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1322 Dark Fate (2021-02-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Pull my mask over my nose!” ACC: “Ughhh” (1:59:32)
0:00:35ACC survives Texas polar vortex power outages, Green New Deal recriminations from AOC, viral helicopter-windmill photo, idiots unable to light gas stoves with a match, gas fireplace switch thermopile “sorcery”, mic check on the amateur radio repeaters, ACC: “I almost wanna send my license back!”, power restored thanks to Section 8 housing, “stay warm!” skit
0:15:03ABC News primarily concerned with impact on vaccine rollout, JCD irked at morons who are unable to put their refrigerator contents in the snow, Gov. Abbott blaming nonprofit ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas; chuckling Bill Gates continues to assert the US can phase out fossil fuels “and still not freeze to death”; Meredith Angwin’s book Shorting the Grid: The Hidden Fragility of Our Electric Grid, ACC: “this is Enron meets r/wallstreetbets”, natural gas providers prioritizing residential over commercial, spike in price per MWH from $25-80 to $9,000 regulatory cap passed on to customers; cheesy ERCOT “your power, our promise” promo video; RTO regional transmission organization born of 1996 deregulation, rules excluding media from meetings and gag order on discussing fuel, Rick Perry’s 2018 coal and nuclear faux pas; “ERCOT is like the stock exchange” promo video, rampant Enron-style business models, JCD’s Enron golf balls, the dangers of privatization and myth of deregulation, JCD: Bill Clinton “the most Republican of all the Democrat presidents in history”
0:42:40Producer note on the unanticipated impact of electric vehicles in Norway; BBC still predicting the demise of snowy winters; 1978 episode of In Search of… with Leonard Nimoy warning “within a lifetime we might be living in the next ice age”; Donald Trump vs the “tipping point” global warmist timeline; JCD’s “doctored evidence” anthem and ACC’s corruption list
0:57:12“Bill Gates’ advice on how to combat mistrust in science, at, sponsored by Pfizer”; Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci predict “some degree of normality” by 2022; grim reaper Michael Osterholm predicts virus variants will derail CDC school reopening guidelines; M5M South African variant panic; researcher Rosemary Frei on wild transmissibility extrapolations based on three lab studies; Sir Seat Sitter’s David Icke interview; Icke on CDC paper describing reconstruction of virus based on 37 base pairs; CNN on “homegrown” US variants named after birds; total of seven variants originating in the US indicating “the virus is getting smarter”; Fauci pushes vaccines to prevent reinfection with South African variant; Bill Gates envisions “third shot this year” in addition to “probably not yearly” shots
1:16:56White House adviser Andy Slavitt dodges question from MSNBC~’s Stephanie Ruhle comparing Florida and California; 8,000 doses vaccine re-refrigerated after Houston power outage, ACC: “put me at the front of the line for that one!”; ABC News reports 165 flu hospitalizations vs 400,000 the previous year; Melbourne quarantine patients moved from one “hot hotel” to another with garbage bags over their heads; spot fake Chinese N95 masks by looking for easily-counterfeited NIOSH stamps; awestruck Jake Tapper reveals vaccines may “slow the spread of the virus”; Tapper’s 1998 date with the “zaftig” Monica Lewinsky; new dating verb Fauci-ing “declining to date someone because you don’t feel they are taking COVID-19 seriously enough”; Fauci wins $100M Dan David Prize for “courageously defending science”
1:29:27EU contemplating Israeli-style vaccine passports required for attending synagogue
1:34:41Rush Limbaugh’s death at 70 celebrated by hate-spewing Larry Charles; ACC & JCD stories of meeting Limbaugh, Leo Laporte’s MIA promo from Limbaugh for local radio show
1:42:03Producer Segment: JCD’s Biden-inspired “Sir Dark Fate” botch; “math is racist” explained
2:16:38JCD on the renaissance of George Burns after Jack Benny’s death vs zombielike Joe Biden; stammering “the vaccine which we didn’t have when we came into office” or “as you remember” correction, “seven million jobs this year” and “some of you probably economists or college professors” rambles, “it matters” that we’re still wearing masks in September, “mistake in the communication” on school opening thanks to Jen Psaki; Jake Tapper grills cagey CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky about the wisdom of reopening schools; CNN’s John Berman presses slippery Harris spokeshole Symone Sanders with “yes or no question” on requiring teachers to be vaccinated; Dutch court determines that curfew is unconstitutional and then adjourns for curfew; Dr. Drew Pinsky on the origin of lockdown strategy with high school science project and adopted by Chinese Communist Party; Larry Kudlow “bullshit!” hot mic
2:40:43Australia and Facebook squabbling over media link tax, ACC: “there is a thing called a browser”, reminiscences about AOL, Apple eWorld, Prodigy, The Source, GEnie, and ICQ
2:55:21Donation Segment
3:08:23“I’m gonna Fauci you!” and “the package is huge!” isos; undiscussed recent and upcoming asteroid near misses, new “a comet killed the dinosaurs” meme and recent Greenland movie, Bruce Willis’ Die Hard battery ads; upcoming “audacious” landing of Perseverance Mars rover