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1317 Mutants (2021-01-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “How ya doin’, Pickles?” (2:43:49)
0:00:34Gavin Newsom’s push to reopen restaurants a possible reaction to insurance lawsuits; Andrew Cuomo promises to reopen indoor dining in time for Valentine’s Day; ACC links Dutch riots with angry Moroccan moped drug dealers; Justin Trudeau smugly announces cancellation of budget Caribbean flights and “designated government facilities” to contain positive cases
0:07:32America’s Frontline Doctors founder Simone Gold speaks out against “serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign” against existing coronavirus treatments, “this is a crime against humanity”, CCP opposition to “Wuhan virus”, hydroxychloroquine “Sunday Sunday medicine” in Africa and over-the-counter in France; Fauci’s May 2020 “adverse events with regard to cardiovascular” lie revisited; Gold threatened with firing under pressure from “large insurance company” likely Blue Cross Blue Shield; JCD’s recommended COVID-19 and HIV tests being rolled out in Chicago; $119 COVID-19 “99% accurate” saliva test vending machines
0:26:22Jen Psaki dodges question about Fauci’s “common sense, or made sense” double masking; another Biden spokeshole casts doubt on efficacy of double masking; PBS explores “virus inside their mouth” and spews more contradictory information about masks, ACC takes issue with PTFE Teflon coating, NewsHour expert Erin Bromage declares “three layers is even better”, secondhand smoke analogy; “Americans are smoking again” trapped at home; Biden CDC unconstitutionally requiring masks on all public transit amid decline in cases
0:41:15ABC News on two South Carolina residents “infected with the highly contagious variant from South Africa”, Novavax vaccine only 49% effective in South Africa, Fauci promises “a boost” in response to “the evolution of mutants”, ACC: “mutants?!”; CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen: “getting one doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the other one later on”; Chick-fil-A grand opening “pandemonium” in Detroit; WHO finally allowed into Wuhan China to review officially sanctioned data and not virology lab “conspiracy theory”
0:50:29Nursing home CNA reports on patients disabled and dying after receiving vaccine; Rep. Stephen Lynch tests positive after two doses of Pfizer vaccine; page-flipping Psaki caught flat-footed with question about National Guard assisting FEMA in vaccine distribution; new 18-64 age limit recommendation for AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany
0:57:27Event 201 exercise resurrected in the form of The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication from Johns Hopkins
1:03:44PBS glosses over report that New York nursing home deaths were undercounted by up to 50%
1:08:31ACC’s Millennial Bitcoin crowd; furious hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman gripes about GameStop short squeeze, former SEC Commissioner Laura Unger compares “platform-created frenzy” to Capitol riot; Les Miserables “song of angry men” memes, blueprint in 1983 Eddie Murphy film Trading Places, possible upcoming move on silver, Robinhood “stealing kids’ weed and skateboard money” and limiting a new laundry list of securities; Psaki responds to question about Biden addressing situation: “no”; ABC News “amateur traders” meme
1:26:08Producer Segment: “that’s true!” Angelic Initiative YouTube channel revisited
2:01:40Davos Douchebags: YouTubers producing idiotic “Davos Daily” videos; Klaus Schwab declares “as long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe”, Benjamin Netanyahu “arms race … between vaccination and mutation”; M5M “information bankruptcy” meme; Mark Rutte concerned with global food insecurity; Ursula von der Leyen: “we need to contain this immense power of the big digital companies”; Al Gore bullish on global “new alignment”; echo effect turned on for Robert Downey Jr.; JCD story: MIT Media Lab experiment on perceived video resolution affected by sound quality, ACC’s “we want a viral video” demands; YouTube caught continually meddling with White House channel likes and dislikes
2:13:34Journalist Craig Unger asserts Epstein videos in Vladimir Putin’s possession show Trump with young women and incriminating trouser stain; 2011 “I don’t think you have a soul” exchange a taste of things to come with Biden administration according to CNN
2:17:31Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green smeared by Saturday Night Live and M5M with “Jewish Space Lasers” meme in response to a 2018 post speculating about conflicts of interest in PG&E wildfires; Rep. Jimmy Gomez tries to justify expulsion of Green for past behavior on social media; Rep. Ilhan Omar: Green is “dangerous and violent” and threatens children
2:27:16Congressional debate on H.R.5162 Earth Summit Leadership Act of 1992 with specific and repeated mention of United Nations “conspiracy theory” Agenda 21 (CotD); Rep. John Sarbanes’ 800-page and likely unconstitutional H.R.1 For the People Act
2:38:47Donation Segment: Spot the Spook at Arlington meetup
2:56:25Can you clip it?” iso; NewsHour on Biden executive orders reopening Obamacare enrollment; lame PBS Hollywood-style gallery of people complaining about scheduling vaccinations