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1324 Yak Yak Vax (2021-02-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Normal?? Take a look around, Dana Bash, nothing’s normal!” (0:49:05)
0:00:3880° and situation normal in Texas; National Cathedral tolls for 500,000 deaths, weepy Biden tells us to “find purpose”; Anthony Fauci and Chuck Todd reflect on “historic” pandemic; Brianna Keilar blubbers about “astronomical loss”; California running out of granite headstones
0:10:22Repetitive ABC News “COVID yak yak yak yak yak vaccine” sequence on “100% effective” Johnson & Johnson vaccine, David Muir asks Dr. Rajiv Shah the burning question “is this a game changer?”; Pfizer CEO projects $15bn in sales; Team Halo stooge Dr. Kat reports “very positive” news of Israeli vaccine recipients not spreading the disease, JCD: “isn’t that the idea??”, the return of asymptomatic spread meme; no mechanism for reporting vaccine failures; EMT producer “Bad Chad” Christian’s bizarre Moderna Snow Crash experience
0:35:36Pfizer touting 96% effectiveness; Fauci throws a “what say you” wet blanket on herd immunity; The Lancet dumps on PCR testing, Trump’s “injecting bleach” resurfaces in the form of propylene glycol; NTD News on WSJ article by Mike Pompeo critical of CCP and Wuhan lab; producer notes on military autonomy from FDA; Scott Gottlieb all-in on vaccinating high school students; Fauci guffaws with Dana Bash about elusive year-end return to “normality”
0:51:57Ask Adam: “long-haulers” with symptoms persisting for months; chorus of boos from Australian Open fans in response to thanks for government of Victoria; microscopic crowds allowed into Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden; “medical martial law” pitch from 2017 Michael Douglas film Unlocked; Dutch “caretaker” government maintains illegal curfew until March 15 mail-in election; Canadian activist Chris Sky refuses airport PCR test; stammering Jonathan Karl bugs Jen Psaki with question about “gold standard” Andrew Cuomo
1:05:14Psaki assures Fox News’ Peter Doocy that plan for “kids in containers” at Texas facility is not to “rip them from the arms of their parents”; triumphant return of Mat Lee to chide State Department spokeshole “all this work was done by the previous administration!”
1:10:07Producer Segment: review; Chaffetz “dude named Ben” revisited
1:47:31“Woka-Cola” employees urged to “be less white”; Smith College employee resigns over “racially hostile” workplace; new math curriculum inflicted on Oregon by Gates Foundation aimed at “visiblizing toxic characteristics of white supremacy”; National Museum of African American History and Culture vs scientific method; Amazon bans When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment; CCP-backed companies buying British private schools
2:08:22Facebook caves to Australia link tax scheme for the benefit of pro-government M5M; House Education and Commerce Committee agitates for deplatforming of Fox News, Soledad O’Brien insightfully recommends “don’t book liars”, “balance does not mean giving voice to liars, to bigots, and to kooks”, JCD: “I wanna hear what these kooks have to say!”
2:19:46Ben Shapiro declares “without Rush there are no podcasts”; Spotify rolls out twangy Springsteen-Obama Renegades: Born in the USA podcast; perplexing audio-only Clubhouse social media site, Joe Rogan and founder Paul Davison discuss Donald Trump’s prospects on the site; Seattle big tech companies in jeopardy due to political ideology discrimination law
2:33:01Donation Segment
2:44:55ACC Federal Reserve “glitch” joke catapulted to fame on 4chan; MIA
2:47:26Fry’s Electronics closing; “it even vibrates like real!” iso; Democracy Now smears Boeing
2:52:02“Outsider” CIA nominee William Burns explains position on China-US Exchange Foundation
2:56:0323andMe acquired by Richard Branson’s VG Acquisition SPAC