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1316 Mark of the Mask (2021-01-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “That’s not good enough!” ACC: “Show him the anal swab!” (2:46:20)
0:00:38Ben Shapiro contrasts Biden’s initial wave of 33 executive orders with those of his predecessors; JCD waxes lyrical for ACC’s analysis of the continuing GameStop short squeeze precipitated by angry Robinhood millennials, JCD: “it could be the Chinese!”, Glenn Greenwald telegraphing alt-right “DVEs of Reddit” meme, “Coin Cougar” Maria Bartiromo back on primetime
0:14:19The Purge: The New Woke Times blames Donald Trump’s popularity on male insecurity; Jake Tapper declares “I don’t have an opinion on this” before opining that Trump supporters are uninterested in consequences for “terrorist attack”, JCD: “he got voted out!”; Rand Paul jumps on George Stephanopoulos for “big lie” assertion
0:23:27Democracy Now celebrates 100,000 UK coronavirus deaths and Dutch curfew riots, Canadian vaccine line-jumpers Rodney and Ekaterina Baker; Toronto cop ejects cameraman from public area; Amsterdam Museumplein protests devolve into looting by Antifa and migrants, soccer fan neighborhood watches; California begins to lift restrictions based on science for which “the data would confuse and potentially mislead the public”, JCD on potential for legal battles between insurers and states; teachers’ unions unhappy with CDC report that schools are not implicated in coronavirus spread; British “if you bend the rules, people will die” propaganda; China now using “anal swabs” for some coronavirus tests, “L” and “S” strains revisited, producer note on Chinese restrictions on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, big pharma greedily eyeing pet vaccines; celebrity-studded WELL Health-Safety ad campaign
0:44:28JCD’s echoing “Democracy Now death report” predicting wide vaccine distribution by end of summer; EU trying to cut off UK from Pfizer vaccine; Anthony Fauci kicking sand in the face of the Trump administration; Deborah Birx on White House “parallel data streams”; oblivious Brianna Keilar confronts Birx with the infamous “drinking bleach” press conference; ACC’s “clip custodian”, JCD’s bootleg Benny Goodman recording with lightning strike
0:58:25Fauci issues an appeal for “common sense” double masking; CNBC’s Contessa Brewer advocates wearing three Chinese-made KN95 masks to Shep Smith: “you really should see the mark on your face after you’re wearing it”, JCD: “mark of the mask!”; Fauci’s May 2020 “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask” revisited; Meet the Press catches Fauci flat-footed with his lies “little bit of a misunderstanding” about 100-day vaccination promise; Biden blathers incoherently about his plans for “enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300 Americans”; Team Halo’s Dr. Kat irked at being called a dingbat; TikTok distilledscience channel offers advice on discussing vaccines with others, JCD irked by the term “loved ones”
1:21:50Democracy Now on Biden White House embracing Palestine, Palestinian teen shot by Israeli soldiers, State Department reconsidering terrorist designation for Houthi rebels; Australian report on “shapeshifting” anti-Semitism in Germany; new Secretary of State Antony Blinken preparing to reverse Trump-era policies for Iran, Russia, and China
1:28:28Producer note on the whereabouts of Daniel Dae Kim; local Florida report reveals that vaccines will change absolutely nothing; ACC’s unpleasant Whole Foods meat counter double mask experience, Amazon sneakily linking Whole Foods and Prime credit cards
1:35:04Producer Segment: No Agenda Social size cap; Biden “incredible spreadable legs” jingle
2:09:42Financial Times editor Gillian Tett gripes about not being in Davos “slithering around on the snow”; Klaus Schwab kicks off World Economic Forum with his “transition to a net-zero economy” plans; keynote speaker Xi Jinping promotes “diversity” and Agenda 2030; economist Kenneth Rogoff raves about the need for a “world carbon bank”; JCD’s door-to-door solar panel salesman; Fauci looks forward to “upgraded versions” of the coronavirus vaccines, sketchy term “bivalent”, ACC on the lookout for a vaccine EULA; producer note on air pollution in Tehran thanks to to Chinese “Bitqueen” mining operations, JCD on Charles Dickens piracy in the US, Miami accepting city services payments in Bitcoin
2:26:57Democracy Now on GOP backing Rand Paul’s arguments against impeachment; DHS press release disguised as a bulletin propagating “domestic violent extremists” meme; internet furor over man “arrested for posting a meme!” in the form of Hillary voter suppression
2:31:21Democracy Now on Guatemalan “loved ones” believed killed near US-Mexico border
2:33:01France 24 on new Biden executive order addressing “extistential threat” of climate change, UN-Oxford climate survey finds 69% of video game-playing teens are convinced there is a climate emergency, “only” 30% interested in becoming vegans, JCD: “mac & mealworms!”
2:42:38Donation Segment
2:58:39JCD recommends The Loved One cult film with “thousand year-old man” Jonathan Winters; Jen Psaki “circle back with you” compilation; Biden “mumble-fest” compilation, racial “equal… equity”; civil rights activist Robert Woodson explains how equity remedies benefit the elite; Biden “brutal truth” or “blue truth” about masks, ACC: “maybe the prompter got disconnected and it said Bluetooth”; Susan Rice chosen to “lead the … charge through the White House … because I know she’ll see it through”; “cricket cream cheese” iso
3:09:11Apollo Global CEO Leon Black resigning over $158M in “financial advice” from Jeffrey Epstein