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131 Bill Maher Sucks (2009-09-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Okay, let’s talk about it, ready this… let’s hit it.”
0:00:36Hitting people in the mouth a “good formula”
0:02:05Four more ACORN prostitution videos, Charles Gibson feigns ignorance of entire manner, San Diego office Tijuana comment, Hannah Giles propositioned; Jon Stewart: “I’m a fake journalist and I’m embarrassed these guys scooped me!”
0:05:05Mind-controlled Kanye West stunt a distraction from international finance and political “suicides” including Rockefeller Corporation’s James McDonald
0:08:15Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga: 9/11 a CIA and Mossad false flag; Obama-CIA war questions for Uncle Don, Obama cozying up to Russia
0:13:48Bin Laden “audiotape”, recommended reading for American public including Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, SITE Intelligence Group run by Rita Katz, ACC: “it’s a bunch of spooks who got a, who put together a blog!”, “jihadist chatter” section, “Osama’s book club”
0:22:17Taylor Swift’s financier father probably all-in on setup; Obama “he’s a jackass” for Kanye West, “where’s the pool?”; Jay Z’s Illuminati symbols
0:27:12De Telegraph ad for €450 David Plouffe speech; boring Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck; CNN all-in on Yale grad student killing, “Glenn Beck bad for America” article
0:34:14And Now Back to Real News: proposed high heel ban in UK, JCD on finding contradictory headlines about same event; Reuters: Israel likely forced to attack Iran, “bloodless strategy”
0:38:24National Intelligence Strategy, Russia added to list of nations with “ability to challenge U.S. interests”; Netanyahu’s sketchy family
0:41:54Bill Maher “if you don’t agree with Obama you’re a racist” meme; Jimmy Carter “black man” meme; Washington D.C. Tea Party rally chants; Maher on “subliminally racist” Drudge pun headlines, “negs rise”, Michelle Obama “hoin’ the garden”, joint session entrance package; Maher’s ageism, equates old with useless, JCD: “deplorable, mean-spirited, creepy person”; Kathy Griffin takes sarcastic remark about global warming seriously; McCain pee joke
0:55:05Latoya Jackson to The View: “I felt that it was homicide, that he been murdered, yes absolutely”, no word from Dr. Conrad Murray, “Michael continuously told me, Latoya, if I die I’m gonna be killed, they’re gonna kill me over my catalog, over my publishing”, recent release of Beatle’s catalog largely owned by Jackson, ACC: “like Elvis, he’s worth more dead than he was alive”, AEG concert promoter insurance; MSNBC cold shoulder for ACC
1:00:32NASA CARE Charged Aerosol Release Experiment with aluminum oxide, LCROSS moon bombing experiment; ACC in Yahoo cloudbuster group; for cloud computing
1:09:57Donation Segment: Seinfeld on reversing peepholes; ACC on Dutch bakfiets cargo bikcycles
1:20:42Archer Daniels Midland price fixing and The Informant; NPR CEO Vivian Schiller at National Press Club: “this is the area that is most down for us, is in, sponsorship, underwriting, advertising, call it whatever you want” evergreen
1:26:51Swine flu vaccinations to begin in three weeks, UK GPs to be compensated £5.25 per shot, Novartis vaccine approved on trial of 100 people, French nurses bailing out
1:28:2123 employee suicides at France Telecom in 18 months; Italians abused by Catholic priests coming forward
1:29:53Outro: finding a site for ACC’s cloudbuster