamin D isn’t worth the time of day, JCD: “this guy should be taken out and shot!”
0:40:41Baffling “do you think chloroquine is the new AZT?” exchange between Lil Wayne and Anthony Fauci on Young Money Radio podcast; Tim Pool “revolutionary virus” flub
0:45:42South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem the undisputed star of CPAC, “government crushed the economy” standing ovation; idiotic “click on Subscribe” from increasingly portly Ted Cruz; Noem takes shots at Fauci, the media, and Andrew Cuomo; NPR attempts to smear Noem with shoddily-produced local story about use of state government aircraft
0:59:56Producer notes on migraines or memory implants from second Moderna shot; Angela Merkel promises vaccine passports; saccharine promo for LA Unified School District’s “exclusive ticket for safely going back to school” partnership with Microsoft; Motorola workplace mask surveillance in Australia, “we take our role as practitioners of responsible AI very seriously”; slightly sinister animated tribute “What If Bill Gates Disappeared?”
1:18:38Producer Segment: leap year birthday “leapicide”
1:56:16ACC proposes blockchain-based NFTs “non-fungible tokens” exit strategy
1:59:30Biden’s “what am I doin’ here?” speech in Houston, card in his pocket with 503,587 vaccine doses or deaths, ACC: “it says, please take me to the front desk”, “now the mill moves to the United States Senate” (CotD); Canadian detainees in China; “the Obama-Biden administration reduced the auto industry” flub; Chinese “union slowdown” microprocessor shortage
2:11:1614-hour Texas power outage hearing; new Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tells NPR neighboring states could send “ions”, carbon capture technology for the “fossil community”
2:17:53COVID-19 variants “becoming dominant” in Florida ahead of Spring Break “onslaught”; CBS News on “homegrown mutation” in New York City; scripted question from Marco Rubio for CIA “outsider” William Burns revisited; Sofia with an F “it is dope!” iso
2:30:46Dr. Naomi Wolf in “Twitter jail” for posting about 2017 “top secret Apple convention” with nanoparticles and time travel; Bill Maher takes preemptive swipe at “woke mob” cancel culture
2:38:57British universities suspected of laundering £52M in cash tuition from international students
2:41:06Donation Segment: feline knighting ceremony
2:58:00Jimmy Kimmel man on the street nonexistent movie reviews