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1313 Q Victims (2020-01-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Byee!” ACC: “Byee!” (2:09:24)
0:00:32JCD story: hanging out with sumo wrestlers in France, predicts popularization of sump in the US before soccer; idiotic AP story on radicalization via podcasts serving as “loophole in social moderation”; Yahoo article claims “sources” have identified Bitcoin payments to Capitol rioters from foreign account; ACC on RSS as protocol vs platform
0:07:07Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman: “lies” about election fraud are not protected by First Amendment, JCD draws Green Acres “everybody’s nuts” parallel; Project Veritas video of Jack Dorsey promising more censorship; Bumble dating site disables politics filter, ACC’s sister-in-law stalked by “thousands of sealed indictments” douchebag; Spotify’s podcasting venture turning into a failure; Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies to SGT Report The Propaganda Antidote podcast on coming communist purge and Trump’s “last mover advantage”
0:28:16Jim Acosta gloats over “martial law” in photo of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Oval Office meeting notes; NPR misidentifies Hitler’s “big lie” as being evident in Mein Kampf, ACC: “funny enough, NPR lady, I think you’re projecting”; Fox News on White House declassification of Obamagate documents; ACC predicts release of Kraken in the person of Jeffrey Epstein; NPR explores “QAnon Casualties” with families in conflict over members obsessed with conspiracy theories, former New York banker removing his kids from public school
0:46:41CBS News notes “significant threat” from people “motivated by extreme right disinformation campaigns” to state capitols leading up to inauguration; whipsaw “armed protestors are expected to storm the state capital building in Trenton on Sunday” vs “no specific or credible threat”; “burning cars and smashed windows” inauguration story from 2016; New Jersey seizes legal defense fund of gym operating in defiance of COVID-19 lockdown orders, Tucker Carlson: “how long do you think they’ll allow cryptocurrency to exist?”; Christine LaGarde’s “if there is an escape, that escape will be used” Bitcoin comment revisited
0:56:40JCD medley of Biden’s tedious ramblings about new science advisory board; JCD Harris vs bearded Tom Ted Cruz in 2024; increasingly long list of virtue signaling “douchebag corporations” scrambling to deplatform entire Republican Party; Chuck Schumer’s carefully framed New York City sidewalk shot interrupted by diatribe from furious “Madge Weinstein” clone
1:15:06ACC OTG: video torrent network; No Agenda Phone producer working around Google crackdown; note from Brave Software CEO and “plague of the internet” JavaScript creator Brendan Eich on Gab’s inability to maintain Dissenter browser, JCD’s collectible Firefox plush toy; TechCrunch: facial recognition 70+% accurate in identifying political party; JCD needles Grumpy Old Bens host Darren O’Neill with “inaugluration”
1:24:56Producer Segment: conflicting recollections of ACC-JCD first meeting
2:29:10TtK jumping ship on Ben Shapiro in favor of fast-talking podcaster Tim Pool, shout-outs for No Agenda and Grimerica; impeachment witness Pamela Karlan defends her donations to “poor people” like Hillary Clinton to the astonishment of Rep. Matt Gaetz
2:32:45NBC News: Biden planing to require masks “in places where he has the authority to mandate it”; “medical martial law” from 2017 Michael Douglas film Unlocked;
Jay Inslee proposing HIPAA exception for gun owners; producer note on unexpectedly high number of Hispanic victims; LA superspreader swingers party, United Airlines VeriFLY app, ACC evaluating Dutch Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Innovate UK rolling out vaccine passport
2:41:10ACC enumerates the reasons COVID-19 vaccine will change nothing; furious reaction to Boris Johnson’s evil new “support bubble” rules; Rutte government steps down on the pretext of Dutch child welfare fraud scandal; TikTok epidemiologist Dr. Kat notes 23 Norwegian vaccine deaths “adverse reactions that are very common to the mRNA vaccines … and that these would contribute to poor outcomes in people that are old and frail”, ACC: “and yet, oh well?”, constant 0.9% death rate thanks to Common Core rounding errors; Belgian Flu Commissioner Marc Van Ranst reflects on H1N1 propaganda strategy at 2019 conference; producer note on vaccine skepticism in nursing home staff, ACC’s sister-in-law’s unpleasant second shot
2:59:27France dealing with Pfizer vaccine supply interruptions; 33% of French people skeptical about vaccine safety; JMD’s masked camping trip; 10,000 protesting lockdowns in Vienna; NBC News rolls out “the morgue is full” and Sandy Hook first responder; CBS and NBC News run near-identical litany of Trump hate from angry Democrat governors; phony NPR story on Biden rebranding Trump vaccine plan; NBC spook Richard Engel throws logic to the winds with “deaths rising because of new COVID mutations” vs “the variants identified so far do not appear to be more deadly” vs “overwhelming hospitals and causing more deaths” (CotD)
3:19:27Controversy over Bharat Biotech testing Indian vaccine on human guinea pigs without informed consent; Dr. Richard Wolff: “now we’re not even able to roll out the viru… the vaccines”; Sky News doctor: “the vaccine itself is adapting to find more hosts”
3:24:37Donation Segment
3:40:57“The inaugluration” wins end-of-show iso; Honduran caravan headed to US-Mexico border