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1315 Food and Drunk Administration (2021-01-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oho, high fives!” (0:12:01)
0:00:32Dutch riots over avantklok curfew, testing center burned down in fishing village of Urk; Team Halo “TikTok dingbat” Dr. Kat provides non-answer to questions about revised WHO PCR guidance; PBS celebrates 1-year anniversary of Wuhan lockdown, US cases “on a decline” but setting new records; Good Morning America acknowledges declining cases and ICU numbers
0:11:16Tedros Adhanom thanks “my brother Dr. Tony Fauci” and Kamala Harris for keeping US in WHO; Fauci revels in finally being allowed to speak freely; disgraced fraud Deborah Birx accuses Trump administration of censoring her; produced package with Sanjay Gupta claiming N95 masks “would stop the epidemic” in four weeks, JCD: “N95 masks went into overproduction”; CBS News’ Jon LaPook: “the science is now clear” that what we need to wear is two masks, ACC: “it’s clear to me that they feel we still are getting too much oxygen to our brain”; poor Megyn Kelly debases herself by reading ScoreMaster “credit science” ad
0:22:36Spokeshole Psaki brushes aside question about Biden’s refusal to wear mask at Lincoln Memorial; ACC: “add a feminine hygiene pad in there while you’re at it”, New York Times brands mask slippage “the new manspreading”, JCD recommends wearing surgical mask over cloth mask so “you look like a real doofus”; Biden’s “power of our example” stolen from Bill Clinton
0:30:00NBC News gripes about CDC failing to observe “vaccine equity” for black and brown Americans; Hank Aaron briefly mourned after death at 86; JCD stories: fixing Larry King’s girlfriend’s computer and King falling asleep during interview; “feisty Joe” gets irked when challenged on Operation Warp Speed progress; another Team Halo TikTok stooge admits potential for vaccine resistance in new variants is “moderately concerning”; Rhode Island Department of Health director Dr. Nicole-Alexander Scott outlines all the ways in which being vaccinated will change nothing, JCD: “this is voodoo”; lame “come with me if you want to live” PSA from Arnold Schwarzenegger with even lamer “Schwarzenegger… will be back!” gag
0:45:10NBC spook Richard Engel reveals UK-or-maybe-South-Africa variant now in US Pacific Northwest “may also be more deadly!”; Fauci lies “I don’t wanna be going back over history” before going back over history to bitch about hydroxychloroquine; actor Daniel Dae Kim’s March 2020 Tamiflu-HCQ cocktail revisited; Dr. Lee Merritt on the medical profession’s general ignorance of lysosomotropic antiviral agents benefiting the $69bn vaccine industry, mRNA vaccine leading to death by ADE antibody dependent enhancement in cats, Chinese “perfect binary weapon” theory, PLA virologists welcomed by Obama administration
1:09:07NBC News “it’s convenient and it works” native ad for CVS and Walgreens; “millions of Americans staying at home are relying on Amazon” native ad script compilation
1:14:06Producer Segment: Spotify’s evil takedown tactics; doom predicted for Goldman Sachs
1:57:32Florida RV SuperShow “ITM” and Netflix Downhill “hashtag No Agenda”; Tim Pool admits to being vaguely aware of No Agenda; Netflix Spycraft docuseries; Chuck Schumer “incited the erection… insurrection”; French journalist slips up on “Food and Drunk Administration”
2:05:14Lame France 24 “Fake or Fact” tackles “Berlin Time” and terrorist Russian Orthodox Church
2:11:01The Purge: Jen Psaki propagating new term DVE “domestic violent extremism” under National Security Council scrutiny; America’s Frontline Doctors founder Simone Gold arrested for attending January 6 protest; Arnold Schwarzenegger elevates January 6 to Kristallnacht status; Nicolle Wallace declares “Trump directed his supporters to attack the Capitol”, John Brennan clutches his pearls at the thought of “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”; White House communications director Kate Bedingfield’s “writ large” propaganda plan;, Atlassian drives a final stake through Parler’s heart, idiots in Congress calling for big tech to “slow down” disinformation; Joy Reid: “Democrats have the culture … and they hate it, but they also envy it”
2:28:48Useful Idiots podcast hosts discuss “anodyne” cliche-laden Biden inauguration speech; Biden throws out COVID-19 numbers confirming JCD’s mass hysteria theory; JCD “blather” compilation; FEMA liaisons in all 50 states “a model we used to respond to Hurricane Sandy”; now-MIA video with bizarre voiceover talking about plea deal while Biden signs executive orders at his kiddie desk flanked by Harris and Fauci; conspiracy theory circles up in arms over Bill Gates’ extensive investments in farmland; Richard Branson discusses the military applications of his spaceflight technologies, JCD expresses skepticism about the upload bandwidth of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites
2:49:24Donation Segment
3:01:36Freakonomics podcast: promote insect flour by incorporating it in dog food, Kraft Heinz manager Emily Kimmins explores the “make it sound exotic” strategy with Japanese konchū, industrial use of chicken feces to feed beef cattle, “cricket cream cheese”
3:05:59“Hashtag No Agenda” iso; Republicans pushing Trump impeachment into February amid Biden’s “national emergency” push for COVID-19 relief; Alexei Navalny likely to remain imprisoned in Russia until September Duma elections and beyond; Kony 2012 revisited