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1318 Jab and Go (2021-02-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “Thirty-three, sixty-six, two shots, four weeks, six weeks, booster!!” (0:49:01)
0:00:39“Latest brouhaha” Rihanna tweeting in sort of Indian farmers, Kamala Harris’ daughter Meena and Bollywood stars emerging from the woodwork; producer note: “the beaches are open” in South Goa thanks to $2 Ziverdo COVID Kit with zinc, doxycycline, and ivermectin; Team Halo Dr. Kat on the defensive and no longer talking on her videos; White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator and fixer-upper Jeffrey Zients on goal of “vaccinating everyone in America”; Janet Yellen: “we need to help those people before the virus is brought under control”; JCD’s 80-year war-depression cycle and “the war on coronavirus”; Anthony Fauci: “we are back on the global scene” with WHO and COVAX re-entry, “we have to be concerned with the mutants”; serial liar Michael Osterholm stumbles “that don’t believe that the vac… uh, the pandemic’s even real”, JCD: “this guy should be locked up!”
0:14:16Osterholm takes issue with Fauci’s double masking recommendation; a chastened Fauci responds with “there’s no data that indicates that that is going to make a difference”; latest helpful advice from CDC: “persons who are vomiting should remove the mask until vomiting ceases”; Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks out against lockdowns and school closures; JCD on “medical condition” vs HIPAA laws, “Jewish finance guy” Andrew Horowitz urging caution; South Carolina adopting new “percent positive” formula yielding 8.8%, lawsuit against CDC over illegal hospital reporting changes leading to 1,600% inflation in numbers; Peruvian court accuses Bill Gates and George Soros of creating pandemic; Gates appears with his grapefruit-size COVID-19 model to promote “global alert system”; Chinese CDC’s Dr. Wu Zunyou admits “they didn’t isolate the virus”
0:29:57Rebel News on Canadian quarantine hotels owned by Chinese companies; Ryanair “you could jab and go!” ad, JCD speculates about Americans traveling to Berlin in 1943; ABC This Morning finally comes out and says it: “it appears vaccines are less effective against the new variant”, out-of-nowhere “concern about another big surge of infections in the next few weeks”; Biden administration apparently at odds with big pharma and China in terms of messaging; Democrat “$2,000 stimulus checks” musical compilation; ABC’s Dr. Juan Rivera cites “33% protection” result for single dose, reinfection “not super surprising”, ACC: “what??”; Pfizer investigating third dose option; Rita Wilson admits to Ellen DeGeneres she’s antibody-free and back to hand sanitizer; Merriam-Webster quietly changes the definition of “vaccine” to remove the phrase “produce or artificially increase immunity”; Pfizer package insert with “may prevent COVID-19”; Pfizer quarterly report projects $15bn sales increase
0:47:51Johnson & Johnson reports 66% effective single-shot vaccine; Face the Nation introduces former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb in his new revolving door role on Pfizer and Lumina boards to predict B117 “regionalized epidemics”, “synthetic platforms” for rapid booster development; Michael Osterholm predicts “something like we have not seen yet in this country” in 6-14 weeks; Fauci relegated to telling the likes of Mo Talk podcast that African-Americans “more than anyone should not get away… should not avoid vaccine”; Pabst Blue Ribbon jingles for JCD’s beverage interlude; Democracy Now quotes Fauci’s claim that 70-80% of Americans must be vaccinated, plug for single-dose AstraZeneca strategy; JCD’s Newsletter photo of cheaply-produced NHS vaccination card; JCD asserts mRNA vaccines by definition must be effective against variants; Netherlands likely to remain locked down until May
1:02:10Ursula von der Leyen announces “New European Bauhaus”, JCD: “quonset huts”
1:14:20Producer Segment: ACC’s 2,000,000 shares of HCMC; JCD reflects on Japanese nattō
1:53:19CIA recruiting video with arrogant “this translation is technically accurate” douchebag
1:57:18Jen Psaki’s sarcastic “wow, Space Force!” comment backfires rather badly; Fauci “we’ve gotta keep our eye out on the mutants!” iso
2:01:43Democracy Now: strange Elizabeth Warren wealth tax numbers, tip-stealing Amazon, child pornography omitted from Florida FBI shooting, New York “walking while trans ban” repealed, Warren “unconscionable” vs “spend that money more effectively” whipsaw, black man dies in hospital parking lot, “Capitol ropunda”, outrage over Israel-Kosovo relations
2:15:53Elitist douchebag John Kerry: private jet “the only choice for somebody like me”; hypocrite Toronto Mayor John Tory: rule breakers “should have the book thrown at them”
2:20:01Vocal frying Sofia with an F podcast interview with Paige Lorenze about her relationship with Hannibal Lecter wannabe Armie Hammer: “we’re not kink shaming at all”, ACC: “this is the kind of behavior that always takes place before society collapses”
2:39:25NYU Prof. Scott Galloway warns about danger of Robinhood addiction in millennial men; producer note on living with three insane millennial women in Chicago
2:45:40Prof. Jordan Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila responds to Sunday Times schizophrenia hit piece; Adam Schiff “if I have to embrace someone who just incited an erection… an insurrection” flub
2:48:36Donation Segment
3:05:02Two Americans facing extradition to Japan for aiding Carlos Ghosn
3:06:40Super Bowl LV “MAGA vs BLM” predictions, TV not allowed at New York bars