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1312 iPhony (2020-01-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, we’re all gonna die! Oh, you’re gonna get it! Oh, wear a mask!” (2:32:49)
0:00:37Cumulus Media threatening to fire Ben Shapiro if he discusses election fraud; ACC: “the idea is to have him as close to dead as possible” with last-minute impeachment
0:04:20Rep. Tom McClintock reminds House “what did he actually say??”, touches third rail with BLM and Antifa, “only in a banana republic does it call for vengeance”; “fireball woman” Rep. Lauren Boebert: “I call bullcrap!”, ACC now on the lookout for “bogative”; ACC’s recent conversation with Sir Gene about testosterone goggles, Anderson Pooper speculates about Trump hoping for the death of Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi; ABC News rolls out the ominous music for “very fine people” lie; MSNBC’s Ari Melber asserts Trump has been cultivating an “authoritarian nation that he would lead indefinitely”; Chris Cuomo: “even die-hard Retrumplicans are doubting their dedication”; “they’re still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump” compilation of liberal hypocrites calling for violence
0:18:12Tim Cook’s “accountable” litany for CBS This Morning ahead of calculated “big announcement” ahead of CES, ACC: “he’s an iPhony”; Rep. Eric Swalwell adopting new security measures perhaps including bulletproof vest, JCD gripes about media’s interchangeable use of “terrorist” vs “insurgent”; Rep. Norma Torres channels “Ling Ling and Ding Dong” whining about being cooped up with maskless GOP colleagues; US-Mexico border wall “alligator-filled moat” lie revisited; The View’s Meghan McCain argues for sending rioters to Gitmo
0:29:02Sen. Chris Coons gripes to NewsHour about “pandemic of division and distrust”, “repentance is required before reconciliation”, JCD: “on your knees!”; ACC on the lookout for a false flag with National Guard rolling in for inauguration; Trump-hating panelists to Deutsche Welle predict the fall of the GOP; nasal France 24 reporter predicts Senate Republicans “voting their conscience”; JCD on Mitch McConnell’s “plan” to expose party turncoats like Romney
0:45:40Steve Pieczenik details coup coming in “the next few days” to an incredulous Alex Jones, “lemme repeat it again, Jones!”, JCD: “I think we should do that”; JCD: Jeff Rense Program “like our show if we were big gasbags”, die-hard Trump supporters experiencing stages of grief; Pieczenik predicting strike on Three Rivers Dam with tungsten “rods from God”; Biden’s inauguration to be held in empty stadium to keep out the hecklers, JCD “two Bidens” theory
0:59:19Cynthia Miller-Idriss gripes to NewsHour about “mainstreaming and a normalization of extremist ideas”; National Association of Realtors bans hate speech and sets up “fink line”, ACC: “I can’t believe he said master bedroom!”; Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene impresses Newsmax with her articles of impeachment against Joe Biden; enumeration of companies blacklisting Republicans who objected to Electoral College tally, ACC raises example of gay wedding cake, “Republicans buy Nikes too”; Yamiche Alcindor fishing for opportunities beyond PBS, voiceover for Frontline Alex Jones hit piece; Alcindor on the three half-days in Congress
1:12:37ACC on the worldview of Austin Bitcoin millennial “children with beards”; Christine LaGarde labels Bitcoin “a highly speculative asset” connected to money laundering; idiotic Experian Boost ad for streaming service bills, ACC predicts “watch this to increase your score”
1:19:39Producer Segment: de-Flashed; Grumpy Old Bens invite for JCD
2:00:55Muzzling of Ben Shapiro as Cumulus Media’s preemptive defense against the advertisers; Dave Jackson lauds Congressional Dish and No Agenda on Podcasters’ Roundtable; founder Andrew Torba discusses Graphene-based Gab Phone, predicts in-browser censorship by Mozilla, “our business model is Value For Value”; former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy on obvious big tech collusion against Parler
2:11:03China reports a single coronavirus death; Boris Johnson labels pandemic “the product of an imbalance in man’s relationship with the natural world” and pisses off Chinese Communist Party with comment about “demented belief that if you grind up the scales of a pangolin you will somehow become more potent”, JCD on pronunciation of “zoonotic” vs “zoology”; formerly-Republican Forbes Media sold in 2014 to Hong Kong-based investor
2:16:08M5M “dark winter” compilation; World Freedom Alliance’s Dr. Heiko Schöning on 2001 US anthrax scare and June 2001 Operation Dark Winter bioterrorism exercise planned by Klaus Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship board member David Gergen; JCD: Schwab “lost it” half a decade or so ago with “crazy new age crap”
2:24:07MSNBC and ABC whine about Capitol riot as “superspreader event” in attempt to link coronavirus and Trump supporters; airlines ejecting “unruly flyers” and threatening unscheduled landings; MIA video of Chuck Schumer promoting DHS no-fly list and being compared to Hitler by female heckler; ABC News attempts to resurrect debunked asymptomatic spread narrative using San Diego Zoo gorillas; Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones threatens lockdown scofflaws with “fines and persecution”; Netherlands likely to stay locked down into April, three of CVC’s friends dead of suicide; JCD’s Substack essay on media-induced mass hysteria
2:35:00Miles-long vaccine waiting lines in Sequim Washington; Dr. David Martin explains why COVID-18 vaccines are actually chemotherapy or medical devices under CDC and state laws
2:46:34Donation Segment: ACC planning February by-invitation trip to see CVC in the Netherlands
2:59:48“I call bullcrap” iso; amateurish local report on Gavin Newsom recall effort, Austinites collecting signatures to recall Mayor Adler
3:01:26South Korean court upholds 20-year prison sentence for former President Park Geun-hye; former Italian PM Matteo Renzi pulls members of his party out of Giuseppe Conte’s Cabinet; 1936 Tintin comic book drawing expected to bring €2.8M at auction
3:05:47NPR gushes over “virtual in-dog-uration” for incoming presidential dogs Major and Champ