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1323 Bidenista (2021-02-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “He’s the Milli Vanilli of COVID.” (0:51:16)
0:00:36Irksome California doves & crows and Texas grackles; much of Texas under boil notice due to broken pipes, Sir Mark Hall showering at ACC’s house; Green New Deal push to federalize Texas power generation; CNN mocks “Flyin’ Ted” Cruz for uncontroversial Cancun trip; opportunist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flies to Texas to help raise $3M for an unnamed cause; CBS News Biden vs Trump whipsaw with the US rejoining Paris climate agreement; Austin Mayor Steve Adler points out the mistake of prioritizing cost over resilience leading to water crisis; blackouts under MISO Midcontinent Independent System Operator and Southwest Power Pool RTOs; failure to weatherize following February 2011 storms, Rick Perry’s sin of mentioning nuclear and coal; customers of energy wholesaler Griddy warned of potentially massive electric bills; Ford F-150 Hybrid’s 7.2 kW generator; NPR on Texans wisely ignoring advice against keeping faucets at a trickle
0:28:23United 328 Boeing 777 Pratt & Whitney engine failure on the same day as 747 engine explosion in the Netherlands, idiots at CNN misinterpreting “heavy” as a damage evaluation
0:30:49Justin Trudeau’s smug “designated government facilities” threat revisited; Manitoba PM announces a whopping four variant cases “not connected at all to First Nations communities”; Dr. Theresa Tam’s absurd parabola model; Maria Van Kerkhove warns against using geographic variant identifiers, JCD: “China talkin’!”, “the variant that was identified in South Africa”; Dutch court likely to maintain curfew until election, Mark Rutte irked at BBC questioning his ability to restore trust in government; Fresno couple arrested in Hawaii for dodging quarantine; two German academics who justified lockdowns known for their admiration of Chinese approach; Anthony Fauci predicts return to normality in time for Christmas, ACC: “just in time for the flu season”; new British fear porn PSA series; Derbyshire “plague village” Eyam which botched its 17th century lockdown; BBC on plans to use the town of Serrana Brazil to determine “whether by vaccinating an entire city it’ll lead to lower infection rates” (CotD)
0:49:26Andrew Cuomo’s prospects dwindling as nursing home investigation gathers steam; WHO looking at ferret badgers and rabbits as COVID-19 sources; DarkHorse Podcast hosts Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying drone on in professorial tones about the mink family, JCD proposes “you wear mink, you die” approach; Council on Foreign Relations podcast: “it’s not just that the vaccines are mutating overseas…”; Israeli study finds one dose is just fine, and Pfizer announces no special refrigeration is needed after all; Johnson & Johnson vaccine now set to be two doses, 4,000 lucky pregnant women lining up for Pfizer trial; sketchy new life expectancy numbers; “no jab, no job” meme among British employers; unprecedented s umbers of military personnel saying no thanks to unaccountably voluntary vaccine
1:06:48Anthony Fauci in 2010: “extremely unlikely” Haiti would suffer a cholera outbreak
1:08:12Producer Segment:
1:46:31Conspiracy theories about Biden as masked imposter explained by Botox, MIA clip about Botox interfering with emotions; obnoxious Rush Limbaugh eulogy from Matt Taibbi, early ABC appearance sabotaged with auditorium full of haters; Taibbi and Aaron MatĂ© chuckle about impeachment assertion that Capitol rioter planned to send Pelosi laptop to Russia, JCD irked by use of “quote” to refer to written document, Democrats obsessed with deflecting attention from China to Russia; cultish “we do not coexist” blog post from Dave Winer
2:06:44M5M won’t touch story of McKinsey & Company settling for $573M over its OxyContin marketing shenanigans; Australian editorial commentator makes a few choice remarks about Biden’s obvious dementia and lackluster town hall with “Bidenista Anderson Cooper”
2:14:01Washington Post editorial board dumps on Bitcoin as “arcane technology”
2:15:57The Purge: Parler interim CEO Mark Meckler on return to viability in spite of “glitches”, ACC reminisces about tenure of “attaboy” guy Jeff Karp at Mevio, demise of Google Buzz and Orkut; Carlos Watson stammers about Axios-backed media company OZY, Ozzy Osbourne lawsuit potential, ACC’s archived “femalennial” interview, “OZY’s a state of mind” bullcrap
2:34:44Noodle Gun: Oakley California school board resigns after disparaging parents on hot mic
2:37:47Donation Segment
2:50:53“I don’t know how long it’s going to last!” iso; lame NPR “throwing a dart” analogy for landing of Mars Perseverance rover, JCD notes parallel with 1999 CIA bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade; Boris Johnson admits he and Biden “nicked” the Build Back Better slogan, JCD: “they got the same memo”