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1310 Quiet Riot (2021-01-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “The end, or the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end.” (0:44:44)
0:00:37JCD: Washington DC “riot” revealed by C-SPAN as “a couple thousand people milling around doing nothing”, ACC draws parallel with Ukraine, “they were pretty much invited in”; C-SPAN caller laments the lack of “butt kickings” from Capitol Police; Trump’s “we’re going to walk down to the Capitol” speech with ill-advised “we fight like Hell” coda; protestor gripes about agent provocateurs breaking windows; C-SPAN caller draws contrast with BLM response, another caller cut off after mention of Lin Wood’s anti-Pence tweet and QAnon, rare gem “In the Morning and thank you for your courage”; 25th Amemdment back in play
0:17:38Protestor Ashli Babbitt gunned down in cold blood; Amy Klobuchar presents Arizona certificate of vote prior to objection; Mitt Romney predicts election skeptics “will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy”; Chuck Schumer ups the ante to “live in infamy”; a furious John Brennan gripes about “desecration” of Capitol vs BLM “peaceful protestors”; Anderson Pooper: Trump supporters “should be shamed” on their way to celebrate at Olive Garden; Ian “pallets of money” Bremmer gripes to Deutsche Welle about a day “right up there with 9/11”, JCD: “this idea — not my president — never heard of it”; Norah O’Donnell muses “we’ve never witnessed anything like this in our life”; Savannah Guthrie reflects on “dark moment”; JCD on clearly shaken “Lucy” Woodruff and Lisa Desjardins coming to the realization that they are part of the problem; Fox News’ Griff Jenkins heckled with “fake news” accusations
0:44:14Van Jones: “you don’t have a right to sedition”; John King: “every American has the right to protest even if what they’re protesting is a fantasy”; Jake Tapper finally says it: “we call them terrorists”; Donna Brazile to Fox News panel: “Dana’s so white… so right” (CotD)
0:49:08Twitter and Facebook send Trump to the corner for a 12-hour timeout, Tim Cook calling for holding “Capitol insurrectionists accountable”; Trump’s “go home” message to protestors; “that’s who we are” message from Biden, inevitable “certification of the Electric… Electoral College vote” gaffe; ACC cuts his ties with the Kraken crowd; “technical glitches” in Georgia Senate runoff; lobbyist Maria Strollo Zack presents “ItalyGate” defense contractor Leonardo SPA theory; JCD predicts Biden will unify moderate and far-left Democrat factions
1:03:14Libertarian C-SPAN caller: 25th Amendment “quickest way to a civil war”; National Association of Manufacturers calling for removal from office, Rep. Ilhan Omar at work on articles of impeachment; callers all-in on voting mandate and asserting “he wants to watch the Reichstag burn down”; hyperventilating C-SPAN Zoomer bemoans “knowing that this is kind of like what I have to deal with for the rest of my life”; Rep. Emanuel Cleaver ends opening prayer with “amen, and a-woman”, JCD: “it’s a clown show!
1:19:15Jeff Pegues reports on threat heard by air traffic controllers to fly a plane into the Capitol to avenge the death of Qasem Soleimani; JCD compares M5M to Jerry Pournelle’s assertion that a small cadre of tech journalists could sell anything; Sen. Mitch McConnell reflects on the Senate’s limited options under the Constitution; clock still ticking on pardons for Assange and Snowden, JCD Zephyr report with two private cars celebrating Biden’s election
1:33:17Producer Segment: JCD’s No Agenda trademark document; ACC’s dog name “D-O-G”
2:26:53Echoing Amy Goodman revels in COVID-19 “new highs”; British YouTuber reads multi-year NHS “99% capacity” litany ending with 2019 “record low”; Boris Johnson announces new lockdowns for “new variant” with NHS in danger of being “overwhelmed within 21 days”; Justin Trudeau rolls out new restrictions “as cases skyrocket in countless countries”; Dutch PM Mark Rutte: opportunity “to Build Back Better fostering green and inclusive recovery”
2:38:32Team Halo Dr. Kat: we don’t know if vaccine recipients can spread the virus, so stay home; CDC’s procedure for developing PCR assay lacking virus isolate; 40,433 submissions to VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System; some countries squeezing six shots out of Pfizer vaccine and topping them up with saline; Andrew Cuomo threatens hospitals with fines if they don’t use vaccine stocks immediately, “I wanna get needles in the arms!” iso; Anthony Fauci eagerly anticipating “open season”; MSNBC on 50% of California healthcare workers uninterested in being first in line, JCD’s photos of lines for 2009 swine flu shot; incomprehensible Canadian pilot program to vaccinate prison inmates before nursing home staff; Amy Goodman gripes about illegal aliens in meat packing plants denied the the vaccine
2:59:15Donation Segment
3:11:10World Economic Forum kicks “aged out” 18-year-old Greta Thunberg to the curb and replaces her with Indonesian teen climate activists Melati and Isabel Wijsen; “I wanna eat bugs!!” iso from TikTok entomophagist and Bill Nye wannabe Hank Green
3:15:36British judge denies Julian Assange bail while US appeals extradition denial; protestors at Biden’s Philadelphia campaign headquarters demand forgiveness of “racist” student loans